Thursday, July 22, 2010

my favorite study food, POTATOES!!!

I don't know why, but I always called these wedges when in fact they are just baked potatoes. I know I'm not suppose to eat the skin off of the classic bake potato, so I made them a way that it wouldn't look weird if I eat the skins. I wash the potatoes and dry it up. Then I would rub it with oil and salt, and slice them into four parts. Afterwords, I would spread butter and shredded cheese on them. I bake on high 360 degree for 30 minutes. As it's baking, I will start making the bacon, some people suggest putting the bacon in the oven, but if you like crunchy bacon, use the skillet. sprinkle the bacon on the potatoes and your ready for a delicious study snack. Don't forget to use sour cream, which totally help complete the taste :). For some reason this snack was inspired by watching Hell Kitchen:
It's totally hilarious watching Chef Ramsay go nuts on all these contestants. I can relate to these contestants for I use to work under their conditions as a chef, but with the amount of experience that the show labeled or announced for each contestants, I would have thought that this type of environment would be a piece of cake. For anyone who loves good food or just enjoy watching a dude yelling his ass off at a group of people, definitely watch Hell's Kitchen.

The worse part about my life is not having a car. I'm a poor college student with wealthy parents who don't give a shit about me, decided not to give me a car. I told them that I really need a car to drive to hospitals and do research. Without a car I would have to close the door on all those competitive opportunities that could contribute towards getting into medical school. Then they answered with "good, we don't want you to be a doc." Well little did they know that I've done really well for myself. You be surprise about who you would meet in these trains, I mean, I met a couple of doctors, PhD, managers, well known fashion associate and etc.. I got myself into great intern positions and volunteering activities that I probably wouldn't be able to get by just sending my resume online like all the other applicants are doing. I also find that you can be anyone you want in these train rides. I decided to be a fashion major for the day because I met this lady who apparently is the manager for some really big designer company in which I'm not going to name, out of respect and privacy. Her car broke down so she had to take the train to work. Anyways, I was chatting with her, and pretend to be this fashion major who just graduated from SF. She told me that she loves my personality and would love to hire me as her assistant. I ask her what I would be doing as her assistant, and she said that I will be sketching and designing dresses and skirts for the summer. She gave me a business card and took my name down. I gave her a fake name and number, and said my good-byes. What I'm trying to say is, you don't need the best experience in whatever you do to score the job. You don't need your parents or someone else's parents to help you find your connections. Connection is everywhere, from public bathroom to transportation, you name it. If a fake fashion major can get a job from the top fashion designer company, think about what a real fashion major can do.

First of all for anyone who have never heard of Charice Pempenco should click on this link and check her out on the Ellen Degeneres Show:

Every time when I search this girl on youtube and listen to her sing, I would get all emotional and start crying with joy. Now artist like Mariah Carey almost made me cry, but this girl totally did the job. She has an amazing inspirational voice, I hope I have a daughter like her in the future. Right now she just turned 18 and is about to star in the next season of Glee. However, they said that she have a very round chubby face, and must get botox to fix it, in order to be in the show. I find this to be outrageous, she is a gifted artist and should be cherish for her music not her looks. Then again who am I to say stuff about looks, I totally gave in to vanity. When I was younger, I had the extreme asian look, like the shabby light eye brows and small squinty, slanted eyes. I was picked on at school and home for being too FUCKEN UGLY. My life was hurtful and awful at the same time. Everything I wanted to accomplish had to be done the hard way because I wasn't good looking enough. I didn't get cosmetic surgery, but I had one of the best make up artist show me what I can do to look beautiful. She gave me the best make up tip that made me look like I was half asian half caucasion (the ultimate exotic look, smokey eyes with colored eyeshadows). Let's just say life changed dramatically, and everything got so damn easy. What I'm saying is, I hate vanity, I hate the that our looks dictates how easy our lives could be. It sucks how such a talented girls like Charice had to surrender to reality. I feel bad for girls who use to be hot and got uglier as they get older. I mean when you get older you have to climb the ladder to advance in your career. If you are ugly, then don't even think about having an easier time climbing that ladder. Sigh such a controversial issue, I'm not being vain here, but it's true. Don't believe me, then you should watch 8 Simple Rules.

