Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas break

Well I'm back in Boston, only for a day or two. Sigh, I really miss home? NOT!!!!!!
My Christmas break sucks balls, yea fish balls from hot pot too. First of all I had to sleep in a damn closet that was as cold as winter in Boston. My parents would always blast up those annoying Chinese movies about people getting raped. I couldn't sleep on the bed because I would constantly be awaken to some Chinese woman being fucked in the ass so sleeping in the closet was the only choice. I was also sick for the whole break, which fucked up my plans of hanging out with my friends. That wasn't even the worse part, I had to endure getting rape by an astray. Yea that's right an astray. My uncle and my dad are huge cigarette smokers, so they would smoke everywhere and anywhere, so I constantly smell like I got fucked by an astray. I don't mind being fucked by an astray, but being surrounded by old people the whole break and taking care of them really equals to suicide. If you know my family very well, you will know that we are known for our tradition kareoke parties, shopping parties, and dinner parties. My mom is also known for getting tired easily and leave at the middle of a shopping party, thus, leaving me with a bunch of 40 year old women. Well, I guess I don't mind it that much because I'm a people person so i get along with everyone. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do my own shopping, and it sucks too because the day after Christmas is the day to shop, I mean all these sale are to die for. So I find myslef, helping old ladies and young people pick out clothes while getting suicidal inside for all these sales. Then comes the Kareoke party where my ear drums almost popped out. Well it wasn't that bad, since I got to eat some great expensive food, but staying up till 4 AM listening to high pitch tradition chinese kareoke music was a headache. Also getting force to sing when you don't know any Chinese songs was quite embarrassing. My friend and I tried to pretend that we know the lyrics, but that end up with great humiliation with people jeering that we lost our Chinese roots. At the end up the day, my friends Laura and Erika came to visit, sigh felt bad that I wasn't able to go to the movies with them. I felt so dead inside, I really wanted to see Sherlock Holmes and Avatar, but I wasn't able to because we had guest over:(. At the end of the day, I said to myself "hey it's Christmas break, and I was with family and everybody was happy, that's all that matters." Then what really confuse me was that my dad said "here is two thousand dollars for your time." I was shocked, very shocked. I mean, socializing with people is what I do because everybody is family. It's not a job, it's the principle. How dare he do that, does he not think I am part of the family. I just couldn't breath when he handed me a hand filled with cash. I refused it, because it really fucked up my pride, but I end up accepting it because it was forced upon me. Then someone had the audacity to wave their hand and say "hey thanks for your services." I was like omg I am not part of this family, I am only a worker. I wanted to cry so bad. So is this what all my family members and friends look at me as, a worker who is there to service people. I felt like Cinderella, so out of place, and so insulted by her family. Then the worse part was my fiance called to tell me that he wouldn't be able to pick me up from the airport because his car was in the shop. At that point, I was about to give up on everyone in my life. I wanted to just end everything and be on my own despite the fact that Brandon (fiance) had a legitimate reason. While my dad was driving me to the airport, I just kept thinking, what if I just jump out of the car and into the streets, and just die. Then everyone will see that I am part of the family and should be treated better. At that time, I even envy Cinderella, I mean atleast she have Prince Charming. That wasn't the worse part, on the Jet Blue flight, I had to sit next to a very large person, but on the bright side, he was very nice to me. I landed in Boston Logan Airport, waiting for my luggage and wanted to cry really bad, until I received a phone call.

Brandon: Hey are you still mad at me?
me: yes of course I am
Brandon: well you should turn around
"I turned around and turned back"
me: what are talking about I don't see anything
Brandon: I see you wearing your Harvard t-shirt so turn around again

I turned around one last time, and saw my Prince Charming. He was all dressed up looking like RnB singer Neyo

Almost like Neyo, but my fiance looks billion times hotter. He walked smoothly towards me and swoop me up off my feet, and kissed me so passionately that I forgot that I was in Boston Logan airport and had a shitty Christmas break. He took me home, and we made love like never before. In the morning, after the night that I will never forget, I stared at my two thousand dollars and can't help but smile. During my Christmas break, I was courteous, entertaining, and loving to everyone. If my parents and some family friends only see me as just a slave then that's them, maybe they don't understand the meaning of being polite and loving to guest. Then again, there are family friends out there that are so loving and dear to me, that I was happy to see them again, so I can't really say the rest of my break sucks fish balls. As for two thousand dollars, hell yea I'm going shopping.
The cool part is my baby took me to see Avatar
The movie was directed by the same person who directed Titanic. I cried after watching Titanic, but excited after watching Avatar. It sucks that the tickets for IMAX were sold out, but the 3D version still kicked ass, it's like an enchanted forest jumping out of the screen. This is a must see movie, I loved it, it's like action, romance, geeky-nerdy stuff all clumped together.

