Sunday, August 22, 2010

My two dogs: Kimba and Tux

Kimba aka Hollowface, Ugly face, dumbface, etc lives in New Orlean Lousianna. She barks at air and allows intruders to intrude. Sometimes she forget how to bark so she either chirp or squak like a crow. She made love to a tree and cheated on the tree with the ironing board. Now she is with the table, OMG you slut. She jumps on the bed and because Brandon don't let her on, he would shout "off" then kimba jumps off and jump back on again. Brandon and I decided to be patient by shouting "off" every time she jumps on the bed, but 3 hours later she still doesn't get it, we got tired and just let her get on. The worse part is that she would get really close to your face while you are sleeping and just stare at you until you wake up. You wake up to a hollow dumb face and just hope to god she will just turn smart for one second. Then she would try to jump on the couch but stupidly misses and landed on herself. It sadly took us 4 months to get her potty trained, now she doesn't shit in the house, she just shits on herself. She would randomly bring pieces of trash to you, just so you will throw it, and she can bring it back to you. You heard of dogs running into walls or biting through walls, well the wall runs into her and beats the crap out of her. You heard of dogs saving human from fire well when Brandon left the candle burning on his desk and cause a fire, Kimba just stayed asleep. Gosh if Brandy didn't come out of the bathroom in time, we would have had hot dog for dinner. Kimba's dumbness is so contagious that if I bring her up to Boston, Harvard University will no longer be an Ivy League, it will go down to community college status. Despite all these special factors about Kimba, I still love her to death, but if she infect my kids with dumbness, then that's another story.

Tux aka Obese, fat, too smart for his own good, or cow. My vet told me that he have to go on a diet, so I got this weight control dog food. I replace his Kibbles and bits with Max weight control dog food. He came up for his usual dinner, sniffed around his bowl, then stopped and stare at me. I'm like "come on boy this is for your own good." He walked away from his bowl, and look back and I swear to god if he could he flip me off. Then I decided that maybe giving him 100 percent weight control was kinda too much, so I decided to mix kibble and Bits with weigh control. He came back, but this time took a different approach. He put his paws in the bowl and start separating the kibbe and bits from the weigh control dog food and he only ate the kibble dog food. The whole time I was just staring at him with amazement and again felt like that little bastard just flipped me off once again. That is not only the amazing thing, my fucken dog only eats expensive shiet. You would think that dogs don't know price and shiet, but this dog does math in his head. I know that my family spoils the shiet out of him by buying him those expensive 15 dollar dog treats that taste like gourmet bacon and cheese. Well I went shopping at Walmart and found these dog treats that looks exactly like the treats my dad bought him, except the treat in Walmart was 5 bucks. I was like hell yea, Tux is gonna love these yummies and plus they are cheaper. So I bought them and took them home to my dog. He sniffs at them, and then looks at me and barked. His barked sounded like "are you kidding me?" Then once again flipped me off and walked away. Sigh, at first I wonder why he so picky about his food, then I realize that my dad is a professional chef, and then my question is no longer a question

Friday, August 20, 2010

Brain Power

Looking at kimba tacos will only make you dumber so approach with caution. WTF a lot of cool looking things in this world makes us dumber. Then again there are boring and uncool things that can make us smarter. for example, weeds make us feel good, but at the end, your brain cells are pretty much half dead from getting high and dumb. Science books on the other hand gives us the benefit of obtaining knowledge, but who the hell in their right mind will pick one up and read it in their spare time. The only sane person who does that are people whose lives depended on it. Luckily there are stuff out there that can help give us brain power and be cool at the same time.

You know those commercials or websites where they sell those random pills with unknown ingredients and they claim that it will increase your IQ and make you smarter, well don't buy into it, it's a scam. However, there are pills on the market that do help improve memories and reduce headaches. These are Gingko pills, they don't make you smarter, they just help improve your state of mind when you study. I took these pills for about a month and I notice that my headaches were gone. I use to have these random feeling of stuffiness in my head after hours of reading, but after taking Gingko, I notice I don't feel stuffy anymore. Also, without headaches or stufffiness, I can study more efficiently, thus improving my memory.


