Monday, December 21, 2009

A Christmas gift for Me

The Taxi Driver

After completing my finals, I felt kind of shitty, maybe because of the lack of sleep. As a health major, I felt like I put a lot of work into my future, but gained very little. It's very discouraging and sometimes it made me wonder why I even bother. Everybody in California told me to just give up, so why am I still here in Boston trying to be a doctor. I was about to throw my books in the streets and just drop everything completely. Until a taxi pulled over.

taxi driver: Need a ride Miss
Me: Yes, West Roxyburry please
Taxi: sure thang, hop right in!!
Me: Pretty cold out there, how are you doing?
Taxi: Im pretty good, so how's your final
Me: Shietty, going to give up on life
Taxi: hahahah don't give up kiddo, even if it seems like you put so much work to it and it don't come out the way you want it, just keep the candle burning. who knows things might turn out the way you want.
Me: how about you?
Taxi: hahhah I'm not gonna be a taxi driver forever, I'm working on my computer science degree and take care of my family at the same time. I'm going to work hard even though I don't get much out of it because someday I will work in the computer industry and be able to better support my family.
Me: wow, you know you are right. I guess I will give it a second try.
Taxi: listen here is my number, you are probably going to need it.

I got home and carelessly tossed his number on my desk. Lied on the Bed and slept until the next day. I woke up sick, but realize I needed to pack and get ready to hop on the taxi and get to the airport. I got the call from the taxi company that they were on their way to my house. Unfortunately, that was a big fat lie because they never showed up. I looked up at the clock, and it pointed to 6:30, and my flight is at 7:53. I was panicking, pacing back and forth and believe me the fever made it ten times worse. Then I notice a piece of paper rolling around on my desk, and I opened it up. It was the phone number from the taxi driver I had yesterday. So I gave him a call and told him my situation. He rushed over to my house as soon as possible, and rush towards the airport.

taxi: Don't worry Hilda, I will get you to the airport as soon as possible
Me: Thank you soo much

We were making good timing, I was so excited because I can almost see the airport. But, something stupid have to happen

Me and Taxi driver: OH shiet, FML to the max

A bunch of cars flooded in front of us. It was so packed that the Taxi driver couldn't manuiver his car out of the way. We end up stuck for half an hour, and we both know for sure that I was going to miss my damn flight. What really sucks is that it's christmas break so it's going to be hard to get another flight, so I was prepare to spend Christmas in Boston.

Taxi Driver: If you don't go to California tonight, I know 100 percent for sure, that you will go tomorrow.

Me: I don't know, the odds are very slim, tickets to California are sold out fast especially during Christmas break. Maybe, its fate that I stay in Boston for Christmas.

Taxi Driver: Please have faith for once have faith.

We finally arrive in the airport, the taxi driver took my luggage out, I gave him the cash, and rushed inside the Jet Blue Terminal. I looked at my watch, and it says 7:40, I ran right in front of the line and begged the lady in front if I can go first. She smiled and said: "be my guest"
I smiles back and said: "Merry Christmas"
I ran to the front of the desk panting and coughing

Me: I just want to check my bags in for the flight to Oakland California
Lady: I'm sorry, but everyone has boarded, you can't go in
Me: is there another flight to Oakland California tomorrow?
Lady: I'm sorry, there is none
Me: Ok, it's alrite

As I was about to walk away with my luggage and prepare to spend Christmas in Boston, I suddenly stopped. I turned around, this time, with faith, I ask:

Me: Miss, I'm sure there's a open seat left tomorrow, can you check one more time, as a Christmas gift for me :)

Lady: Of course!!

As I stood there between the lines of anxious people and workers behind computers, all I could do is stare at the lady and hope she would find something. I was a little bit ecstatic when I saw a grin on her face, or maybe she was watching porn instead. Luckily, it wasn't porn she was watching:

Lady: Merry Christmas Hilda Wong, looks like we got one seat open for you tomorrow :)


webcabbie said...

Nice story we enjoyed it!

pyejal said...

interesting. for every single thing we do, don't ever give up. for every problem happened, its just a test in our life..:)

Cubicw86 said...

@pyejal: thank you so much, I will take these wise words and keep it in my heart

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