Friday, February 11, 2011

why are twilight fans so crazy

During a New year Eves party celebration with friends and family, I was sadly force to sit at a table with a bunch of adolescent boys and girls. The whole time I kept hearing this girl whining about "omg do you think eric thinks I'm hot?" "omg when will eric call me?" "Omg what is eric doing?" "omg I think eric wants me." I had to say this eric person must be quite a man to have gotten this girl get all twisted. Then I hear this topic about who is the hotter character Edward or Jacob, and also how fucked up Bella is. At first I was shocked why hate on Bella, she is just a poor innocent girl stuck between two different guys who lust for her day and night.

I find their conversations so juvenile, but knowing me, I had to eve drop. The girls continue talking about how different guys in their class would talk to them or give them playful hugs. They interpret these simple meaningless gestures as guys chasing and fighting over them. They continue to drool over their little, pleasurable fantasy while dreading how fugly kristen Stewart is.

Twilight has been a major phenomenon for mostly teen girls or girls like me, and it all has to do with Bella and maybe some credit for Edward and Jacob. Notice how the director chose a plain looking girl, Kristen Stewart to play Bella. I think this is pure genius because if they chose a gorgeous confident actress, Twilight wouldn't even be looked at. Notice how low Bella's confident is and how she is so innocent, useless, and shaky, well again I give credit to the director's genius. In reality a girl like Bella will never get laid, she would be the one to take the title of the 40 year old virgin. However, in Twilight she received immediate relationship commitment from dark, mysterious Edward. She also got hot ass Jacob Black chasing after her, and the pleasure of rejecting him. The major high light is that she is the main person everyone is paying attention to and trying to protect like a precious diamond.

In reality, girls know that they aren't as hot as Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, Angelina Joline, Kim Kardashian, or etc, but we all know that we are either hotter or comparable to Kristen Stewart, "Bella." We envy Bella and yet we hate her because she doesn't deserve two hot ass begging to be her husband and other hotasses going to war for her. What girls do after watching Twilight is fantasize Bella dead and them being the new Bella, and have two guys who look like Edward and Jacob go after them. In these fan's little world is, if a girl like Bella can get something like that, then there's hope for the rest of us. Seriously, don't you guys think the director is a genius for picking Kristen Stewart as the main leading lady.

You don't see guys drooling over Twilight. They couldn't care less about Edward or Jacob, they are only dragged into the theater because their girlfriends force them to go. Guy are different from girls, they don't fantasize about certain things that long. That is why action movies such as Fast and Furious, Fight Club, Ninja Assassin, etc only last for a couple of months. Once a guy finish watching these movies in the theater, they would talk about how cool the fights are, wrestle for a bit, then grab a beer and get wasted, and the next morning they forgot what they were doing last night. Movies like Titanic, practically blew up for years, and that is because girls like me spend every single day fantasizing about a Leo. I have to admit I watched that movies almost five times just so I can dream about it. Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet blew up through out the centuries and is still talked about because girls can't stop gushing about this type of rare committed love.

Overall, Twilight fan's aren't crazy, girls are :)


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