At first I thought this was a painting, but it was actually made from color pencil drawing. Believe it or not, drawing something for half an hour before studying can help improve critical thinking skills and prevent exhaustion from hours of cramming. That is why I bought some Crayola color pencil and seriously drew some flowers and plants. They look very authentic, it made me realize that color-pencil is another way of making art look real aside from paint.

When I was a little kid, I would go through 10 packs of gum a day. I was obsessed with chewing gum that even the dentist notice from the amount of cavities I have on my teeth. Plus my obsession with gum was also the reason why I was a math genius. Then after the warning from my dentist, my mom took my gum away and my math scores tanked :(. I don't know what it was about gum that stimulated my concentration process, but it really have this strange effect on me. It probably could be the chewing motion that helped me concentrate because I was so ADHD. If I was only to concentrate on doing one thing, my brain would be all over the place. I think chewing gum help me focus on doing what I needed to do, sigh too bad I can't do that anymore because it hurts my jaw.


When I was at University of the Pacific in California, I would always take advantage of the so call "Dining Hall" where students swipe their cards to get food. it was like a buffet so there were quite a selection, even in the fruits section. Practically every morning, I would go there to get some citrus fruits like oranges, tangerines, grape fruits, etc. I find that eating citrus fruits help with my digestion in the morning thus contribute towards more energy to the body, which in turns help me stay awake in class. Now that I'm in Boston and have to do my own shopping, I didn't bother buying any citrus fruits. Then I start noticing that for some reason I'm eating less food in the morning and also craving for something citric. This craving lead me to believe that citrus is a must have for breakfast, give it a try and you will understand what I'm saying !!!


If I'm blogging, drawing, or watching a late night movie, I would love to indulge myself in a warm cup of green tea (without caffeine). I find this strange, but green tea helps open up the creative side of me and also energizes me at the same time without the shietty morning affects of coffee. In brain power-wise green tea is more for the artsy fartsy doing the all nighter, I wouldn't recommend this for hard core studying because its cool, calm warming effect could relax you too much.

Make sure you watch a comedy while you study for some shietty exam. One of the biggest mistakes students make in doing an all nighter is purely concentrating on their work without any distractions. this would be a good idea if you are studying in the mornings, evening, and afternoons, but not for all-nighters. All-nighters is where you feel like your life is about to end, its like if you close your eyes you can see the light. In order to get rid of these gates to heaven situation, you must turn on the tv and study at the same time. Think about it, for an all nighter: the brain can only absorb 50 percent of the material because its drifting. If you do the whole study without distraction, you are only going to absorb 20 percent due to exhaustion and drifting. If you turn on the television, you will be more alert, and be able to absorb 40 percent of the material. So what happens to the other ten percent? Duh, any normal student would be distracted by the tv :).
I totally give props to hulu and youtube, without them I wouldn't be able to survive academically.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Got a Rabbit

