Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Late Christmas!!!

Hey peeps Merry Late ass freaken Christmas

Gosh I'm always late on posting for the holidays, sowwy about that peeps. Here are some animal pics for you to say "awwwwwwwwwwwwwww how cute"

My Border collie Tux from California

My Holland Lop rabbit Mochi who travels the world with me :)

My Australian Shepherd on the left Kimba, who lives in New Orleans Louisianna.
On the right is Kimba's new friend Marley dog who came to visit for Christmas

I Escaped Plastic surgery this Christmas break!!

If you know my parents, you will know that they are major perfectionist. they expect nothing, but the best, and if they can't have the best, they will kill for it. To them, life is not about happiness, love, or living the moment, it's about finding the flaws and fixing it, so you can be perfect. During lunch, my parents told me that they don't like the way I look. They wanted to make drastic changes such as eyes, nose, and skin procedures. They told me to get ready for a trip to the plastic surgeon's office after lunch, which scared the shiet out of me. My mom also made an appointment with the make up artist and stylist after recover, scary eh!! Their goal was to make me this ultimate asian girl that all wealthy billionaire asian family wants their spoil sons to marry. After lunch, my mom had to run some errands, but she assured me that she will be back to take me to the plastic surgeon's office. I was angry and shocked beyond believe, that I called up my friends and ask if I could run away to their house for safety. After getting permission, I packed my stuff, feed the pets, and run off.

My dad asked me if I still wanted the procedures and make over, and I responded with a stern "no." I told him straight up that my fiance loves me for who I am, and he will be piss if we make any changes and get me married off. I also told him that my fiance will hunt them down and kick their asses if they proceed to these malevolent changes. Luckily my parents were smart enough to respect my wishes, but it sucked that they kept saying stuff like "if you have gotten the procedures and make over, you would have been able to marry a wealthy man right away." Afterwards, they just smiled and shook their heads sighing "naive girl!!"

Borders have weird people sometimes
So I was reading something on my laptop and then I looked up and notice this fat Italian chick. This chick had black, greesy, curly hair, food stuck between her teeth, and equals the size of two tables put together, but that's not the worse part. She has her laptop on and was on the phone talk in a very sexy, sultry, alluring voice. For some weird reason, people were quietly reading at borders instead of chitter chatting as usual. That totally made it worse because all I would be hearing is this fat chick having phone sex with some dude. I decided to be a weirdo, and eve drop on her conversation, and here is what I heard

"So what are you wearing? What are you like? do you have a house? do you have a car? are you still single? are you rich? Oh you look so nice, etcc"

I'm like, this does not sound like a boyfriend, WEIIIIRRD!!!
so I decided to sneak over there and take a glimpse at what she was staring at on her laptop, maybe I could get some clues on who she's talking to. I quietly walked behind her, pretending to grab a napkin, then I peaked over her shoulders, and couldn't believe my innocent little eyes. She was on a dating website, looking at a profile of this guy she was talking to, total FAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fun Addicting things to do

This is an addicting way of making money, but it's really hard. Moola will give you a free penny which you would use to gamble. You will play games against other users, if you win, you get another penny. That would equals to two pennies, if you win again, you will get 4 pennies, win again, 16 pennis, etc....
If you lose all your pennies, don't worry, moola will always give you a free penny, so you don't have to invest your own money.
if you can't find the sign up button, just leave a comment on my blog with your name and email address, and I will send you an invite :)

Robot Unicorn Attack

This is a very simple and addictive game that my friend sent to me. The goal of the game is to guide the unicorn through various obstacles and earn points. You push "Z" to jump and "X" to attack the solid star in your way. You have three tries, so if you run into the wall or the solid star, you will use up one try. After using up all three tries, the game will total up your points. You can play as many times as you want. I recommend using the facebook application so you can compete with your friends :).

Give it a try, trust me you will be hooked on it!!

note to all guys out there considering this game: it only makes you more manlier !!!

Dumb Pets Comics
I know that I was suppose to post up those funny comics after every post, but I decided to do something totally different and spontaneous.

so stay tune!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

What is sex??

What is Sex????

