Saturday, December 11, 2010

What is sex??

What is Sex????

I enjoy creating these comics about my stupid dog and dumbface rabbit. I think I will create comics for every post I make :)

How to get a Celeb's attention
I don't use twitters all the time, but when i found out that you can actually send twits to celebrities, I decided to get my ass off the chair and learn the game. So I saw this tv show called walking dead, and saw this amazing asian actor in there. I felt that he was extremely awsome that I gotta get on twitter and try to twit him. So I went on twitter, and twitted to the guy about how amazing he is, unfortunately, I didn't get a response. So I end up twitting him again in hopes he would twit back. Then I read some of his twits and notice that he either talks to people he knows or obsessive crazy fans that probably would kill themselves if he don't say hi.
However, I will not go that insane and demand a response or else serious consequences will happen. Also, I will not waste my time to do extensive background research on him. But if any of you out there who are obsess with a certain celebrity and would do anything for him or her to talk to you, don't count on being a normal, sincere fan, cuz it ain't gonna work

Here are the steps to get that celebrity to twit you back, without sounding insane and scaring them off.
1) Research the celebrity's twitter account and find out who he knows and who he talks to
2) Try to find a person whom he or she is friends with but don't talk to alot. Probably someone who he went to highschool, college, or work with but don't talk to anymore, and do a background check on them to see what relationship they have with the celeb.
3) try to find schedules and appearance that the celebrity have gone to
4) once you found everything twit this: "Hey there, how you doing, I saw one of your performances last week, and it was wonderful. I took my friend with me, and she/he saw you on stage and said that he/she knows you from "highschool, college, work, etcc". Her/his name is "so and so," let me know if you know him/her."
5) once celeb twits back and said he knows her/him, you are in DA GAME
6)once the celeb start paying attention to you, try to slowly diverge the convo away from his past friend, so the celeb can get to know you instead.
7) try to develop a friendship slowly. In order to do that, don't talk too much about his movies or his performances, emphasize more on his personal life.
8) once friendship is developed, give him your number, and have him call you
9) talk on phone, have fun, try to click with him
10) Then meet him in person
11) have fun hopefully you and the celeb would start dating, get marry, and have kids. Watch out for the papperazzis.


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