Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Late Valentines and Chinese New years

Hello everybody and yes I know I'm late on posting about Valentines day and New Years day, but if you think about it, I live in the East Coast which is three hours ahead of the West Coast. So since I'm blogging at around two AM, it's actually 11 pm in the west, so technically I'm not late. Anyways, I'm alone for Valentines day, which sucks because I totally regret for not spending money on those thousand dollar ticket to fly over to New Orleans to see him. Instead I'm stuck in Boston, pounding myself. Then again I decided to entertain the night away by reading about guys. Guys are actually very complex creatures. I understand that some of you female readers out there will think otherwise, but really if we look pass their constant amazement at score board of the NFL game and checking out another girl while also denying it, you will find a very deep, loving, philosophical creature that just want to fall in love. I mean at first I was skeptical because I have this notion that all guys are out there to spread their seed, but if you have a meaningful convo with a player (clearly related to you so he wouldn't hit on you), you will be surprise to find that all he wants is that special somebody. No wonder you get these rich dudes who can get whatever girls they want, end up in the Millionaire Match Maker club to get themselves that special somebody. Even though guys have explained this logically to me about a dozen times, I still can't get this idea off my mind that guys just want sex. When you look at all those reality tv shows, trash tv, or other entertainment stuff, it's usually the girls that get hurt while the guy is off with someone else. The evidence is all around us, but still I'm trying my best to accept the fact that love do exist and guys will risk their biological and social advantages to obtain true love. Sigh, still hard to believe especially after the whole Tiger Wood incident.

There is this one really special song called I Never Knew I needed by Neyo. Everytime I listen to this song, I get this stream of emotions rushing through my body. It's the most soulful R&B song I have ever heard. To me it sends this message of "I know I'm not the wealthy guy who drives the ferari, but I know for sure that I am madly in love with you and will be there for you no matter what happens." The song brings this Nostalgic feeling of being in New Orleans with my fiance and ironically, the music video took place in New Orleans. Hmm, you know what I just figure out to be the most ironic thing, even though New Orlean is known for hooking up, drinking, drugs, basically the single life, I never knew I would find my soul mate there. It's like the one most loving, purest thing is in the center of everything that is chaotic. If only I could turn back time and book that ticket to New Orleans so I can experience the beautiful Southern weather with the love of my life.

Hey Happy Chinese New year, it's time to light those incense on fire so we can worship this big fat happy dude. May luck, joy, happiness, health, and everything positive happen in everyone's lives.

Hey sweetheart, Happy Late Valentines day and Chinese New Years. I love you with all my heart. I know sometimes I could be unbearable, but just remember I love you and will die for you no matter what.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Can't Eat What Guys eat every day

Have any of you girls wonder why when a guy step out of the bathroom, it always stink like hell. Also, whenever they forget to flush, we don't just see a cute little turd, hell no, we see something the size of the Hulk. We always think that "oh well it's probably a guy thing," but no You are wrong, it's beyond a guy's thing. As a matter of fact, God has nothing to with it, all he can do is shake his head and sigh.

As girls we have to watch our figure, we have to remain a size zero or other girls will make fun of us. So we eat nothing but salads, vegatables, fruits, and fish. We basically eat things that guys would not be caught dead eating. If a guy eats what we eat, they will be called a pussy, so they have to man up and eat all thse junk food.

During my stay in New Orleans, I was so tempted to eat all those yummy greasy junk food. I mean think about it, I'm in a house filled with guys, they don't care about my figure. So I was in heaven for the past month, eating nothing but hamburger, steak, french fries, buritos, philly cheese steak (the ones that leave a heavy grease on the bottom of the bag), etc. As the girly girl I am, I usually drink orange juice, apple juice, cranberry juice, or anything healthy, but with my man and the boys in New Orleans, I ended up drinking Diet coke every day. I have never drank that much soda in my life. I was living in food fantasy heaven, I was what every girl want to do, fucken pig out without a care in the world. Then tonight something shitty had to happen.
I went to the bathroom to crap, but the poo was too big to come out. It was like pregnancy except the baby was trying to get out through your butt hole. Seriously, I don't know how guys let out all that crap out of the butt. I was in tears, but that's not the worse part. Surrounding the bathroom are thin walls separating me and my fiance, and the ceiling separating me and my fiance's roommate. Basically this is what the situation looks like:

So I just gave up and pull my shiet back in my body and hope that I can shiet the next morning.
I know in the back of my head I was like I will never eat what Brandon eats every day. Knowing me, I will probably be back on the guy's diet in no time.

I wonder how much that guy from Man versus food poos????