I enjoy creating these comics about my stupid dog and dumbface rabbit. I think I will create comics for every post I make :)

How to get a Celeb's attention
I don't use twitters all the time, but when i found out that you can actually send twits to celebrities, I decided to get my ass off the chair and learn the game. So I saw this tv show called walking dead, and saw this amazing asian actor in there. I felt that he was extremely awsome that I gotta get on twitter and try to twit him. So I went on twitter, and twitted to the guy about how amazing he is, unfortunately, I didn't get a response. So I end up twitting him again in hopes he would twit back. Then I read some of his twits and notice that he either talks to people he knows or obsessive crazy fans that probably would kill themselves if he don't say hi.
However, I will not go that insane and demand a response or else serious consequences will happen. Also, I will not waste my time to do extensive background research on him. But if any of you out there who are obsess with a certain celebrity and would do anything for him or her to talk to you, don't count on being a normal, sincere fan, cuz it ain't gonna work

Here are the steps to get that celebrity to twit you back, without sounding insane and scaring them off.
1) Research the celebrity's twitter account and find out who he knows and who he talks to
2) Try to find a person whom he or she is friends with but don't talk to alot. Probably someone who he went to highschool, college, or work with but don't talk to anymore, and do a background check on them to see what relationship they have with the celeb.
3) try to find schedules and appearance that the celebrity have gone to
4) once you found everything twit this: "Hey there, how you doing, I saw one of your performances last week, and it was wonderful. I took my friend with me, and she/he saw you on stage and said that he/she knows you from "highschool, college, work, etcc". Her/his name is "so and so," let me know if you know him/her."
5) once celeb twits back and said he knows her/him, you are in DA GAME
6)once the celeb start paying attention to you, try to slowly diverge the convo away from his past friend, so the celeb can get to know you instead.
7) try to develop a friendship slowly. In order to do that, don't talk too much about his movies or his performances, emphasize more on his personal life.
8) once friendship is developed, give him your number, and have him call you
9) talk on phone, have fun, try to click with him
10) Then meet him in person
11) have fun hopefully you and the celeb would start dating, get marry, and have kids. Watch out for the papperazzis.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


My Life with Dumb pets

Friday, December 3, 2010

Love and Happiness

Happy Late Thanksgiving

I had a great thanksgiving break, hanged out with friends and family. My favorite part was talking about fat, aquatic animals swimming in the ocean (fat people having sex), puppies (man boobs), and poo (breaking toilets). These are the best conversations I've ever had in my life. I learn that true friends are the ones that would enjoy a good laugh about something as simple as poo. Throughout my life, the people I know usually talk about boring stuff like money, finance, houses, or how impressive they are. A lot of times I was told that future docs should concentrate on serious conversations, but I think that is the dumbiest bull shiet ever. Our childhood era is gone, we are at the age of stress, where we have to think about career, money, husbands, etc.. If we continue to drone about these stressful aspects in our conversations and social events, we be sucked dry of everything that is positive and enlightening. This is why people become depress and suicidal. I guess some will call me crazy and out of control, but I say it's all part of savoring the moment before it's too late.

Weird Animals

I never thought in a million years I be living with lesbian dogs and a dumb face rabbit, but what can I say, anything can happen. The weirdest part is, I never thought in a million years that I be living with the man of my dreams in New Orleans. I know that every Asian parents would constantly say this to their kids "first education, then get job, then get marry," this is fucken bull shiet. This is the reason why majority of working asian adults end up sad and single, or just settling with the wrong person. Love is the hardest thing to find, it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack. It's something that requires time and experience, which is why kids should start dating during high school. If students are well-informed about sexual diseases and the usage of condoms, then high school dating wouldn't be a problem. Thus, students will gain more experience about the opposite sex and what to look for in a soul mate. Sigh, too bad for majority of the asians, it's either die alone or fuck the wrong person and regret it later on in your life.

