Thursday, January 27, 2011

Year of the Rabbit

It's the year of the rabbit and Mochi is the star. She has been my companion and lucky charm. She's this charming little woodland creature that took forever to be potty trained. She is this little instigator that always gets Kimba in trouble. She is a needy little girl who always stick to my like glue. But most importantly she is my companion that conquers the world with me one shiet at a time.

How to Classify Yourself?

If you are thinking about how to figure out if you are gay or straight then this is not the topic for you, but please stick around because this could be useful for you. I was chatting with a good friend of mine about how some people are extremely lucky and how others are just down right curse from the start of birth. My friend made me think long and hard about how cruel life is that I came up with a classification to destroy to end the misery. Through all my observations on different people I came across during different stages of my life, here is what I came up with:

Person A
If you are person A, you tend to be the lucky individual. You always get what you want without lifting a finger. You never study for a single test and manage to get an A by just bubbling the first letter that comes out of your head. You get promoted without hardly doing anything while your colleagues work their asses off and get fired for it at the same time. You can get away with just lifting your middle finger at the boss, and who knows the boss might throw a hundred dollar bill at you for doing it. Basically, you are the individual that everyone wants to be.

However, life is not perfect, so you aren't either. Despite your good lucky streak, there lurks a dark cloud that await to strike. You never know when darkness strikes in your life, but when it does, you hit deeper than rock bottom. Because life has been a paradise, you are more likely to live carelessly. Therefore, this one mistake, where you don't get away with it, will tear you up. This dark cloud will randomly flow into your life and fuck your life up so hard that you will lose your job, your wife, your house, and everything. Then you would try to kill yourself or kill others, leading to the visit to the therapist office. Don't believe me, well go look at Edison Chen, famous singer in Hong Kong, have rich family, girls chasing after him, and in a committed relationship with the niece of some rich ass CEO. Then some computer hacker hacked into his computer and leaked scandalous photos of him and other female celebrities having sexual intercourse. As a result, he lost so much money and respect from Hong Kong that he had to leave to another country to lay low. His life is a wreck and it's going downhill as we speak. He lost all his sponsorship and majority of his money, he even resorted to suicide.

If you are classified as person A, then I say live life carefully. it's great being showered with luck, but remember it only takes one hit of bad luck and your life is over, and you might as well kill yourself because you can't fix it. For example, if you are going to a party where cocaine is involve, I think it's best to stay out of that party despite your constant luck of getting away with shiet. Who knows this might be the day where you get caught and go to jail. Person A's dark cloud is ten times worse than person B and person C.

Person B
If you are person B, then I feel so bad for you. What am I talking about I'm person B, so we might as well suffer together. Person B is a type of person who works so hard, but achieve so little or not at all. He or she never gets away with anything, he is the speeding car that gets pulled over despite all the other speeding cars around him not getting pulled over.
Person B loses all the time and is usually the nice guy who finishes last, but atleast they don't lose everything like Person A does.
The awsome part about person B is when they win, they really win. Imagine an addictive gambler who loses ten dollars constantly during a game of Black Jack. However, this individual is so determine that he is willing to keep losing in hopes of winning big eventually. He end up losing about ten thousand dollars, but he kept going despite people around him begging him to stop. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere, he put down the ultimate card, and boom he's walking home with millions of dollars. Thus the basic philosophy of person B is lose all the time but in small quantities, and win big, but infrequently.
If you are person B, then keep working hard and don't give up. Keep taking risk despite losing or being caught. The good part about this classification is that if you get in trouble or mess up, you can totally fix it, it's not the end of the world. It only takes one chance and one good risk, and you are pretty much set for life. Your opportunities are endless, but it requires you to work your ass off. You are pretty much like those R&B singers who lived in poor neighborhoods and get beat up for walking the streets, then one day you got discover and is now living in a mansion.

Person C
Person C is the average Joe, he neither fails or succeed, nothing exciting ever happens to him. He gets exactly what he puts in. The only advice for person C is work hard and stay out of trouble then he will live an average semi-successful boring life. I have nothing against this person, I'm just saying it's hard to learn life's meaningful lesson with this type of classification. One of the most important thing that this individual should get out of life is to talk to person A and B. Person C is just an average person and will always be, there is nothing more to say about him.