Bridget the hot blonde sister, she is popular, geeks do her homework, got accepted to Princeton University by just swinging her tennis racket. Her sister on the other hand is a short ugly red-head name Carey. Carey is intelligent, but has nothing going for her. She works hard, but accomplishes nothing, whereas Bridget is dumb but for some cosmic reason gets everything. In reality, it's simple, if you got 90 percent looks and 10 percent brains, then you are definitely souring to the top with ease. This shiet is so controversial so disagree all you want, but it's hella true.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Messy Room

Hahha yes indeed I live a crazy busy life. Most people walk in my room will be in disgust wondering how this girl can ever make it in life. Well its kind of funny but whenever I walk into a clean room, I think to myself "omg this person have too much time on his/her hand, no wonder they have a clean room."Better yet I think "shiet he or she might be a control freak/psycho killer, enter with caution." The messy rooms on the other hand, gets me all excited. Whenever I walk into one of my friend's messy dorm room, I get extremely curious, "hmm, judging by the messiness of the room, this person must be creative, busy, inervative, or too good to waste his or her time cleaning a room.

Then again I realize that my fiance is coming over for the weekend, so I had to ditch my creative self and bring out my romantic side ( control FREAK side), AKA: clean my room, so he don't trip over something, hurt himself, and never want to come over again.

Check out my new girly girl phone, what the heck, you guys aren't paying attention, you are fixated on my Chrysentimum drink. Now what inspire me to get a girly pink phone when I'm the type of girl who enjoys a rough housing, hardcore sports (not the pussy tag football, I mean real tackle football. Then again when it comes to sports on tv, I'm practically clueless)? Well the real macho guy phones are too complicated, it requires several brain powers just to turn the damn thing on. When you need to contact someone on the guy phone, you gotta learn new functions that are more pain in the ass than Calculus. Heck I barely got through Calculus, a guy phone would just tear me apart. Then again we have this cute lil pink girl phone that just requires a click of a button and you can turn it on or call your friends. Not only that it is an asset to my sexiness, it can lure my fiance away from work and into my room for some one on one private TUTORING. Sigh, it's a shame how guys always accuse us girls for being too complicated, WELL WHY DON'T YOU GUYS GO ASK YOUR CELL PHONES.

Every college students should know how to make cheerleader spam musubi (they are cheerleaders because one is on top of the other like a pyrimid). These make good comfort food after failing an awful exam and spending all day working in the lab. One thing I notice about exams Is everybody acting like some serious kung fu movie. I would walk into the classroom and find students meditating and mumbling sacred temple hyms. I swear I think one of them was floating up in the air. So I decided to lighten up the atmosphere by making fun of what we learned in lecture. OMG to my surprise, these students get all upset so easily, they would say"please do not talk to me about this!!" Then like a silent monk, they stare at their papers and start meditating over and over again. Little do they all know that the ultimate thing to remember, The ultimate secret to this madness is: I FARTED AND I HOPE NOBODY SMELL THAT CUZ IT WOULD SUCK FOR WHOEVER HAD TO SIT THROUGH THE EXAM WITH MY EVIL FARTS
Sigh talking about food and exams make me think about dogs, maybe it's a chinese thing. When my fiance left Kimba in my room for the month, I felt like I had a friend for life. It's lonely studying and traveling around alone, but with Kimba there, its like having a retarded friend chilling with ya. I say retarded cuz that bitch (which is claimed to be potty trained) left a very enduring present underneath my bed that might have been dried up for almost a month. She was also very out of controll during our normal stroll in the park. She got so excited and ran into a bunch of kids for no reason. She's also a strange dog, I told her to get off the bed, and she decided to go under the bed. During bedtime, she would accidentally wake me up by spooning me from behind, and out of disgust, I would kick her off the bed. Sigh no matter how perverted she is, I love her with all my heart. Then my fiance took her home with him and I'm alone again. The sad part is because of my busy schedule I don't think I be able to adopt a puppy. Gosh typing this blog up makes me even lonelier. Sigh wat the heck, I will get a rabbit, hopefully none as retarded and bitchy as Kimba dog.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Are we really in control of our own destiny?

I don't believe in psychics, but I did a reading once during the fall of my senior year in college. The psychic turned this card over which reveals a picture of a fox and she said "Dear Fox, you are starving and soon you will be plotting." Then she turned over another card, and which reveals a picture of swords placed in a circle with blood smeared at the end, and she said "Looks like someone will be killed." Then she turned over the last card which reveals a picture of three skeletons, and she said "three people will be sacrificed for your fate."I laughed at the psychic and I told her "despite all my misfortune, I will never kill. It is wrong and unethical." The psychic burst out laughing and said "I don't mean you killing someone, I mean the universe will create a fate for you which requires the death of three people to initiate it." I didn't want to disrespect the psychic, so I pretend to believe her. I was cracking up inside, and about to shiet my pants from all this nonsense. After thinking about it, the psychic wasn't lying at all, or maybe it was a coincidence?