As for people out there looking for love, here is the mentality that you should have: "Love is looking for me, but I am making it hard for it to find me. So if I want love to find me, I must make myself as noticeable as possible." Your true lover is someone that is impress by your simple presence. He or she is someone that you can have hours of interesting conversations with. He or she is someone that you can't stop thinking about throughout your day. He or she is someone that makes you giggle for no specific reason. He or she has been looking for you, but you are for some reason hidden somewhere in your house watching tv. So the best way for this special person to find you is either go out more often and be online in chat forums. Who knows love could be a person in a cafe who spilled hot coffee on you, or a sweetheart in a medical forum, anything is possible with love:)


I always value different people, animals, or hallucination in my life. I felt that there's always a reason why I meet some people coincidentally or why there was a 75 pound imaginary dog on my bed. I end up consulting my friends about these hallucination and have received some very informative advice. The advice was to concentrate on the symbolism of the dog/wolf and how it pertains to the individual. For some people they represent strength and freedom, escaping from whatever that ties the person down. However, I didn't feel tied down at the moment, I felt confused and wondering if I'm going through the right path. I felt that maybe the wolf and the dog represent wisdom and knowledge. Therefore I came to the conclusion that a future mentor will show up and help me through my path. In the mean time, I must stay focus, so if he or she does shows up, I be ready.
Today, I was searching for answers, and through my search, I was insulted and pushed away. But I kept coming back because I need the answers very badly. Through great attempts, I received an email from a potential mentor, who finally gave in a smile. Through this, I have a feeling all my questions will be answer, and my path will be revealed.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fighting My Own Demons

I'm very prone to hallucinations especially during stressful times. That is why I leave my lamp on after turning off the light. If another person is there with me, then I wouldn't mind sleeping in complete darkness. If I go to sleep alone with the lights completely off, I would hallucinate weird demonic figures and as a result I wouldn't get any sleep. I really want to get help, but my parents are against psychiatric medicine. My dad always tell me, if you hallucinate just ignore it, and it will go away.

Recently, I been having these hallucinations that are driving me crazy. One morning I woke up with a 70 pound German shepherd on my bed. I could even feel the pressure on the bed and the presence of the dog. She was gentle, but frightening at the same time, and then she vanished. At first i thought it was post traumatic stress disorder, where I relieve the experience of my dog getting hit by a car, but I realize it was something more than that. I had dreams about dog like figures and wolves appearing. I had very strange hallucination from time to time of a wolf randomly appearing in my room. I feel like these hallucinations mean something very important. They are very majestic hallucination, and I know they meant something meaningful. Since I promise my parents that I wouldn't see a psychiatrist, I decided to battle my own demons.

I did something dangerous, I decided to stress myself out and isolate myself, so I can see the dog and the wolf, and to know why they been showing up recently.
I guess this is another journey to self-madness, but it's time I truly look these hallucination in the eye and really talk to them.

Friday, September 10, 2010

My Weird Food Cravings

I'm one of those girls who always have these weird food cravings that change practically every second. Unfortunately, I am very strict about what or how much I eat because I don't want to gain over 110 pounds, since that wouldn't match up well with my short ass 5"3 height. Then I came across three hot ass asian girls. They are the type of Asian girls with redish, brownish, or yellowish dyed color hair, exaggerated doll-like eyes with huge eyelashes, very powdered bright facial skins, hella skinny figures, and dressed with stylish color coordinate clothings. I saw how beautiful and cute they are and then I looked at my own reflection and saw my plain black hair and my jersey shirt with jeans. God I feel like a dude, but I can't help it, I was heading over to the Red Cross for patient training and they require us to dress real casually. Then again even if I tried I can never be as beautiful as any of those asian girls. So I realize how unhappy I was, and I figure this should be the day that I indulge in all the food I was craving for. Thus, I darted towards Dunkin donuts and order my heart out.

After my Red Cross training, I went back home with another food craving, but this time its Roast beef sandwich. I told myself that maybe I don't looks too bad and that I should stop indulging, but I stupidly had to watch Korean drama where I saw more hot asian girls with doll like eyes and beautiful hair. I felt more miserable and just changed into some sweat pants and made my way to the store to get my sandwich.
I saw pickles and received another craving and so I had the store owner wrap them up separately. I came home and just pig out like nothing before. afterwards, I feel so happy like everything was complete, until I look on facebook. I was clicking through pictures of gorgeous asian girls and all of a sudden another craving came up:

Yup that is right, I ran to JP licks to get me some banana splits :). I was only able to finish 25 percent of it, then I threw it in the freezer and hope that I have more cravings tomorrow. Just when I thought everything was smooth sailing, I saw a Chinese magazine on the floor with a picture of this hot asian model, and once again another craving jumped in:
sigh I grabbed my keys and was about to get out of my room to get some korean bbq, then I saw my AOL Instant Messenger icon blinking. I opened my IM and saw messages of "i love you" from my fiance. He is the man that loves me even when I fart, dress like a home boy, or not wearing any make up at all. Then I look up in the mirror and forgot all about my plain features, and for some reason I notice more about my D size boobs and small waist. Then my craving for korean bbq just disappear.

