Friday, January 21, 2011

Site Renovation

I know that I haven't been blogging for about a month so I decided to make it up to you guys by blogging more this week. Notice the two post before this one were practically only a day or two away from each other. This means that I am a serious blogger, that I will never leave you guys hanging. The reason why I was so late on the post was the amount of traveling from California, to Boston, to New Orleans. It was quite an adventure and on top of that I had classes and shiet to maintain. I hope you guys didn't think I abandoned you because I'm working really hard here to gain all your love and attention. Aside from the two new posts and more Dumb pets comics, I have also created a new template for the blog. I got tired of the original template and I'm sure all you readers out there are puking about it as we speak. But do not fret my darling, I will never let you guys down, I will keep blogging until the end of time.

Before I head off to bed, I would like to let you guy know the main purpose of my blog: "Girl in Your World." I don't know if any of you guys out there can relate, but do you ever feel like you are very lonely? Especially when you are in a very important part of your life where career is the main focus, and you feel that every step you take you gotta think extra extra hard. A lot of times, you just lose touch of the world because you are probably stuck in a cubicle studying or working your ass off. The worse part is you have all these thoughts and questions that is stuck inside of you and you are too embarrass to fart it out. Well, "Girl in Your World" is my way of having a conversation with the world. It's my way of expressing my thoughts just about anything. Most importantly it's my way of telling anyone out there who feels left out that they are not alone.

I may not be a straight A student, the perfect fiance, the perfect daughter, perfect friend, or the perfect blogger but I know one thing is for sure, you guys love me and I love you guys :)

Can't sleep yet without Bashing Kyle from Real House Wives of Beverly Hills

I was watching the season finale of the Real House Wives of Beverley Hill with my roommate and I swear to god I want to kill Kyle. Kyle is Paris Hilton's aunt from the mother's side, she is married to a hot, success, Beverley Hills realtor, lives in a mansion, and have four hotass daughters. This woman has it all and yet she can't be happy about it. She is so insecure that she keeps on causing drama with other housewives. First off she have caused drama with Camile who is the wife of Kelcie Grammars (the actor of Fraiser). She said that no one would be looking at Camile if it wasn't for Kelcie. She keeps getting into confrontations with Camile and talking negatively about her.
Poor Camile, she received a phone call from Kelcie asking for a divorce because he got engaged to a 29 year old flight attendant. Seriously, I think Kyle should be thankful for what she has. Mauricio (her husband) is so hot and successful that I'm sure he can be unfaithful anytime he wants, but instead he loves his family too much to do that.

Secondly because Kyle's sister Kim didn't want anything to do with the whole drama with Camile, Kyle immediately disses her. In the season finale, Kyle totally embarrassed Kim by pushing, screaming, and harassing her. At the end she sent kim to rehab when in fact it is Kyle that should be going to rehab. I'm like wtf, you have a freaken loyals ass husband, while Kim is a single mother who is trying to fend for her kids and herself, and yet you do this to her. It just pisses me off that people with an awsome life would go out of there way to sabotage other people. I think that the best thing for Kyle is for her to lose everything. Have her suffer for a moment of her life then she will realize how well she had it and will stop torturing others.

I personally know people who are like her in every way, but I also know misfortune people who hurts others. I find it less of an insult when unfortunate individuals cause drama because they are just insecure and jealous, but people like the real house wives doing that is just "unforgivable."

Well I'm done with my rants for the night. I'm heading off to bed, love ya'll!!!!!


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comics, I have also created a new template for the blog. I got tisbo
red of the original template and I'm sure all you readers out there are

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