Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Got a Rabbit

Here is the situation, I had always wanted a rabbit throughout my college years. I was even secretly envious/jealous of my friends/ neighbors who get to live with a bunch of adorable rabbits. (hahah jk, you guys are still the best ^_^). A couple years ago I went with my friend to a rabbitry. We played with all the rabbits and I find them to be very mean and untamed. When I held them, they get all freaked out and start clawing me. The rabbit breeder told me that there is no such thing as a rabbit that will let you hold them without a fight. There was one rabbit that was sorta calm but not really, anyways, they said that she is considered one of the best and calmest, so my friend adopted her. Even though she was considered the calm rabbit, she was still difficult to hold. After the visit, I came to the conclusion that one should pick a rabbit based on looks and just give it some random name, since they are all gonna be assholes anyways. I spend years searching for the ultra cute rabbit by judging them based on looks. I was so picky that I end up rejecting practically all the rabbits I have seen. It didn't really bother me that much because I was basing on looks, and I'm sure there are plenty of good looking rabbits out there.
I found a list of rabbitry in Boston online, the list was so extensive that I don't know which one to choose. Then I notice this place call Laura's rabbitry (reminds me of you laura chin), and I decided to give them a call. I asked her if she have any holland lops availabe (my favorite breed), and she said that she have one available and it's the tortoise shell. The name sounds very interesting, I never seen or heard of a color called tortoise shell, I guess the curiosity made me get my ass out of the chair and drive over there.
The rabbitry was awsome, the breeder was very informative, she gave me a lot of advice and pointers on how to take care of a rabbit. I was relief that she wasn't one of those "if your not experience with rabbit care then don't adopt one," type of breeder. When she took the holland lop rabbit out, the first thing that came to my mind was, "omg, this is just one of those ordinary looking rabbit, that will probably act like a bitch, REJECT, but nicely." I was kinda cautious at first because I don't want to get attacked or scratched like my first experience in the rabbitry from California. To my surprise, the rabbit was very calm and sweet. She loves to be picked up, petted, and cuddled. She was like the cute, obedient, girl next door type of girl ready to be adopted. I was shocked that there was such thing as a nonbitchy rabbit. The more I play with her, the more cute, adorable, and charming she became. In my mind, I was like "WTF are you waiting for, cute bitchy rabbits are everywhere, but a loving rabbit is only once in a life time, get it before someone does or she becomes rabbit stew." The breeder asked me twice if I wanted to adopt her, and both times I said yes without hesitation and that I want to take her home immediately.

After taking her home, we instantly became best friends. That song from Toy Story "You got a friend in me" was playing constantly in my head. I was cradling her in my arms until she fell asleep, I gotta admit my driving in boston was so horrible that I added a great amount of stress to this lil rabby. After a couple of hours, she decided to chill in my fiance's hat holding the red bull for me in case I fall asleep from studying.

Before getting this rabbit, I already had a name planned out. I was gonna name my future bitchy bunny "Peanut." Then after getting this rabbit, I felt that she deserves better because she is not a bitchy bunny. My fiance and I spend hours searching for a name that will fit her cute, girl next door personality and at the same time be symbolically meaningful to me. We found the word Mocha on the "list of pet's name website," which is short for Mocha frappaccino or Mocha latte. I am a big coffee lover and her fur is sorta coffee color. However, the name Mocha doesn't match her adorable personality, but I was determined to alter the name Mocha to something that will fit her. I eventually, came up with the ultimate name that I never thought I would come up with. I decided to called her Mochi, which came from replacing the "a" with an "i" from Mocha :). I never though I would love a rabbit so much that I would spend hours searching for a special name and hours thinking about how to give her the best care, I guess this is LOVE!!!

Adopting Mochi made me realize that I'm not as superficial as I thought I was. I always notice those cute single girls would spend hours doing make up, dressing up, and doing facials by wiping avocados all over their faces and using the cucumber to cover their eyes. they say that avocados help clean out your pores and cucumbers are acidic so they help get rid of those dark bags or rings around your eyes. As for me, I Prefer to munch on avocado with cucumber as an night time movie snack. These girls will act all bitchy in front of guys just to show that they aren't easy and that they have class. Now let's imagine those guys as me picking a rabbit to adopt. If I'm going to bag myself a bitchy girl, she's gotta be hot. In reality there are plenty of hot girls, so my pickiness is probably up the roof. I be looking for a girl that is as hot as Kim Kardashian, Angelina Joline, Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, and etc.. Believe me, if you are an average looking or just a cute bitchy girl, you better go see the plastic surgeon because I'm not gonna be looking at you. If you are a hot bitchy girl, I will look and think about you for ten minutes, then my mind is somewhere else and I wouldn't know you even exist. If you are an ordinary girl with a great personality, I will deem you to be that "special" girl, and wouldn't be able to get you off my mind. I will do everything I can to get to you to notice me and to spend the rest of my life with you. So for all those single girls out there who is looking for love, forget about being hot, beautiful, or whatever, just concentrate on being that "special girl."



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