One of the most deadly secrets that girls or guys don't reveal is that we do compare ourselves to other people. However, that comparison becomes our enemy and we end up sabotaging ourselves. For example girls/guys who see other more attractive girls/guys will have the urge to starve themselves to become thinner or they will purge themselves with food to feel better. even how much we starve or purge, we are never satisfy because in the mirror only our negative features are reflected in our minds. If you ever come to a point in life where you are in this similar situation, immediately turn away from the mirror, and think about some important meaningful things in life that you have accomplish or receive that is worth living for. Then if you feel a smile on your face, that is when you should look at the mirror and you will find all your positive features highlighted.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My two dogs: Kimba and Tux

Kimba aka Hollowface, Ugly face, dumbface, etc lives in New Orlean Lousianna. She barks at air and allows intruders to intrude. Sometimes she forget how to bark so she either chirp or squak like a crow. She made love to a tree and cheated on the tree with the ironing board. Now she is with the table, OMG you slut. She jumps on the bed and because Brandon don't let her on, he would shout "off" then kimba jumps off and jump back on again. Brandon and I decided to be patient by shouting "off" every time she jumps on the bed, but 3 hours later she still doesn't get it, we got tired and just let her get on. The worse part is that she would get really close to your face while you are sleeping and just stare at you until you wake up. You wake up to a hollow dumb face and just hope to god she will just turn smart for one second. Then she would try to jump on the couch but stupidly misses and landed on herself. It sadly took us 4 months to get her potty trained, now she doesn't shit in the house, she just shits on herself. She would randomly bring pieces of trash to you, just so you will throw it, and she can bring it back to you. You heard of dogs running into walls or biting through walls, well the wall runs into her and beats the crap out of her. You heard of dogs saving human from fire well when Brandon left the candle burning on his desk and cause a fire, Kimba just stayed asleep. Gosh if Brandy didn't come out of the bathroom in time, we would have had hot dog for dinner. Kimba's dumbness is so contagious that if I bring her up to Boston, Harvard University will no longer be an Ivy League, it will go down to community college status. Despite all these special factors about Kimba, I still love her to death, but if she infect my kids with dumbness, then that's another story.

Tux aka Obese, fat, too smart for his own good, or cow. My vet told me that he have to go on a diet, so I got this weight control dog food. I replace his Kibbles and bits with Max weight control dog food. He came up for his usual dinner, sniffed around his bowl, then stopped and stare at me. I'm like "come on boy this is for your own good." He walked away from his bowl, and look back and I swear to god if he could he flip me off. Then I decided that maybe giving him 100 percent weight control was kinda too much, so I decided to mix kibble and Bits with weigh control. He came back, but this time took a different approach. He put his paws in the bowl and start separating the kibbe and bits from the weigh control dog food and he only ate the kibble dog food. The whole time I was just staring at him with amazement and again felt like that little bastard just flipped me off once again. That is not only the amazing thing, my fucken dog only eats expensive shiet. You would think that dogs don't know price and shiet, but this dog does math in his head. I know that my family spoils the shiet out of him by buying him those expensive 15 dollar dog treats that taste like gourmet bacon and cheese. Well I went shopping at Walmart and found these dog treats that looks exactly like the treats my dad bought him, except the treat in Walmart was 5 bucks. I was like hell yea, Tux is gonna love these yummies and plus they are cheaper. So I bought them and took them home to my dog. He sniffs at them, and then looks at me and barked. His barked sounded like "are you kidding me?" Then once again flipped me off and walked away. Sigh, at first I wonder why he so picky about his food, then I realize that my dad is a professional chef, and then my question is no longer a question

Friday, August 20, 2010

Brain Power

Looking at kimba tacos will only make you dumber so approach with caution. WTF a lot of cool looking things in this world makes us dumber. Then again there are boring and uncool things that can make us smarter. for example, weeds make us feel good, but at the end, your brain cells are pretty much half dead from getting high and dumb. Science books on the other hand gives us the benefit of obtaining knowledge, but who the hell in their right mind will pick one up and read it in their spare time. The only sane person who does that are people whose lives depended on it. Luckily there are stuff out there that can help give us brain power and be cool at the same time.

