Friday, December 3, 2010

Love and Happiness

Happy Late Thanksgiving

I had a great thanksgiving break, hanged out with friends and family. My favorite part was talking about fat, aquatic animals swimming in the ocean (fat people having sex), puppies (man boobs), and poo (breaking toilets). These are the best conversations I've ever had in my life. I learn that true friends are the ones that would enjoy a good laugh about something as simple as poo. Throughout my life, the people I know usually talk about boring stuff like money, finance, houses, or how impressive they are. A lot of times I was told that future docs should concentrate on serious conversations, but I think that is the dumbiest bull shiet ever. Our childhood era is gone, we are at the age of stress, where we have to think about career, money, husbands, etc.. If we continue to drone about these stressful aspects in our conversations and social events, we be sucked dry of everything that is positive and enlightening. This is why people become depress and suicidal. I guess some will call me crazy and out of control, but I say it's all part of savoring the moment before it's too late.

Weird Animals

I never thought in a million years I be living with lesbian dogs and a dumb face rabbit, but what can I say, anything can happen. The weirdest part is, I never thought in a million years that I be living with the man of my dreams in New Orleans. I know that every Asian parents would constantly say this to their kids "first education, then get job, then get marry," this is fucken bull shiet. This is the reason why majority of working asian adults end up sad and single, or just settling with the wrong person. Love is the hardest thing to find, it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack. It's something that requires time and experience, which is why kids should start dating during high school. If students are well-informed about sexual diseases and the usage of condoms, then high school dating wouldn't be a problem. Thus, students will gain more experience about the opposite sex and what to look for in a soul mate. Sigh, too bad for majority of the asians, it's either die alone or fuck the wrong person and regret it later on in your life.

As for people out there looking for love, here is the mentality that you should have: "Love is looking for me, but I am making it hard for it to find me. So if I want love to find me, I must make myself as noticeable as possible." Your true lover is someone that is impress by your simple presence. He or she is someone that you can have hours of interesting conversations with. He or she is someone that you can't stop thinking about throughout your day. He or she is someone that makes you giggle for no specific reason. He or she has been looking for you, but you are for some reason hidden somewhere in your house watching tv. So the best way for this special person to find you is either go out more often and be online in chat forums. Who knows love could be a person in a cafe who spilled hot coffee on you, or a sweetheart in a medical forum, anything is possible with love:)


I always value different people, animals, or hallucination in my life. I felt that there's always a reason why I meet some people coincidentally or why there was a 75 pound imaginary dog on my bed. I end up consulting my friends about these hallucination and have received some very informative advice. The advice was to concentrate on the symbolism of the dog/wolf and how it pertains to the individual. For some people they represent strength and freedom, escaping from whatever that ties the person down. However, I didn't feel tied down at the moment, I felt confused and wondering if I'm going through the right path. I felt that maybe the wolf and the dog represent wisdom and knowledge. Therefore I came to the conclusion that a future mentor will show up and help me through my path. In the mean time, I must stay focus, so if he or she does shows up, I be ready.
Today, I was searching for answers, and through my search, I was insulted and pushed away. But I kept coming back because I need the answers very badly. Through great attempts, I received an email from a potential mentor, who finally gave in a smile. Through this, I have a feeling all my questions will be answer, and my path will be revealed.


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