Friday, October 26, 2012

Are Men Turning into Women

I was in the pediatric clinic last week and saw this cute little boy getting his check up. The doctor took his pants off to describe his body parts, "this is your testicle, it's what makes you a boy." As I stare at the ceiling wondering if that is what really makes him a boy, a guy, or a man? We grew up with knowledge that a boy has a penis and a girl has a vagina and boobs, but does that really define our gender? I thought the testosterone in a guy would make him dominant, emotionless, and in control, whereas a women's estrogen would render her helpless and emotional. Scientifically this would be correct, but reality have shat over years of delicate research.
So as a women I know that we want what we can't have, and we play hard to get, but why are men doing it these days. There is this guy that I don't pay much attention to, and because of that he was trying to get my attention. I thought he was nice and thoughtful, so I decided to be nice and pay some attention to him, I don't want to give him all of it because I do have a lover. Once I give that boy an ounce of attention, he started acting obnoxious, so I decided to ignore it and go on with my own business, after all I was just being nice. After ignoring him for a couple of days, he kept annoying me with messages and  phone calls to the point that  I just had enough of all this nonsense. I have a lover back home and I'm a busy women, but this man begins to talk to me like the same way a desperate women would talk to an unattainable man. I swear it was like talking to one my girlfriends trying to pour her feelings out. I was wondering if it was the island that makes people go crazy, so I decided to test this out with another man. There is this other guy, very tall and buff, pretty good looking. Same thing happened, except less annoying. He would only notice me if I don't give a crap, but if i give one ounce of crap, he would act like he don't care. To me this is just funny, childish crap that teenage girls play all the time. I wouldn't say I'm mad, but intrigue that society has label our gender based on organs where in fact everybody don't even play the part.

I decided to be a gentleWOMEN and break it down to the woMEN, that I am very busy and focus, and don't have time for such games. I realize by saying that, hormones were flying left to right, phone calls, messages, and all that crazy jazz that a usual woman would do to a man who just broke her heart, but I nevertheless remain calm and emotionless, and ignore everything. As I was changing out of my scrub, I looked in the mirror and realize something wasn't right. I may have thick eyeliners, well-defined eye brows, luscious wavy hair, and a victory secret bra underneath my scrubs, but I don't feel like a women. Can it be possible that I have turned into a man and not realize it?? 


Anonymous said...

The advantages of today's western world goes to the females. Being macho is so last century. Might as well be a Neanderthal. So if you're a guy, to succeed you better get with the program and learn from the ladies.

Andre said...

Hehe, I guess that's why women go mad over guys like Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, Jason Stathum, etc. Those guys portray real men and they can never be mistaken for girls. Fact is that females like males to be and act like males, same way males like females to act like females. Just as nature intended it to be.

Anonymous said...

You're looking way too hard into this. This has been going on for centuries and nobody cared. This sudden influx on gender being a social thing..

You're not that special, everyone is like this :/

Anonymous said...

Agree with Andre, but even those men probably get pedicures and go to salons instead of barbers and as they get older probably will get botox, if they aren't already. I miss real men, not many out there anymore. I think a woman can still be strong with out taking a mans masculinity away from them and that is what I feel society is doing, trying to turn men into teenage girls.

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