You know those commercials or websites where they sell those random pills with unknown ingredients and they claim that it will increase your IQ and make you smarter, well don't buy into it, it's a scam. However, there are pills on the market that do help improve memories and reduce headaches. These are Gingko pills, they don't make you smarter, they just help improve your state of mind when you study. I took these pills for about a month and I notice that my headaches were gone. I use to have these random feeling of stuffiness in my head after hours of reading, but after taking Gingko, I notice I don't feel stuffy anymore. Also, without headaches or stufffiness, I can study more efficiently, thus improving my memory.


At first I thought this was a painting, but it was actually made from color pencil drawing. Believe it or not, drawing something for half an hour before studying can help improve critical thinking skills and prevent exhaustion from hours of cramming. That is why I bought some Crayola color pencil and seriously drew some flowers and plants. They look very authentic, it made me realize that color-pencil is another way of making art look real aside from paint.

When I was a little kid, I would go through 10 packs of gum a day. I was obsessed with chewing gum that even the dentist notice from the amount of cavities I have on my teeth. Plus my obsession with gum was also the reason why I was a math genius. Then after the warning from my dentist, my mom took my gum away and my math scores tanked :(. I don't know what it was about gum that stimulated my concentration process, but it really have this strange effect on me. It probably could be the chewing motion that helped me concentrate because I was so ADHD. If I was only to concentrate on doing one thing, my brain would be all over the place. I think chewing gum help me focus on doing what I needed to do, sigh too bad I can't do that anymore because it hurts my jaw.


When I was at University of the Pacific in California, I would always take advantage of the so call "Dining Hall" where students swipe their cards to get food. it was like a buffet so there were quite a selection, even in the fruits section. Practically every morning, I would go there to get some citrus fruits like oranges, tangerines, grape fruits, etc. I find that eating citrus fruits help with my digestion in the morning thus contribute towards more energy to the body, which in turns help me stay awake in class. Now that I'm in Boston and have to do my own shopping, I didn't bother buying any citrus fruits. Then I start noticing that for some reason I'm eating less food in the morning and also craving for something citric. This craving lead me to believe that citrus is a must have for breakfast, give it a try and you will understand what I'm saying !!!


If I'm blogging, drawing, or watching a late night movie, I would love to indulge myself in a warm cup of green tea (without caffeine). I find this strange, but green tea helps open up the creative side of me and also energizes me at the same time without the shietty morning affects of coffee. In brain power-wise green tea is more for the artsy fartsy doing the all nighter, I wouldn't recommend this for hard core studying because its cool, calm warming effect could relax you too much.

Make sure you watch a comedy while you study for some shietty exam. One of the biggest mistakes students make in doing an all nighter is purely concentrating on their work without any distractions. this would be a good idea if you are studying in the mornings, evening, and afternoons, but not for all-nighters. All-nighters is where you feel like your life is about to end, its like if you close your eyes you can see the light. In order to get rid of these gates to heaven situation, you must turn on the tv and study at the same time. Think about it, for an all nighter: the brain can only absorb 50 percent of the material because its drifting. If you do the whole study without distraction, you are only going to absorb 20 percent due to exhaustion and drifting. If you turn on the television, you will be more alert, and be able to absorb 40 percent of the material. So what happens to the other ten percent? Duh, any normal student would be distracted by the tv :).
I totally give props to hulu and youtube, without them I wouldn't be able to survive academically.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Got a Rabbit