Here is the situation, I had always wanted a rabbit throughout my college years. I was even secretly envious/jealous of my friends/ neighbors who get to live with a bunch of adorable rabbits. (hahah jk, you guys are still the best ^_^). A couple years ago I went with my friend to a rabbitry. We played with all the rabbits and I find them to be very mean and untamed. When I held them, they get all freaked out and start clawing me. The rabbit breeder told me that there is no such thing as a rabbit that will let you hold them without a fight. There was one rabbit that was sorta calm but not really, anyways, they said that she is considered one of the best and calmest, so my friend adopted her. Even though she was considered the calm rabbit, she was still difficult to hold. After the visit, I came to the conclusion that one should pick a rabbit based on looks and just give it some random name, since they are all gonna be assholes anyways. I spend years searching for the ultra cute rabbit by judging them based on looks. I was so picky that I end up rejecting practically all the rabbits I have seen. It didn't really bother me that much because I was basing on looks, and I'm sure there are plenty of good looking rabbits out there.
I found a list of rabbitry in Boston online, the list was so extensive that I don't know which one to choose. Then I notice this place call Laura's rabbitry (reminds me of you laura chin), and I decided to give them a call. I asked her if she have any holland lops availabe (my favorite breed), and she said that she have one available and it's the tortoise shell. The name sounds very interesting, I never seen or heard of a color called tortoise shell, I guess the curiosity made me get my ass out of the chair and drive over there.
The rabbitry was awsome, the breeder was very informative, she gave me a lot of advice and pointers on how to take care of a rabbit. I was relief that she wasn't one of those "if your not experience with rabbit care then don't adopt one," type of breeder. When she took the holland lop rabbit out, the first thing that came to my mind was, "omg, this is just one of those ordinary looking rabbit, that will probably act like a bitch, REJECT, but nicely." I was kinda cautious at first because I don't want to get attacked or scratched like my first experience in the rabbitry from California. To my surprise, the rabbit was very calm and sweet. She loves to be picked up, petted, and cuddled. She was like the cute, obedient, girl next door type of girl ready to be adopted. I was shocked that there was such thing as a nonbitchy rabbit. The more I play with her, the more cute, adorable, and charming she became. In my mind, I was like "WTF are you waiting for, cute bitchy rabbits are everywhere, but a loving rabbit is only once in a life time, get it before someone does or she becomes rabbit stew." The breeder asked me twice if I wanted to adopt her, and both times I said yes without hesitation and that I want to take her home immediately.

After taking her home, we instantly became best friends. That song from Toy Story "You got a friend in me" was playing constantly in my head. I was cradling her in my arms until she fell asleep, I gotta admit my driving in boston was so horrible that I added a great amount of stress to this lil rabby. After a couple of hours, she decided to chill in my fiance's hat holding the red bull for me in case I fall asleep from studying.

Before getting this rabbit, I already had a name planned out. I was gonna name my future bitchy bunny "Peanut." Then after getting this rabbit, I felt that she deserves better because she is not a bitchy bunny. My fiance and I spend hours searching for a name that will fit her cute, girl next door personality and at the same time be symbolically meaningful to me. We found the word Mocha on the "list of pet's name website," which is short for Mocha frappaccino or Mocha latte. I am a big coffee lover and her fur is sorta coffee color. However, the name Mocha doesn't match her adorable personality, but I was determined to alter the name Mocha to something that will fit her. I eventually, came up with the ultimate name that I never thought I would come up with. I decided to called her Mochi, which came from replacing the "a" with an "i" from Mocha :). I never though I would love a rabbit so much that I would spend hours searching for a special name and hours thinking about how to give her the best care, I guess this is LOVE!!!

Adopting Mochi made me realize that I'm not as superficial as I thought I was. I always notice those cute single girls would spend hours doing make up, dressing up, and doing facials by wiping avocados all over their faces and using the cucumber to cover their eyes. they say that avocados help clean out your pores and cucumbers are acidic so they help get rid of those dark bags or rings around your eyes. As for me, I Prefer to munch on avocado with cucumber as an night time movie snack. These girls will act all bitchy in front of guys just to show that they aren't easy and that they have class. Now let's imagine those guys as me picking a rabbit to adopt. If I'm going to bag myself a bitchy girl, she's gotta be hot. In reality there are plenty of hot girls, so my pickiness is probably up the roof. I be looking for a girl that is as hot as Kim Kardashian, Angelina Joline, Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, and etc.. Believe me, if you are an average looking or just a cute bitchy girl, you better go see the plastic surgeon because I'm not gonna be looking at you. If you are a hot bitchy girl, I will look and think about you for ten minutes, then my mind is somewhere else and I wouldn't know you even exist. If you are an ordinary girl with a great personality, I will deem you to be that "special" girl, and wouldn't be able to get you off my mind. I will do everything I can to get to you to notice me and to spend the rest of my life with you. So for all those single girls out there who is looking for love, forget about being hot, beautiful, or whatever, just concentrate on being that "special girl."


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Girls are fucked up!!!