Super Bowl
I never knew why guys are so loud during football games. They yell with pleasure every time some dude gets his ass tackled by a bunch of dudes or that dude made a touch down. I also notice that guys are extremely quiet during sex or watching straight porn. Maybe guys have some sort of gayness in them that they are afraid of admitting, since they scream pleasurably at a group of guys on top of each other.
I decided to find out why guys go crazy over football, and what better time to do that than watching the superbowl with my roommates. Before the superbowl there is this whole rituals a guy actually does. They cooks, make pizza, chips, dips, and chop stuff. They basically do all the things that women normally do on a daily basis. maybe they are trying to get into the women role awaiting for the fantasy about getting pumble by a bunch of hotasses with six packs.
Sounds gay, but I decided to keep exploring the meaning of football. My roommate turned towards me and ask "what color you choose black or green" and I said "I would pick black because I love wearing black." Then he quickly responded "good, because you are rooting for the Steelers and we are going to root for the Green Bay Packers." I was confuse about this, but decided to go along with it, what can I say, I'm up for anything new.
So we sat down with all our food and beers and eagerly await for the game. For some weird reason, these strange exciting instinct came over me where I kept yelling "Green bay sucks, go fuck yourself." My roommates retaliated by shouting stuff against the Steelers. I found myself cussing at the television everytime the Greenbay tackled the Steelers or the Greenbay made a touch down. I also yelled with joy when the Steelers score a touch down and catching up. At the end the Greenbay won and I fell in a state of depression. Honestly, why the hell did I get depress for, I don't know who the Steelers were, they meant nothing to me.
I don't know what came over me, I don't know if it was the beer or the dips, but holy shiet it was a rush to see a bunch of guys running around with a lemon shaped ball. I guess football is a rush where you designate a certain team to win, and if they don't the world will be invaded by pink dinosaurs.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Embarassing Vacinnation story

Brandon decided that it be a good idea for me to get vaccinated so he dragged me into the hospital. Little did I know that my childhood fear for needles still exist. As he held my hands tight while the nurse dug the needle into my skin, I felt this sharp, intense pain circulating through my body. I started screaming bloody murderer:

me: Brandon this is all your fault
brandon: why
me: Your the one dragging me into this
brandon: is for your own good
me: I can't believe you are doing this to me
brandon: shut up you're not even giving birth

we were bickering for quite awhile while the nurses all came in the room practically laughing their asses off.
Sigh, since I have a low threshold for pain, we might as well adopt.

Sucre After Pain

After crying from three different painful vaccinations, Brandon took me to Sucre to get my sweets on. I don't know what is it about chocolate, but it makes everything painful and horrible go away. Thank god for three luscious layers of chocolate with white chocolate decorations plus swirls of dark chocolate. Plus chocolates are also good for you, it is a scientific fact that chocolate acts on our pleasure system by intensifying it. Chocolate with coffee also makes a very good study snack, it can help intensify the caffeine response on the brain.
We also had some gelatos, and I find it amazing that this is not ice cream. Gelatos are ice shaved down to the finest texture, so it looks like and taste like ice cream, but it's not ice cream.

Chinese Medicine is bull shit!!

I have heard many ridiculous things in my life, but the most ridiculous thing I've ever came across was Chinese Medicine. I'm not trying to start something with those Chinky eyes, fu man cho long white bears, old men claiming that they are official doctors when the only medical education they been doing is "becoming one with nature," I'm just here to state the obvious.

I remember walking through the streets of China town with my family and we came upon this store that sells asian medicine. When we step inside the store, we were greeted by this old asian man in a white coat. He introduce us to these dry leaves, weird shaped beans, dried tree barks, dried lizards, snake in a jar, etc. He claim that if these ingredients are boiled in water, they will possess magical healing powers that can cure any disease. Then all these old asian folks will get so freaken excited, and grab tons of plastic bag, and gather as many dry, dead stuff as they can. I walked around disappointed because all these shiet can be found in my back yard for free. I can't believe people were willing to pay thousands for shiet they see everywhere.

