Sunday, January 23, 2011

Embarassing Vacinnation story

Brandon decided that it be a good idea for me to get vaccinated so he dragged me into the hospital. Little did I know that my childhood fear for needles still exist. As he held my hands tight while the nurse dug the needle into my skin, I felt this sharp, intense pain circulating through my body. I started screaming bloody murderer:

me: Brandon this is all your fault
brandon: why
me: Your the one dragging me into this
brandon: is for your own good
me: I can't believe you are doing this to me
brandon: shut up you're not even giving birth

we were bickering for quite awhile while the nurses all came in the room practically laughing their asses off.
Sigh, since I have a low threshold for pain, we might as well adopt.

Sucre After Pain

After crying from three different painful vaccinations, Brandon took me to Sucre to get my sweets on. I don't know what is it about chocolate, but it makes everything painful and horrible go away. Thank god for three luscious layers of chocolate with white chocolate decorations plus swirls of dark chocolate. Plus chocolates are also good for you, it is a scientific fact that chocolate acts on our pleasure system by intensifying it. Chocolate with coffee also makes a very good study snack, it can help intensify the caffeine response on the brain.
We also had some gelatos, and I find it amazing that this is not ice cream. Gelatos are ice shaved down to the finest texture, so it looks like and taste like ice cream, but it's not ice cream.

Chinese Medicine is bull shit!!

I have heard many ridiculous things in my life, but the most ridiculous thing I've ever came across was Chinese Medicine. I'm not trying to start something with those Chinky eyes, fu man cho long white bears, old men claiming that they are official doctors when the only medical education they been doing is "becoming one with nature," I'm just here to state the obvious.

I remember walking through the streets of China town with my family and we came upon this store that sells asian medicine. When we step inside the store, we were greeted by this old asian man in a white coat. He introduce us to these dry leaves, weird shaped beans, dried tree barks, dried lizards, snake in a jar, etc. He claim that if these ingredients are boiled in water, they will possess magical healing powers that can cure any disease. Then all these old asian folks will get so freaken excited, and grab tons of plastic bag, and gather as many dry, dead stuff as they can. I walked around disappointed because all these shiet can be found in my back yard for free. I can't believe people were willing to pay thousands for shiet they see everywhere.

After spending 2 hours in that shopped, my family managed to buy $300 worth of shiet. Now this was not the worst part, we went to another shop to see Dr. Xieu, a professional Chinese herbitology doctor who refer to himself as an MD when in fact he never step foot in a medical school before. He claims that his education came from nature and the sound of the earth and sky, but that is not the worst part. There are patients in his office that require immediate help to the emergency room. They were literally coughing up stuff that I don't want to see, extremely harsh stomach pain, and fever running up the top of the roof. I looked across a room and notice this young boy with a very pale face and eyes hardly open. I kneeled down and have a short conversation with him.
me: Are you ok?
boy: No, I been coughing for days, and My head don't feel good
me: You need to see a "real" doctor
boy: I rather die than have those other corrupted doctors help me. Dr. Xieu is a true healer, he will save my life
me: how long have you been seeing Dr. Xieu?
boy: for about two weeks
me: have you gotten better?
boy: no I have gotten worse
me: I'm taking you to the doctor!!!
boy:leave me alone, Dr. Xieu have blessed his leaves, so I know everything I'm getting is pure and true

I looked at the determined boy's eyes and knew right away that there's no hope. It is not his illness that will kill him, but his ignorance.

Dr. Xieu called my name, and I came in.

Doc: Hello Hilda, how are you doing today
me: I'm doing good. Look, Dr. Xieu, I know we came to see you because of my menstrual cramp, but I think I will go see someone else for this.
doc: I sense some negative energy from your abdomen, here are some dry leaves from the willow tree. These leaves will cure your stomach by releasing the negative energy and allowing only positive energy to enter.
me: Dr. Xieu do you think your leaves can cure cancer?
Doc: of course, nature can cure everything
me: then why don't you prove it to the world, go provide these leaves for those suffering cancer, and cure them in front of the westerner.
doc: The westerners are too ignorant to understand the magical properties of these plants.Only do we believe, then we will be cured of everything.

My parents told me to keep my mouth shut because my curiosity reflects dishonor and darkness. They are right, what I said is dark, but it contains the truth, and only the truth can help bring people to the light. My family boiled these leaves and forced me to drink them every day. The taste is so bitter and unbearable that I've thrown up after each bowl. After taking the medicine for a month, I was still cramping and over bleeding. One day the pain was so unbearable that I drove myself to the emergency room, and collapse on the floor. The nurses took me into the doctors room and I was examined. The "real" doctor told me that my hormones were unbalanced so it caused a contracting type of reaction in my abdomen. The best way to get rid of this was birth control pills. After taking birth control pills for a month, my period was shorten and I was pain free. However, my parents are still not convinced, they claimed that the dried leaves were fighting the darkness that is why I was in immense pain, but once it reaches the light, my body was free. Two words ladies and gentlemen "Bull Shit."

I was talking to my friend about law and culture the other day and boy did it became an interesting topic. He was angry about the severity of certain laws and punishments in different countries and religion. For example in the Islamic religion they would stone a woman to death for adultry. I find this outrageous too, but who am I to judged. In Islam, they probably viewed adultry as equivalent to murderer, while the US find it as a normal daily routine.

Not only the laws, but also beauty. In some culture of Africa it is consider beautiful to be fat because fatness defines great wealth. Other cultures believe having a bunch of ring around your neck is hot and sexy, but it is the US that has the most pickiest shiet. In the US hotness is:big boobs, big ass, small waist, luscious hair, luscious lips, abd big eye smokey eyes.
Cultures also different in the type of guys, girls go for or vice versa. In asian culture, chinese girls prefer short, skinny, light, feminine chinese guys. Chinese guys prefer, small, skinny, boobless, big-eye asian girl. In African-American culture, girls prefer tall, muscular, gangsta-killa type guy. African-american guys prfer junk in da trunk. US guys and girls prefer the ones that sleeps around, just look a Jersey Shore.

It's kind of funny thinking about all these different cultural perceptions like how different cultures prefer their laws, food, soulmate, etc. While typing up this blog and watching television with my roommates, I realize that it doesn't matter how different we are. We are still able to eat summer rolls, brownies, and curry together. We are able to chill and laugh at the dumbest things in the world. heck, all our shit probably look the same, big brown mushy and smelly.

What I'm saying is the world is not a high school environment where Asians sit in back table, cheer leaders and jock in the front table, band geeks the middle table, etc. Also, blood does not equal to family, the family whom you are born with may end up sabotaging you whereas a person who is totally different and unrelated to you can help you out in many ways. Forget all the difference and similarities people may be from you. it's plain and simple, if you feel a sense of connection and comfort, then that's your group of people.

What can I say a house with diversity makes a great dynamic :)


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