Here is the situation, I had always wanted a rabbit throughout my college years. I was even secretly envious/jealous of my friends/ neighbors who get to live with a bunch of adorable rabbits. (hahah jk, you guys are still the best ^_^). A couple years ago I went with my friend to a rabbitry. We played with all the rabbits and I find them to be very mean and untamed. When I held them, they get all freaked out and start clawing me. The rabbit breeder told me that there is no such thing as a rabbit that will let you hold them without a fight. There was one rabbit that was sorta calm but not really, anyways, they said that she is considered one of the best and calmest, so my friend adopted her. Even though she was considered the calm rabbit, she was still difficult to hold. After the visit, I came to the conclusion that one should pick a rabbit based on looks and just give it some random name, since they are all gonna be assholes anyways. I spend years searching for the ultra cute rabbit by judging them based on looks. I was so picky that I end up rejecting practically all the rabbits I have seen. It didn't really bother me that much because I was basing on looks, and I'm sure there are plenty of good looking rabbits out there.
I found a list of rabbitry in Boston online, the list was so extensive that I don't know which one to choose. Then I notice this place call Laura's rabbitry (reminds me of you laura chin), and I decided to give them a call. I asked her if she have any holland lops availabe (my favorite breed), and she said that she have one available and it's the tortoise shell. The name sounds very interesting, I never seen or heard of a color called tortoise shell, I guess the curiosity made me get my ass out of the chair and drive over there.
The rabbitry was awsome, the breeder was very informative, she gave me a lot of advice and pointers on how to take care of a rabbit. I was relief that she wasn't one of those "if your not experience with rabbit care then don't adopt one," type of breeder. When she took the holland lop rabbit out, the first thing that came to my mind was, "omg, this is just one of those ordinary looking rabbit, that will probably act like a bitch, REJECT, but nicely." I was kinda cautious at first because I don't want to get attacked or scratched like my first experience in the rabbitry from California. To my surprise, the rabbit was very calm and sweet. She loves to be picked up, petted, and cuddled. She was like the cute, obedient, girl next door type of girl ready to be adopted. I was shocked that there was such thing as a nonbitchy rabbit. The more I play with her, the more cute, adorable, and charming she became. In my mind, I was like "WTF are you waiting for, cute bitchy rabbits are everywhere, but a loving rabbit is only once in a life time, get it before someone does or she becomes rabbit stew." The breeder asked me twice if I wanted to adopt her, and both times I said yes without hesitation and that I want to take her home immediately.

After taking her home, we instantly became best friends. That song from Toy Story "You got a friend in me" was playing constantly in my head. I was cradling her in my arms until she fell asleep, I gotta admit my driving in boston was so horrible that I added a great amount of stress to this lil rabby. After a couple of hours, she decided to chill in my fiance's hat holding the red bull for me in case I fall asleep from studying.

Before getting this rabbit, I already had a name planned out. I was gonna name my future bitchy bunny "Peanut." Then after getting this rabbit, I felt that she deserves better because she is not a bitchy bunny. My fiance and I spend hours searching for a name that will fit her cute, girl next door personality and at the same time be symbolically meaningful to me. We found the word Mocha on the "list of pet's name website," which is short for Mocha frappaccino or Mocha latte. I am a big coffee lover and her fur is sorta coffee color. However, the name Mocha doesn't match her adorable personality, but I was determined to alter the name Mocha to something that will fit her. I eventually, came up with the ultimate name that I never thought I would come up with. I decided to called her Mochi, which came from replacing the "a" with an "i" from Mocha :). I never though I would love a rabbit so much that I would spend hours searching for a special name and hours thinking about how to give her the best care, I guess this is LOVE!!!

Adopting Mochi made me realize that I'm not as superficial as I thought I was. I always notice those cute single girls would spend hours doing make up, dressing up, and doing facials by wiping avocados all over their faces and using the cucumber to cover their eyes. they say that avocados help clean out your pores and cucumbers are acidic so they help get rid of those dark bags or rings around your eyes. As for me, I Prefer to munch on avocado with cucumber as an night time movie snack. These girls will act all bitchy in front of guys just to show that they aren't easy and that they have class. Now let's imagine those guys as me picking a rabbit to adopt. If I'm going to bag myself a bitchy girl, she's gotta be hot. In reality there are plenty of hot girls, so my pickiness is probably up the roof. I be looking for a girl that is as hot as Kim Kardashian, Angelina Joline, Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, and etc.. Believe me, if you are an average looking or just a cute bitchy girl, you better go see the plastic surgeon because I'm not gonna be looking at you. If you are a hot bitchy girl, I will look and think about you for ten minutes, then my mind is somewhere else and I wouldn't know you even exist. If you are an ordinary girl with a great personality, I will deem you to be that "special" girl, and wouldn't be able to get you off my mind. I will do everything I can to get to you to notice me and to spend the rest of my life with you. So for all those single girls out there who is looking for love, forget about being hot, beautiful, or whatever, just concentrate on being that "special girl."