After spending 2 hours in that shopped, my family managed to buy $300 worth of shiet. Now this was not the worst part, we went to another shop to see Dr. Xieu, a professional Chinese herbitology doctor who refer to himself as an MD when in fact he never step foot in a medical school before. He claims that his education came from nature and the sound of the earth and sky, but that is not the worst part. There are patients in his office that require immediate help to the emergency room. They were literally coughing up stuff that I don't want to see, extremely harsh stomach pain, and fever running up the top of the roof. I looked across a room and notice this young boy with a very pale face and eyes hardly open. I kneeled down and have a short conversation with him.
me: Are you ok?
boy: No, I been coughing for days, and My head don't feel good
me: You need to see a "real" doctor
boy: I rather die than have those other corrupted doctors help me. Dr. Xieu is a true healer, he will save my life
me: how long have you been seeing Dr. Xieu?
boy: for about two weeks
me: have you gotten better?
boy: no I have gotten worse
me: I'm taking you to the doctor!!!
boy:leave me alone, Dr. Xieu have blessed his leaves, so I know everything I'm getting is pure and true

I looked at the determined boy's eyes and knew right away that there's no hope. It is not his illness that will kill him, but his ignorance.

Dr. Xieu called my name, and I came in.

Doc: Hello Hilda, how are you doing today
me: I'm doing good. Look, Dr. Xieu, I know we came to see you because of my menstrual cramp, but I think I will go see someone else for this.
doc: I sense some negative energy from your abdomen, here are some dry leaves from the willow tree. These leaves will cure your stomach by releasing the negative energy and allowing only positive energy to enter.
me: Dr. Xieu do you think your leaves can cure cancer?
Doc: of course, nature can cure everything
me: then why don't you prove it to the world, go provide these leaves for those suffering cancer, and cure them in front of the westerner.
doc: The westerners are too ignorant to understand the magical properties of these plants.Only do we believe, then we will be cured of everything.

My parents told me to keep my mouth shut because my curiosity reflects dishonor and darkness. They are right, what I said is dark, but it contains the truth, and only the truth can help bring people to the light. My family boiled these leaves and forced me to drink them every day. The taste is so bitter and unbearable that I've thrown up after each bowl. After taking the medicine for a month, I was still cramping and over bleeding. One day the pain was so unbearable that I drove myself to the emergency room, and collapse on the floor. The nurses took me into the doctors room and I was examined. The "real" doctor told me that my hormones were unbalanced so it caused a contracting type of reaction in my abdomen. The best way to get rid of this was birth control pills. After taking birth control pills for a month, my period was shorten and I was pain free. However, my parents are still not convinced, they claimed that the dried leaves were fighting the darkness that is why I was in immense pain, but once it reaches the light, my body was free. Two words ladies and gentlemen "Bull Shit."

I was talking to my friend about law and culture the other day and boy did it became an interesting topic. He was angry about the severity of certain laws and punishments in different countries and religion. For example in the Islamic religion they would stone a woman to death for adultry. I find this outrageous too, but who am I to judged. In Islam, they probably viewed adultry as equivalent to murderer, while the US find it as a normal daily routine.

Not only the laws, but also beauty. In some culture of Africa it is consider beautiful to be fat because fatness defines great wealth. Other cultures believe having a bunch of ring around your neck is hot and sexy, but it is the US that has the most pickiest shiet. In the US hotness is:big boobs, big ass, small waist, luscious hair, luscious lips, abd big eye smokey eyes.
Cultures also different in the type of guys, girls go for or vice versa. In asian culture, chinese girls prefer short, skinny, light, feminine chinese guys. Chinese guys prefer, small, skinny, boobless, big-eye asian girl. In African-American culture, girls prefer tall, muscular, gangsta-killa type guy. African-american guys prfer junk in da trunk. US guys and girls prefer the ones that sleeps around, just look a Jersey Shore.

It's kind of funny thinking about all these different cultural perceptions like how different cultures prefer their laws, food, soulmate, etc. While typing up this blog and watching television with my roommates, I realize that it doesn't matter how different we are. We are still able to eat summer rolls, brownies, and curry together. We are able to chill and laugh at the dumbest things in the world. heck, all our shit probably look the same, big brown mushy and smelly.

What I'm saying is the world is not a high school environment where Asians sit in back table, cheer leaders and jock in the front table, band geeks the middle table, etc. Also, blood does not equal to family, the family whom you are born with may end up sabotaging you whereas a person who is totally different and unrelated to you can help you out in many ways. Forget all the difference and similarities people may be from you. it's plain and simple, if you feel a sense of connection and comfort, then that's your group of people.

