Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Girls are fucked up!!!

I was in my fiance's car going towards the Cambridge mall and I can't help laughing about this distinguish between girls and boys. The Comedian we both listened to said that boys fuck things up where as girls are fucked up themselves. I always find it a mystery why some girls say mean shiet to me or why they treat me certain way, but after that car ride, I find that girls just hate other girls. I realize that if you put two girls in a room filled with guys, those two girls will try to destroy each other. Where as if you put two guys in a room filled with girls, those guys will totally get along and brag about how many girls they fuck. In fact they will work together not only to score with those girls in the room, but to also get phone number from those girl's friends who are not in the room. Now this should not be a mystery why we don't have any female president, though I was rooting for Hilary Clinton. My mom and I always had a very weird shaky relationship, but I don't blame her because she is a girl. It is in a lot of girl's DNA to hate other girls, to say random shiet to girls who are better than them, and to only favor dudes because they have the penis to fuck them. This is normal because girls are the ones who get pregnant, they need the attention for survival. Because of this Darwin type view, I find that girls who act this way are animals, it's really hard for me to treat them like humans. Their brains are stuck in prehistoric mind sets, they are born with some mutation that prevents them to have the rationality of a humans being. Thank god I was raised around guys, so my views are stay alive, get a career to make money, find love, and be happy. I find my fellow girl pals to be the best companion ever, and I love to hear success and happy stories about them, very human eh.

So if you are one of those girls who enjoy the failure of other girls or who hate when girls are happier and live a better life than you, then you are an animal. As for girls who are actual humans, don't even try to understand animals, they are so confusing. Just smile and walk away because it's such a waste of time to talk logically to a dog, trust me I tried, I got dumber and angrier afterwards.

my statistic is: out of ten girls, 2 of them are humans, and 8 of them are just animals.


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