Someone once told me that only when you lose everything is when you start getting something. Well I lost everything in high school, my german shepherd who helped me through the angst of growing up had to died in front of me, new people came in my life which took my parent's attention away from me, people treated me like shiet, and everything that went from right turn into wrong. High school teachers gave me a hard time and I was blame for practically everything. I was getting whipped at school and at home. Then I enter college with the notion that I can't lose anymore because I already hit rock bottom, but I was wrong, one can actually hit lower than rock bottom. I was hitting senior year of college without any idea of what I was suppose to do. I kept getting comments like "you are so immature," "what are you," "be realistic here and just follow what everyone is doing." I was constantly in someone's shadows and being picked on. Not only that, I escaped death almost a billion times. Strange incidence always happened to me, its as if something is out there to get me. My last phone number had almost all 4s in them, which in chinese signifies death.

My dad thinks that I'm che (chinese word means cursed) he decided to test out my luck. He dealt some playing cards, twenty for me and twenty for him, whoever has the highest card wins. I lost all twenty times. Then he dealt the cards again and said, the lowest card wins, and I lost again. He said to me "never aim for your goals, for you will never reach them, you are too che."After he said those words, I think it was my dad that got "che."

During my senior year something weird happened. I was studying for finals with my friend in the library and I received a phone call. My dad sounded very scared and said his friend died of a tragic car accident. I was very sad the whole time that I could hardly study. Then in the middle of the summer after my senior year, two more of his friends. I attended their funeral and felt bad that all three of my dad's friends died.

I don't know what happened along the lines, but after the funerals for my dad's friends, It really made me think. I started to reminiscence about this Chinese movie I saw when I was young, called "Healing Hands," because of that movie I was inspire to be a doctor. This desire was suppressed because of everybody's disapproval including my family. I don't exactly know what happen, but after the reminiscence, I felt angry, hurt, and worry. I felt that life is so unexpected and cruel, and that I don't want to die being remembered as "che" or useless piece of shiet. It's these feelings that gave me the strength to act on what I desire the most, to become a doctor. Because of that I was able to gain the courage to tell everyone to fuck off, and do things my way.

I totally don't know what I was doing, I just went with the flow, and for some reason things worked out strangely. It was like all planned out unexpectedly, like each step was very calculating and meant to be. I felt like a curse have been lifted from me, and that the universe was creating a path for my life. Through fate I met the man of my dreams, through fate I found my purpose in life, and through fate I accomplish one of my goals. I feel thankful for fate, for friends and mentors, for love, and for the universe around me in helping to make my life better. I can never be thankful enough and I hope in the future that I can repay the universe/fate and make everyone proud by saving as many lives as I can. :)

As for daddy's bitterness, I don't blame him. He is right, I don't deserve this and there is not one time that I don't feel guilty :(. This summer he and I got into a heated argument. He tried to sabotage my chance of medical school. As a result something bad and personal almost happened to him. Then when he grudgingly accepts, he is well again, which I find pretty scary.

Sigh it really makes me wonder if we are really in control of our own destiny or if our lives are so predetermined to the point where if anything tries to interfere with it, will get destroyed??

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Perfect Girl

I was chatting with a friend of mine about the perfect girl. It really made me think about it with a guy's perspective. If I was a dude, my perfect girl would not be eye candy or every guy wanna sleep with type of girl. She be the girl that when I lay eyes on her, I know for sure that she will be someone I want to spend the rest of my life with. She will be someone that I can't stop thinking about, even when I'm doing something as simple as brushing my teeth or eating cereal, I still be thinking about her every second. My type of girl will be very modest, even though she has the brain of Einstein, she nevertheless acts like a ditz. She does not care for raising her hand to answer every single questions thrown in class, she does not care to be the know it all in the group project, and she does not care to make others feel inferior. She have high self-esteem and strives to succeed in whatever she does. She is always smiling and her laughter is so peaceful and beautiful. Unfortunately, a girl like that will probably be wisp away by some tall, dark, handsome, rich dude. That is why she doesn't exist!!!

Then again there are girls that I can't believe are still alive, God must be drunk!!