What can I say a house with diversity makes a great dynamic :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Site Renovation

I know that I haven't been blogging for about a month so I decided to make it up to you guys by blogging more this week. Notice the two post before this one were practically only a day or two away from each other. This means that I am a serious blogger, that I will never leave you guys hanging. The reason why I was so late on the post was the amount of traveling from California, to Boston, to New Orleans. It was quite an adventure and on top of that I had classes and shiet to maintain. I hope you guys didn't think I abandoned you because I'm working really hard here to gain all your love and attention. Aside from the two new posts and more Dumb pets comics, I have also created a new template for the blog. I got tired of the original template and I'm sure all you readers out there are puking about it as we speak. But do not fret my darling, I will never let you guys down, I will keep blogging until the end of time.

Before I head off to bed, I would like to let you guy know the main purpose of my blog: "Girl in Your World." I don't know if any of you guys out there can relate, but do you ever feel like you are very lonely? Especially when you are in a very important part of your life where career is the main focus, and you feel that every step you take you gotta think extra extra hard. A lot of times, you just lose touch of the world because you are probably stuck in a cubicle studying or working your ass off. The worse part is you have all these thoughts and questions that is stuck inside of you and you are too embarrass to fart it out. Well, "Girl in Your World" is my way of having a conversation with the world. It's my way of expressing my thoughts just about anything. Most importantly it's my way of telling anyone out there who feels left out that they are not alone.

I may not be a straight A student, the perfect fiance, the perfect daughter, perfect friend, or the perfect blogger but I know one thing is for sure, you guys love me and I love you guys :)

Can't sleep yet without Bashing Kyle from Real House Wives of Beverly Hills

I was watching the season finale of the Real House Wives of Beverley Hill with my roommate and I swear to god I want to kill Kyle. Kyle is Paris Hilton's aunt from the mother's side, she is married to a hot, success, Beverley Hills realtor, lives in a mansion, and have four hotass daughters. This woman has it all and yet she can't be happy about it. She is so insecure that she keeps on causing drama with other housewives. First off she have caused drama with Camile who is the wife of Kelcie Grammars (the actor of Fraiser). She said that no one would be looking at Camile if it wasn't for Kelcie. She keeps getting into confrontations with Camile and talking negatively about her.
Poor Camile, she received a phone call from Kelcie asking for a divorce because he got engaged to a 29 year old flight attendant. Seriously, I think Kyle should be thankful for what she has. Mauricio (her husband) is so hot and successful that I'm sure he can be unfaithful anytime he wants, but instead he loves his family too much to do that.

Secondly because Kyle's sister Kim didn't want anything to do with the whole drama with Camile, Kyle immediately disses her. In the season finale, Kyle totally embarrassed Kim by pushing, screaming, and harassing her. At the end she sent kim to rehab when in fact it is Kyle that should be going to rehab. I'm like wtf, you have a freaken loyals ass husband, while Kim is a single mother who is trying to fend for her kids and herself, and yet you do this to her. It just pisses me off that people with an awsome life would go out of there way to sabotage other people. I think that the best thing for Kyle is for her to lose everything. Have her suffer for a moment of her life then she will realize how well she had it and will stop torturing others.

I personally know people who are like her in every way, but I also know misfortune people who hurts others. I find it less of an insult when unfortunate individuals cause drama because they are just insecure and jealous, but people like the real house wives doing that is just "unforgivable."

Well I'm done with my rants for the night. I'm heading off to bed, love ya'll!!!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I cheated on my diet coke

I know a lot of people out there would rather have the plain coca cola rather than Diet coke. I have to admit Diet coke is an acquired taste, but once acquired it will rock your world. I don't know what's the deal with diet coke, but it makes eating a juicy hamburger taste ten times juicier. every time I do something, I just crave for diet coke. I crave for something tingly on my tongue and refreshing during the day without the sense of feeling guilty like you would if you drank a regular coke. I guess having the word "Diet" in there is a pretty good tactic for fat chicks losing weight or skinny girls with a conscience. I for one is the skinny girl with the conscience and drinking diet coke keeps Jiminy cricket quiet. After several months of swimming in diet coke, I realize that I gained some pounds, feel tire, and now I got this weird annoying sweetness in my mouth. I know that everyone wants sugar in there mouths because it makes them feels happy and energize, but having it all the time is disgusting. I decided to give up diet coke, and replace it with healthy drinks like orange juice. At first, it felt pretty encouraging, like a smoker who just lasted one day without his cigs. Then after the second day, I can swear to god the can of diet coke in the fridge was talking to me. Here is what it said:

diet coke: Hilda do you still love me?
me: of course I do
diet coke: Then why are you never in here holding me and kissing me
me: I'm sorry I been busy
diet coke: lies, you been with this orange dude haven't you, sucking up all his juices.
me: No, I haven't, I swear
diet coke: Don't lie to me, it's over between us
me: oh no, please I still love you
diet coke: do you?
me: yes I do, I will do anything for you
die: Then drink me

