Sunday, April 24, 2011

Adopting an animal from the Shelter

Every time I watch tv I always notice these commercials about dogs in the shelter and how they were abandoned and abused. The commercials would always show these really cute puppies, with those shiny, watery eyes begging to be adopted. They made it sound like if these puppies don't get adopted, they would get killed.
It made me look back on the days that I've gone to the shelter to get a companion. Every animal there does not look like the ones in the commercials. They were basically scarred up pitbulls doing shadow boxing in the background. I'm like what happen to those poor little golden retrievers with the bandages around their paws or the little Charlie Brown Snoopy with bubbly eyes hoping to find a home. But no, we have snoop doggy dog behind those gates and they aren't anywhere near the cute factors.
That's not even the worst part, in order to adopt an animal from the shelter, you would have to do mountains of paperwork, writing essays that mimics grad school personal statements, interviews, and house visits. After all that, you are most likely not gonna get the animal you want because they usually don't let you choose, they match you up through compatibility, but I think it's all a coin toss. They said that this process is necessary to ensure that these animals don't end up back in the shelter due to irresponsible owners. I think this process is dumb, an irresponsible college frat boy can disguise as a responsible CEO with a loving family any time of the day.
Pure breed animals from a respectable breeder usually interview you on the spot and if you are willing to pay the fee, the dog is yours. Wouldn't it be logical to get an animal breed to be a pussy without the hassle of writing an essay over an animal that can kill you anytime with the hassle of interviews, paperwork, fees, and house visits. Then again there are those individuals that crave for the altruistic feeling, so they can brag to their friends that they rescue a life. I guess it is worth it, even if one day you are cooking bacon and the skillet reminds your rescued dog of the time he was being torture, thus instigating the inner killer inside of him. The results are grim my friend, it's no different than taking in a serial killer fresh out of prison minus the personal statement, you do the math :)


Anonymous said...

You're an idiot.

Cubicw86 said...

Heheheh I know :)

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't worry about such things dear. You're doing animals a favor by NOT adopting them. :D

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