Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas folks

Hey everybody Merry Christmas. Ohk maybe not quite, I'm just afraid that I will forget to blog tomorrow. I don't know what everybody have in mind for Christmas, but I know that I will be doing absolutely nothing tomorrow. My throat is still sore so I will have to stay home and just hope something exciting will happen, but I doubt it because I'm spending Christmas with a bunch of Old Chinese people. What old Chinese people do for fun is put on music that sounds like dying cat and bring home food that looks like the family dog. We would pour these woodland creatures in boiling water and announce that as the best Christmas ever. Then they brag about how they use to beat up tigers and dragons when they were our age.
Anyways, I always thought the Chinese were weird people even though I am Chinese myself. The remedies they have for curing cold are a bunch of leaves (probably from the backyard) and sticks, then they throw everything in boiling water. Then there would be this one person that would scream out "Pepsi can cure cold too," and I turned around I asked "you sure you are Chinese?"
Yup that is right Pepsi can be very effective in curing the sore throat. Pour the Pepsi in the pot and add some lemon to it. Afterward, boil the pepsi and drink when it's ready. I must say it really does work wonders. Unfortunately, I got all the old ladies screaming and jumping around when they heard I was drinking soda while I'm sick. So I had to hide my stash of boiled Pepsi and drink something else:

Yup that is right Lemon water, a very traditional cure for the sore throat. Boil some water, add lemon, ginger, and the right amount of sugar, and you got a cure that is delicious and acceptable to old Chinese people. then again, I do get bored drinking lemon water all day, so I gotta sneak into my favorite place in the whole wide world:

My all time favorite Holiday drink would be Gingerbread latte or Pepermint Latte, but since I been having stomach problems I guess I would settle for the Caramel spicy Apple Cider.
Grab a cidar, remote in hand, man's best friend next to me, and a comfortable couch, now that is life. You know what would make life even better? Well I remember when I was in third grade, a very special and STUPID teacher would hand out ice cream to all her students. Well for some stupid reason she decided not to give me any ice cream. I don't know why it's so amusing to watch a lonely kid without ice cream staring at all the other kids who have icecream. But I thought it would be even more entertaining if something like this happened:
Merry Christmas stupid third grade teacher, I hope you and your ice cream all go to hell hahha!
Seriously, I'm not that evil, I'm a very thankful individual. I wanna thank the universe for working it's magic. The magic that brought together a girl from California and a Guy from New Jersey. I mean think about it what are the odds?

Merry Christmas Sweetheart, love ya :)


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