Friday, September 10, 2010

My Weird Food Cravings

I'm one of those girls who always have these weird food cravings that change practically every second. Unfortunately, I am very strict about what or how much I eat because I don't want to gain over 110 pounds, since that wouldn't match up well with my short ass 5"3 height. Then I came across three hot ass asian girls. They are the type of Asian girls with redish, brownish, or yellowish dyed color hair, exaggerated doll-like eyes with huge eyelashes, very powdered bright facial skins, hella skinny figures, and dressed with stylish color coordinate clothings. I saw how beautiful and cute they are and then I looked at my own reflection and saw my plain black hair and my jersey shirt with jeans. God I feel like a dude, but I can't help it, I was heading over to the Red Cross for patient training and they require us to dress real casually. Then again even if I tried I can never be as beautiful as any of those asian girls. So I realize how unhappy I was, and I figure this should be the day that I indulge in all the food I was craving for. Thus, I darted towards Dunkin donuts and order my heart out.

After my Red Cross training, I went back home with another food craving, but this time its Roast beef sandwich. I told myself that maybe I don't looks too bad and that I should stop indulging, but I stupidly had to watch Korean drama where I saw more hot asian girls with doll like eyes and beautiful hair. I felt more miserable and just changed into some sweat pants and made my way to the store to get my sandwich.
I saw pickles and received another craving and so I had the store owner wrap them up separately. I came home and just pig out like nothing before. afterwards, I feel so happy like everything was complete, until I look on facebook. I was clicking through pictures of gorgeous asian girls and all of a sudden another craving came up:

Yup that is right, I ran to JP licks to get me some banana splits :). I was only able to finish 25 percent of it, then I threw it in the freezer and hope that I have more cravings tomorrow. Just when I thought everything was smooth sailing, I saw a Chinese magazine on the floor with a picture of this hot asian model, and once again another craving jumped in:
sigh I grabbed my keys and was about to get out of my room to get some korean bbq, then I saw my AOL Instant Messenger icon blinking. I opened my IM and saw messages of "i love you" from my fiance. He is the man that loves me even when I fart, dress like a home boy, or not wearing any make up at all. Then I look up in the mirror and forgot all about my plain features, and for some reason I notice more about my D size boobs and small waist. Then my craving for korean bbq just disappear.

One of the most deadly secrets that girls or guys don't reveal is that we do compare ourselves to other people. However, that comparison becomes our enemy and we end up sabotaging ourselves. For example girls/guys who see other more attractive girls/guys will have the urge to starve themselves to become thinner or they will purge themselves with food to feel better. even how much we starve or purge, we are never satisfy because in the mirror only our negative features are reflected in our minds. If you ever come to a point in life where you are in this similar situation, immediately turn away from the mirror, and think about some important meaningful things in life that you have accomplish or receive that is worth living for. Then if you feel a smile on your face, that is when you should look at the mirror and you will find all your positive features highlighted.


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