Monday, March 28, 2011

Life is Unfair

I had this strange dream last night where I walked into the mall with these cute cow boy boots. I strut through the shoe isle looking all cute, then the store manager stopped me. He said that I stole those boots, but I didn't. I bought them last month in the mall, I even had the receipt in my wallet, showing that they had charged it on my credit card. He ignored my evidence and demanded that I pay again, or else. I complied with his request only if he cancel my credit card purchase made last month. Unfortunately, the manager refuse to cancel my purchase last month and decided to charge me again. I was furious and demanded to call the police and sue, but before I even reach for my cell phone I woke up from my nightmare. This dream made me realize that life is unfair, an innocent man can be put to death for the murder he didn't commit, a person who never studies can do much better than a person who studies night and day, a parent could love another child more than their own, people can murder others and get away with it, etc. At times I felt a sense of corruption growing inside of me, then I realize that there are people out there who are suffering far worse than I am.

Imagine an innocent child in a third-world country born with HIV and AIDS because his mother or father are HIV positive. The child didn't choose this type of fate, he is destine in a life of pain and despair. What makes HIV very complex is the fact that it's a retrovirus. A retrovirus is an RNA virus that replicate inside a host through a process called reverse transcriptase to generate DNA from it's RNA genome. Then it incorporate it's DNA into the host genome, and uses the host machinary to replicate endlessly. Through this process the host's immune systems gets exhausted and begin to deteriorate. This eventually leads to AIDS, and children progresses towards this disease faster than adults. A possible treatment for such disaster would be ARV (antiretroviral) treatment, however, it's very expensive and hard to obtain by anyone in a third-world country. Fortunately, I have found a way for all of us to contribute in helping these children, and don't worry you don't have to pay a cent
I have joined forces with some sponsors provided by google to support a charity called "keep a child alive."
Here is what you can do to help:

1) Please click on the charity located underneath the "my charity please help out" section.

2) Answer some question that the sponsor ask you, they usually ask 2-3, non-personal, fun,
quirky questions.

3) click on join facebook. Another window will open up showing the sponsor on facebook, you
can choose to join them or not. If you don't want to join them then exit the sponsors facebook
page. That way, anyone without a facebook can still do the charity

4) refresh my blog and you will notice the number of hours have changed

5) If you have nothing to do, you can do more sponsorship questions. The more questions you
do, the more ARV treatment these children will get.

For anyone out there who are afraid that this is a scam, virus, or spam, you can rest assure that it is 100 percent safe. I tested this out a dozen times, and have researched this type of charity to make sure that all my readers can do good deeds without getting a virus. For everyone out there who dedicated their time to help out, thank you so much, and god bless you :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

tsunami in japan

Before the deadly tsunami/earthquake in Japan, a lot of my friends were very excited about going there for their study abroad programs or job experience. I have a friend whose boyfriend travel to Japan to complete an assignment for his business school. I was joyous to find that new doors were opened up for students and job seeker out there who were unsuccessful in finding anything in States. Unfortunately, everyone's timing was shitty this year, and it sucks that there's no warning for these natural disasters. When my friend's boyfriend experience the walls shaking in his hotel room, He immediately grabbed the first plane ticket out to China and is safely waiting for his chance to get back to the states. I was thrilled to hear that he made it safely, and as for all my other friends, I'm still eagerly waiting for their call or any updates on facebook. The most frightening thing is that Hawaii and California are also on the look out for the tsunami and the nuclear radiation. Even though the news report states that it would be a small tsunami and harmless radiation if it hits these states, but because this was a natural disaster, it was still unpredictable. All my friends and family reside in California, how am I suppose to sleep at night knowing that the unknown is close by them and can strike any moment. Sometimes I wish that I could play God and just prevent all this from happening so everyone would be safe. It sucks that there's not much an individual alone can do, but individuals combined can do so much to help the victims of the tsunami attack.

I know that majority of us out there are poor college student but trust me this is all worth it. Get your cell phone and text the word "red cross" to 90999, then reply yes to the immediate text message that red cross will send you. If you do that, they will take ten dollars from your cell phone bill and donate it to the victims of the tsunami attack. At first this might not sound like anything, but think about it, if everyone in the world do this, we can accumulate a huge amount for the victims. Every little amount from here and there can help provide so much to those individuals out there bravely surviving this unpredictable catastrophe.
I read that a lot of celebrities are doing there part to help the victims through donations or prayers. Lady Gaga is selling some prayer bracelets and all proceeds will be donated to help Japan. Other celebrities like Kim Kardashian reach out through prayers on twitter. But there's one celebrity that totally did the most amazing thing ever. I came upon Neyo's twitter and read this:

"Despite people tellin' me I'm crazy, I'm going to japan to spread some love thru this music. And until GOD says no, THE SHOW GOES ON!!"

This is why Neyo is my favorite singer and someone I totally look up to and inspire to be. He has everything, money, girls, car, and a huge house, and yet he is willing to risk his life to go to unsafe territories to help those in need. It's easy to make donations and prayers, but it's a whole new story to just be there. Some times I wish I could be there, but a lot of factors are preventing me from doing that. Hopefully in the future when I'm more established in my career, I could go to places in need, and be there for the victims.
Everyone out there, whether you are Jewish, Christian, Catholic, Hindu, Muslim, Voodoo, witch craft, or etc, find some time to pray for the people of Japan. Pray for people's friends and family who are out there on vacation, study abroad, or job prospect, and hope they make it back to the states safely. Even if you are Agnostic like me, just pray, I'm sure someone out there will hear our prayers and will make it back safely. Life is unpredictable, love every second of it.