Monday, August 31, 2009

Sacramento Anime Convention

Anime, Anime, Anime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is this cute anime character wacking a tree with a sword? :):)

Even dogs love anime

Its Cloud Strife my favorite Final Fantasy character. I'm amaze how people can create a weapon that look this real.

I don't know what character she is, but her Lolita costume look so sexy. I found her with a private photographer doing cute little poses. Her poses are so cute and delightful. It reminds me about one of those fetishes that guys have when they stare at the computer with lotion in hand.

I heard the characters are suppose to be siblings, but this i don't get

I think these are characters from black butler manga. I love their gothic style, but still don't get the whole brother and sister thing going on.

Yea Dragon Ball Z

Omg, this dude is an awsome photographer with a cool sword.

Two star treck girls and a Locus

anime car is a total turn on, everyone's gotta have one hahah


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