Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dumb petsssssssssssss

Love and Smores

My fiance was playing with his fire pit yesterday and for some reason I can't get the thought of smores out of my head. Maybe it's because roasted marshmallows caramelize into big mooshy clouds that can be smothered with melted chocolate and sandwich between crunchy gram crackers. Everything so sweet like true love, so perfect, that melts in your mouth in a cold winter day. This kind of security and warmth that I swear to god will protect with my own life and for the rest of my life.
My thoughts of the day is distance. Say you met your perfect soulmate, but he or she is thousands of miles away. He or she is the missing puzzle piece to your puzzling life, but you turned him down. You're afraid that the distance would be too unbearable for you to handle, so you end up with a lover in the same school and city as you are. Next think you know, you have this empty hole in your heart that keeps growing and growing and growing. Then one day, you find your perfect soul mate in same place and time, but you can't do anything about it, because you are taken by convenience.

I met so many people that chooses convenience over true love because it's easy. Unfortunately, convenience doesn't make life meaningful. If we choose our true love despite the excruciating distance, at the end you will notice that the distance will get smaller and smaller. Eventually, words like wedding bells, tuxedo, best man, brides maid, wedding dress, wedding cake are written down on the list provided by your future wedding planner.

being a girl raised in a strict, conventional family, I often experience pressure by my family to just grab a random dude breathing next to me and call him my husband. Funny thing is that, if I ever tap a guy on the shoulder, my family will expect him to come over and discuss marriage. I find this mentality absurd and ridiculous. Love is beautiful and should be cherished between a man and a woman, not the family. Love should take time to develop just as it takes time for a rose to blossom. Unfortunately, love withers when strict, conventional family enters the picture.

If the stem on the rose is weak, a little blow from the wind would break the plant. Traditional asian Parents will always see their children as the art of perfection. They will always feel a sense of competition with their child's lover, so a flood of drama will definitely cut through your masterpiece. They will find every beautiful imperfection and deem it a life-threatening matter. Then after countless drama, you will end up losing the love of your life all because your parents find it a pleasure to be in control. This type of parental control addiction gives them the high that cocaine does for a drug addict.

The best way to introduce your man or woman to a traditional Asian family is after you have the ring and signed the marriage paper. Once your family meets him or her, they will know that they are powerless against the soul mate. After the marriage ceremony, allow the family to visit the lover once or twice a year. Anything more, you are just asking for a divorce paper.

I hope for any poor guy or gal with obsessive, frightening parents can read and cherish these advices. I also hope that for anybody out there who met the perfect light of their life that is thousands a miles away will make the right decision :)

The Black Swan
For my anniversary with my beloved soul mate, I made him watch the Black Swan with me. I have to say it's like the girl version of the fight club, except less fighting and more dancing. The emphasize of perfection is unbelievably symbolic and a total representation of some people I know. when I see Natalie Portman's portrayal of this innocent ballet dancer, I see some of my friends, acquaintances, classmates, and family. Everyone is so obsess with perfection such as: getting into the top schools, trying to be the beauty queen, the attention whore, etc. I see them battling their own demons as well as putting down other people to make themselves feel superior. At the end, I see tears run down their cheeks, attempts of suicide, and self hate. Countless times these people stare at me and ask this one ridiculous question: "who are you?" I swear it just makes me feel like Mila Kunis from this movie.
I believe that the more you chase perfection, the more you get failure. The more you believe that you are the one to change the world, the more likely that the world wouldn't change. That is the reality, but if you concentrate on what you are given, and take your time to work on it, you might get something better than what you ask for. what I am saying is that instead of expecting perfection, why not take what's imperfect and make it into something better.
If you want proof of this whole perfection theory I formulated from Black Swan, then go check out Picasso's painting. If it weren't for the imbalance shapes, abstract coloration, and twisted imagery it probably be stuck in a closet waiting to rot. However, Picasso created art that skews away from realism and perfection that it ends up to be inspiring and thought provoking. therefore, he became the icon that every art students or any students stuck with general eds have to read about.


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