Afterwards baby took me on a road trip from Boston all the way to New orleans. We traveled through Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Virginia, and etc.

I saw Brandon's bff pee in Alabama:
Normally, I don't go on these road trip where we hop from state to state, I rather hop between cities. I found out that guys are kinda telepathic. Brandon and this stranger formed some interesting relationship. The relationship is where the stranger in his black van will speed in front and Brandon will follow him. Then later on, Brandon will speed in front of him, and they will alternate back and forth. At first i thought it was some kind of telepathic gay thing, but found out it was a strategy type thing where the guy in front will take the hit when cops come by. Since these two have been at it for hours, we decided to designate the guy in the black van as Brandon's bff. Then all of a sudden these two decided to telepathic all the way over to the same gas station, luckily just in time because I really had to pee. I rushed inside the store and quickly walked towards the bathroom. I noticed a sign taped on the bathroom door, "men and women," I shrugged and pushed the door open. I noticed that there were two stalls, so I thought to myself, maybe in Alabama, man and woman share the same bathroom, it could just be an "Alabama thing." So without locking the door, I did my business, and wash my hands. Then Brandon's bff opened the door, and he saw me. He was like "ummm" and I said "it say man and woman, so that means we can share the same bathroom." He shrugged and unzip his pants and pee with the FREAKEN DOOR OPEN. I was like, holy shiet, this is not the Alabama experience, I ran out of the bathroom, all flustered and embarrassed. Then Brandon's bff came out, got in his car, and just drove away without waiting for us. OMG, I feel so bad, I scared away my fiance's bff, but nevertheless, the trip to New Orleans was a blast.

The Victora Secret Experience in New Orlean
Yay, Brandon took me to the mall in New Orleans. We played with puppies, ate fried chicken, look at expensive clothes, and best of all Victoria Secret ;). We went in the store, and I was hoping that Brandon would feel uncomfortable like all innocent guys in a scandalous lingerie store filled with women, but not my boo, he went in with confident and a grin. He picked out the bras and lingeries for me and we both waited for an available fitting room. Since there weren't any Victoria Secret employees around the fitting room area, I decided to shove Brandon in the fitting roon with me. I mean why not, the man is buying them, might as well see if he likes the way they fit on me. After our little private party in the fitting room, we were ready to get out and buy our stuff. Then we heard a lot of people outside of the room. It sounded like an ambush of women waiting in line and employees flustering everywhere. "holy shiet" this was like one of those situation you would find in comedy movies, but hope it doesn't happen to you. The worse part was that one of the employees kept knocking on my door asking if anyone was in there, of course I have to answer without giggling. So, Brandon and I decided to just suck it up and walk out of the fitting room, and hope that we don't get arrested. I was looking at the floor the whole time, wishing that I was invisible. After that awful few second of "never going to let that happen to me" type of moment, I stood there listless, and burst out with sighs and giggle while brandon stood there smiling and said "the woman in front was smiling at us" ;)

Yay Brandon took me to see Sherlock Holmes :0)

I remember my girlfriends Laura and Erika told me that there were some hot actors in Sherlock Holmes. This got me really excited when I sat down in the theater with Brandon, Jabar, and Sean. Well to my disappointed the guys in Sherlock Holmes are not hot, but they are down right hilarious. Then again maybe its the fact that Holmes was a doctor, detective, and one hell of a fighter that makes him hot.

Or maybe cuz of:

I don't know, but you girls sure confuse the shiet out of me hahhaha.

Well folks I wish you all a happy New Years :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas folks

Hey everybody Merry Christmas. Ohk maybe not quite, I'm just afraid that I will forget to blog tomorrow. I don't know what everybody have in mind for Christmas, but I know that I will be doing absolutely nothing tomorrow. My throat is still sore so I will have to stay home and just hope something exciting will happen, but I doubt it because I'm spending Christmas with a bunch of Old Chinese people. What old Chinese people do for fun is put on music that sounds like dying cat and bring home food that looks like the family dog. We would pour these woodland creatures in boiling water and announce that as the best Christmas ever. Then they brag about how they use to beat up tigers and dragons when they were our age.
Anyways, I always thought the Chinese were weird people even though I am Chinese myself. The remedies they have for curing cold are a bunch of leaves (probably from the backyard) and sticks, then they throw everything in boiling water. Then there would be this one person that would scream out "Pepsi can cure cold too," and I turned around I asked "you sure you are Chinese?"
Yup that is right Pepsi can be very effective in curing the sore throat. Pour the Pepsi in the pot and add some lemon to it. Afterward, boil the pepsi and drink when it's ready. I must say it really does work wonders. Unfortunately, I got all the old ladies screaming and jumping around when they heard I was drinking soda while I'm sick. So I had to hide my stash of boiled Pepsi and drink something else:

Yup that is right Lemon water, a very traditional cure for the sore throat. Boil some water, add lemon, ginger, and the right amount of sugar, and you got a cure that is delicious and acceptable to old Chinese people. then again, I do get bored drinking lemon water all day, so I gotta sneak into my favorite place in the whole wide world:

My all time favorite Holiday drink would be Gingerbread latte or Pepermint Latte, but since I been having stomach problems I guess I would settle for the Caramel spicy Apple Cider.
Grab a cidar, remote in hand, man's best friend next to me, and a comfortable couch, now that is life. You know what would make life even better? Well I remember when I was in third grade, a very special and STUPID teacher would hand out ice cream to all her students. Well for some stupid reason she decided not to give me any ice cream. I don't know why it's so amusing to watch a lonely kid without ice cream staring at all the other kids who have icecream. But I thought it would be even more entertaining if something like this happened:
Merry Christmas stupid third grade teacher, I hope you and your ice cream all go to hell hahha!
Seriously, I'm not that evil, I'm a very thankful individual. I wanna thank the universe for working it's magic. The magic that brought together a girl from California and a Guy from New Jersey. I mean think about it what are the odds?

Merry Christmas Sweetheart, love ya :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mama, Why do we have to visit the people we don't like?

As I enter in the plane searching for my seat, I notice that this would be a very crowded ride. I been through plane rides to New Orleans, New York, ATL Georgia, and etc.. and seats were usually 60 percent filled, but this time the seats were hundred percent filled. Wow, I sure lucked out on grabbing the last seat. I finally found my seat, in between two cute little girls. They were sisters, the older one is about 13 and the younger one is 7. Both looked under the weather and as miserable as I am for we were about to endure the 6 hours arduous flight to California on these uncomfortable Jet Blue seats. Well I found out that we didn't have to endure 6 hours, lucky for us we have to endure 8 fucken hours. Why? Probably because the captain was too busy playing with his joy stick. Nah, it wasn't like that, but the extra two hours was due to the bad weather in New York. How did I end up in New York? Miserable connecting flight from Boston :(. Anyways, back to the story. The plane or the pilot himself finally stop playing with his joystick and decided to take off. We all clap with joy despite the fact that we are going to endure 6 hours of hell. Anyways, One hour of hell got shaved off when a little question was asked:

7 year old girl: Mama, we have to go through 8 hours of plane ride to Oakland, then drive 4 hours to visit family that don't like us. Why do we have to do that? Why can't we stay in Oakland?

13 year old girl: yea Mama Why?

Mom: just because

Wow just wow, I was shocked by her answer. "Just because." Then again, my dad said the same thing to me when I ask him that question. It really sucks to see their Christmas spirit get crushed just because mommy wants to visit idiots. I know that all my childhood Christmas was crushed because my parents wanted to visit cocksuckers. Well I actually found a way to make things work out. When you are cute little girls at the tender age of 13 or 7, you get away with everything. I know back in the days, I would poo all over the floor and blame it on those cocksuckers, and of course everyone would believe me because I was the cute 7 year old girl. So those cocksuckers had to clean up everything. As much as I want to give those girls my advice on how to deal with idiots or cocksuckers during Christmas, I'm sure their mother will prefer that I stay out of it.

Christmas is very meaningful to a child, please don't ruin it for them. Give them the best Christmas every single year because if you don't they will grow up to be as bitter as I am.

