Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mama, Why do we have to visit the people we don't like?

As I enter in the plane searching for my seat, I notice that this would be a very crowded ride. I been through plane rides to New Orleans, New York, ATL Georgia, and etc.. and seats were usually 60 percent filled, but this time the seats were hundred percent filled. Wow, I sure lucked out on grabbing the last seat. I finally found my seat, in between two cute little girls. They were sisters, the older one is about 13 and the younger one is 7. Both looked under the weather and as miserable as I am for we were about to endure the 6 hours arduous flight to California on these uncomfortable Jet Blue seats. Well I found out that we didn't have to endure 6 hours, lucky for us we have to endure 8 fucken hours. Why? Probably because the captain was too busy playing with his joy stick. Nah, it wasn't like that, but the extra two hours was due to the bad weather in New York. How did I end up in New York? Miserable connecting flight from Boston :(. Anyways, back to the story. The plane or the pilot himself finally stop playing with his joystick and decided to take off. We all clap with joy despite the fact that we are going to endure 6 hours of hell. Anyways, One hour of hell got shaved off when a little question was asked:

7 year old girl: Mama, we have to go through 8 hours of plane ride to Oakland, then drive 4 hours to visit family that don't like us. Why do we have to do that? Why can't we stay in Oakland?

13 year old girl: yea Mama Why?

Mom: just because

Wow just wow, I was shocked by her answer. "Just because." Then again, my dad said the same thing to me when I ask him that question. It really sucks to see their Christmas spirit get crushed just because mommy wants to visit idiots. I know that all my childhood Christmas was crushed because my parents wanted to visit cocksuckers. Well I actually found a way to make things work out. When you are cute little girls at the tender age of 13 or 7, you get away with everything. I know back in the days, I would poo all over the floor and blame it on those cocksuckers, and of course everyone would believe me because I was the cute 7 year old girl. So those cocksuckers had to clean up everything. As much as I want to give those girls my advice on how to deal with idiots or cocksuckers during Christmas, I'm sure their mother will prefer that I stay out of it.

Christmas is very meaningful to a child, please don't ruin it for them. Give them the best Christmas every single year because if you don't they will grow up to be as bitter as I am.


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