Sigh, after that conversation I ended up making love with diet coke. I swear I was trap in an unhealthy relationship. Then one day I met my ultimate soul mate:
Izze drink, you are the love of my life. The first time I met you and get a taste of you, I felt a healthy relationship have came upon us. It is your pure natural fruity side combine with your badass carbonated water side that made you a healthy delicious drink. Because of Izze I have officially kicked my diet cook addiction to the side.

Do it naturally or don't do it at all
My roommates and I decided to spend the entire day and night watching the whole season of The Tudors. For anyone out there who have never seen The Tudors before, let me give you a little synapse. The movie is based off of The Other Boleyn Girl or the history of Henry VIII. Basically King Henry VIII was trying to bore a son, but Queen Catherine couldn't bore one. He got frustrated and decided to have an affair with the Boleyn sisters, then comes a lot of political drama and mayham. At first I thought watching this show would be like watching these old boring historical films about history, politics, and war. Boy was I in for a little surprise, I had no idea that the Brits can get down the dirty. The whole show felt like I was watching British porn, there is no way that politics in british history, even in Henry VIII era can be this scandalous.

One of the scenes that really got me going is when this guy and a girl were talking all proper and British in the beautiful outdoor forest. Then all of a sudden they both strip down naked and have sex. It just made me think if I were to strip down outdoors, I wouldn't be able to have sex. I be too conscience that the birds and the bees would be watching. However, The Tudors made it extremely sexy to the point where fucking outside is the new fad. As I kept staring at the scene and noticing my roommates drooling, I couldn't help but think that it's unbelievable how they make this so natural without being conscience that people are watching their naked bottoms? How in the world do they make it seem so artful without it being awkward?

I remember being reminded countless times about my rambunctious youth. I was only three years old back then and out of boredom I would strip down naked and run around the mall. My parents would chase after me yelling bloody murder, while all the shoppers would point and laugh their asses off. It's just beautiful that the naked individual does not give a shiet that being exposed in public is wrong.

I'm not trying to say go take off your clothes and run out there naked because you will either get raped or arrested. I'm just saying if you are ever obligated to do something to fit in, either walk away and not do it out of dignity or do it without feeling conscience about it. For example if you are a guy and you want the lead role in a Peter Pan play, but in order to get that you must wear tights. If you are going to wear tights, wear it with pride so your audience wouldn't find you awkward. Make them feel that you are one with the girly tights. Then at the end, everyone will perceive you as the work of art instead of a gay lor.

Three Shows that You Must Watch Without Hesitation!!!

Modern Family
OMG, How do I begin? gay couple adopted an asian baby, Old man married to a young sexy Columbian with a young son who acts so fucken old, and a dumbass married to a control freak with three strange kids. Fuck, this is genius why haven't I thought about this, oh wait that's because I was busy on hulu watching this.

Everybody Hates Chris
Remember Chris Rock, well this is a representation of his early childhood. He made me feel like I'm not the only scape goat in this world. If any of you out there who grew up with me, you will know that I was always the blame for everything. I was even blamed for 9/11, assassination of President Richard Nixon, Hiroshima bomb, Hurricane Katrina, Global warming, extinction of dinosaur, etc . hail to Chris Rock who showed us that all child scapegoats grows up to be successful people :)

The Game
This is almost like Real House wives, but it's just a bunch of women married to football players and causing drama at the same time. Hmm makes me wonder if they will ever create a reality show or tv show about people marry to doctors and causing drama.