Monday, December 21, 2009

A Christmas gift for Me

The Taxi Driver

After completing my finals, I felt kind of shitty, maybe because of the lack of sleep. As a health major, I felt like I put a lot of work into my future, but gained very little. It's very discouraging and sometimes it made me wonder why I even bother. Everybody in California told me to just give up, so why am I still here in Boston trying to be a doctor. I was about to throw my books in the streets and just drop everything completely. Until a taxi pulled over.

taxi driver: Need a ride Miss
Me: Yes, West Roxyburry please
Taxi: sure thang, hop right in!!
Me: Pretty cold out there, how are you doing?
Taxi: Im pretty good, so how's your final
Me: Shietty, going to give up on life
Taxi: hahahah don't give up kiddo, even if it seems like you put so much work to it and it don't come out the way you want it, just keep the candle burning. who knows things might turn out the way you want.
Me: how about you?
Taxi: hahhah I'm not gonna be a taxi driver forever, I'm working on my computer science degree and take care of my family at the same time. I'm going to work hard even though I don't get much out of it because someday I will work in the computer industry and be able to better support my family.
Me: wow, you know you are right. I guess I will give it a second try.
Taxi: listen here is my number, you are probably going to need it.

I got home and carelessly tossed his number on my desk. Lied on the Bed and slept until the next day. I woke up sick, but realize I needed to pack and get ready to hop on the taxi and get to the airport. I got the call from the taxi company that they were on their way to my house. Unfortunately, that was a big fat lie because they never showed up. I looked up at the clock, and it pointed to 6:30, and my flight is at 7:53. I was panicking, pacing back and forth and believe me the fever made it ten times worse. Then I notice a piece of paper rolling around on my desk, and I opened it up. It was the phone number from the taxi driver I had yesterday. So I gave him a call and told him my situation. He rushed over to my house as soon as possible, and rush towards the airport.

taxi: Don't worry Hilda, I will get you to the airport as soon as possible
Me: Thank you soo much

We were making good timing, I was so excited because I can almost see the airport. But, something stupid have to happen

Me and Taxi driver: OH shiet, FML to the max

A bunch of cars flooded in front of us. It was so packed that the Taxi driver couldn't manuiver his car out of the way. We end up stuck for half an hour, and we both know for sure that I was going to miss my damn flight. What really sucks is that it's christmas break so it's going to be hard to get another flight, so I was prepare to spend Christmas in Boston.

Taxi Driver: If you don't go to California tonight, I know 100 percent for sure, that you will go tomorrow.

Me: I don't know, the odds are very slim, tickets to California are sold out fast especially during Christmas break. Maybe, its fate that I stay in Boston for Christmas.

Taxi Driver: Please have faith for once have faith.

We finally arrive in the airport, the taxi driver took my luggage out, I gave him the cash, and rushed inside the Jet Blue Terminal. I looked at my watch, and it says 7:40, I ran right in front of the line and begged the lady in front if I can go first. She smiled and said: "be my guest"
I smiles back and said: "Merry Christmas"
I ran to the front of the desk panting and coughing

Me: I just want to check my bags in for the flight to Oakland California
Lady: I'm sorry, but everyone has boarded, you can't go in
Me: is there another flight to Oakland California tomorrow?
Lady: I'm sorry, there is none
Me: Ok, it's alrite

As I was about to walk away with my luggage and prepare to spend Christmas in Boston, I suddenly stopped. I turned around, this time, with faith, I ask:

Me: Miss, I'm sure there's a open seat left tomorrow, can you check one more time, as a Christmas gift for me :)

Lady: Of course!!

As I stood there between the lines of anxious people and workers behind computers, all I could do is stare at the lady and hope she would find something. I was a little bit ecstatic when I saw a grin on her face, or maybe she was watching porn instead. Luckily, it wasn't porn she was watching:

Lady: Merry Christmas Hilda Wong, looks like we got one seat open for you tomorrow :)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Sacramento Anime Convention

Anime, Anime, Anime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is this cute anime character wacking a tree with a sword? :):)

Even dogs love anime

Its Cloud Strife my favorite Final Fantasy character. I'm amaze how people can create a weapon that look this real.

I don't know what character she is, but her Lolita costume look so sexy. I found her with a private photographer doing cute little poses. Her poses are so cute and delightful. It reminds me about one of those fetishes that guys have when they stare at the computer with lotion in hand.

I heard the characters are suppose to be siblings, but this i don't get

I think these are characters from black butler manga. I love their gothic style, but still don't get the whole brother and sister thing going on.

Yea Dragon Ball Z

Omg, this dude is an awsome photographer with a cool sword.

Two star treck girls and a Locus

anime car is a total turn on, everyone's gotta have one hahah

Man's best friend

dogs are man's best friend, they are always there for you through thick and thin. They will always lie next to you, gaze into your eyes, and listen to every word you have to say.
Then there is Kimba, a whole nother story, enjoy :)

Kimba wuvs candy

Never question Kimba

Kimba is very thoughtful