I was in my fiance's car going towards the Cambridge mall and I can't help laughing about this distinguish between girls and boys. The Comedian we both listened to said that boys fuck things up where as girls are fucked up themselves. I always find it a mystery why some girls say mean shiet to me or why they treat me certain way, but after that car ride, I find that girls just hate other girls. I realize that if you put two girls in a room filled with guys, those two girls will try to destroy each other. Where as if you put two guys in a room filled with girls, those guys will totally get along and brag about how many girls they fuck. In fact they will work together not only to score with those girls in the room, but to also get phone number from those girl's friends who are not in the room. Now this should not be a mystery why we don't have any female president, though I was rooting for Hilary Clinton. My mom and I always had a very weird shaky relationship, but I don't blame her because she is a girl. It is in a lot of girl's DNA to hate other girls, to say random shiet to girls who are better than them, and to only favor dudes because they have the penis to fuck them. This is normal because girls are the ones who get pregnant, they need the attention for survival. Because of this Darwin type view, I find that girls who act this way are animals, it's really hard for me to treat them like humans. Their brains are stuck in prehistoric mind sets, they are born with some mutation that prevents them to have the rationality of a humans being. Thank god I was raised around guys, so my views are stay alive, get a career to make money, find love, and be happy. I find my fellow girl pals to be the best companion ever, and I love to hear success and happy stories about them, very human eh.

So if you are one of those girls who enjoy the failure of other girls or who hate when girls are happier and live a better life than you, then you are an animal. As for girls who are actual humans, don't even try to understand animals, they are so confusing. Just smile and walk away because it's such a waste of time to talk logically to a dog, trust me I tried, I got dumber and angrier afterwards.

my statistic is: out of ten girls, 2 of them are humans, and 8 of them are just animals.

Monday, August 2, 2010

My New Laptop

I remember a couple months ago, I saw some girls studying in the library with these mini laptops. They totally make those nerdy science geeks look really cute. So for a long time I been so envious and vow to get myself one of these little pink laptops. Unfortunately, due to my frugal personality, I decided to wait until something disastrous to happen to my old laptop, and lucky for me it did. For some reason it reformatted itself, I was so happy at first because I thought technological advancement has occurred, then later on I found out that it was a virus that moved me to a viral account.
Here is my old laptop. I called it the HIV TOP, because it have received a deadly virus that cannot be erased. I heard that the HIV TOP is so powerful that it sticks around even after reformatting. It can get passed any powerful security that the computer has, just as the true HIV can surpass our cell cycle proof reading mechanism. Therefore I can only use this laptop to watch Stephen Chow movies while surfing the web with the mini laptop I just bought. Overall I have to say this turned out to be a beautiful disaster, my desire for this cute, sexy mini cutie came true!!

Food for the Stressed out Individual!!
Life is like a rollar coaster ride, first you are on top of the world then the next day, you rather be dead. One day you are somebody who knows what you want to do in life and the next day, you are trying to figure yourself out. I'm glad that I suffered the unknown identify at a younger age. I remember when I was at college in the earlier years, students already know what they want. Without a doubt, they know what they are destine to be because it was in their gut. Me on the other hand, I'm just glad I made it to college. I had no clue because I was one of those who need time to grow and think. Now years later, I was glad that I was clueless. I reached out to those students who use to be definite about themselves, and now are very doubtful and confuse. What I'm saying is that confusion is the best thing that could happen to you. So grab some stuff mushrooms and just enjoy life. Take it one step at a time, and get to know yourself. Dive in to the melted cheese and breadcrumb, and enjoy the savory sausage with mayonnaise marination. For those who never been confuse, I feel sorry for you because you are missing out on the opportunity to really grow and mature both emotionally and mentally. So for those who have the bravery to ask "What am I suppose to be in life?" I salute you and congratulate you:)
I am always going through a bad day. Almost every day of my life is stress and failure (hmm I always assume I failed). However, I am thankful for these days because it allows me to gather some strawberries, dip it in melted chocolate, and refrigerate it until harden. After that, I will bite into a stress free zone, where I am thankful that I don't live in a third world country.