Dumb Pets

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dumb petsssssssssssss

Love and Smores

My fiance was playing with his fire pit yesterday and for some reason I can't get the thought of smores out of my head. Maybe it's because roasted marshmallows caramelize into big mooshy clouds that can be smothered with melted chocolate and sandwich between crunchy gram crackers. Everything so sweet like true love, so perfect, that melts in your mouth in a cold winter day. This kind of security and warmth that I swear to god will protect with my own life and for the rest of my life.
My thoughts of the day is distance. Say you met your perfect soulmate, but he or she is thousands of miles away. He or she is the missing puzzle piece to your puzzling life, but you turned him down. You're afraid that the distance would be too unbearable for you to handle, so you end up with a lover in the same school and city as you are. Next think you know, you have this empty hole in your heart that keeps growing and growing and growing. Then one day, you find your perfect soul mate in same place and time, but you can't do anything about it, because you are taken by convenience.

I met so many people that chooses convenience over true love because it's easy. Unfortunately, convenience doesn't make life meaningful. If we choose our true love despite the excruciating distance, at the end you will notice that the distance will get smaller and smaller. Eventually, words like wedding bells, tuxedo, best man, brides maid, wedding dress, wedding cake are written down on the list provided by your future wedding planner.

being a girl raised in a strict, conventional family, I often experience pressure by my family to just grab a random dude breathing next to me and call him my husband. Funny thing is that, if I ever tap a guy on the shoulder, my family will expect him to come over and discuss marriage. I find this mentality absurd and ridiculous. Love is beautiful and should be cherished between a man and a woman, not the family. Love should take time to develop just as it takes time for a rose to blossom. Unfortunately, love withers when strict, conventional family enters the picture.

If the stem on the rose is weak, a little blow from the wind would break the plant. Traditional asian Parents will always see their children as the art of perfection. They will always feel a sense of competition with their child's lover, so a flood of drama will definitely cut through your masterpiece. They will find every beautiful imperfection and deem it a life-threatening matter. Then after countless drama, you will end up losing the love of your life all because your parents find it a pleasure to be in control. This type of parental control addiction gives them the high that cocaine does for a drug addict.

The best way to introduce your man or woman to a traditional Asian family is after you have the ring and signed the marriage paper. Once your family meets him or her, they will know that they are powerless against the soul mate. After the marriage ceremony, allow the family to visit the lover once or twice a year. Anything more, you are just asking for a divorce paper.

I hope for any poor guy or gal with obsessive, frightening parents can read and cherish these advices. I also hope that for anybody out there who met the perfect light of their life that is thousands a miles away will make the right decision :)

The Black Swan
For my anniversary with my beloved soul mate, I made him watch the Black Swan with me. I have to say it's like the girl version of the fight club, except less fighting and more dancing. The emphasize of perfection is unbelievably symbolic and a total representation of some people I know. when I see Natalie Portman's portrayal of this innocent ballet dancer, I see some of my friends, acquaintances, classmates, and family. Everyone is so obsess with perfection such as: getting into the top schools, trying to be the beauty queen, the attention whore, etc. I see them battling their own demons as well as putting down other people to make themselves feel superior. At the end, I see tears run down their cheeks, attempts of suicide, and self hate. Countless times these people stare at me and ask this one ridiculous question: "who are you?" I swear it just makes me feel like Mila Kunis from this movie.
I believe that the more you chase perfection, the more you get failure. The more you believe that you are the one to change the world, the more likely that the world wouldn't change. That is the reality, but if you concentrate on what you are given, and take your time to work on it, you might get something better than what you ask for. what I am saying is that instead of expecting perfection, why not take what's imperfect and make it into something better.
If you want proof of this whole perfection theory I formulated from Black Swan, then go check out Picasso's painting. If it weren't for the imbalance shapes, abstract coloration, and twisted imagery it probably be stuck in a closet waiting to rot. However, Picasso created art that skews away from realism and perfection that it ends up to be inspiring and thought provoking. therefore, he became the icon that every art students or any students stuck with general eds have to read about.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thinking About Things

Thinking About Things

Thanks to Olga Quinn

There were a lot of things to think about when we decided to buy a new house and getting a realtor was one of them. Unfortunately both my husband’s sister and my sister were realtors in our town so we decided to go with someone new altogether so neither of our family members would get upset. Once we found the right place we had to go through all the inspections and get the kids signed up for school in the fall…moving itself was the biggest hassle as the truck got lost on the way here and it took an extra two hours! I had to do a lot of logistical things like going to hTTP:// and checking on our insurance policy when we first moved in which took a lot more time than I had budgeted for it. We’ve been here half a year and we still haven’t even thought about starting the decorating process! I love the new place but I’ll be glad when things calm down and we are settled.