Friday, April 1, 2011

Men Never Ask for Help

Men fix it and women whine about it, men sees excitement and opportunity with drills and hammers while women sees annoyance and hard labor. I have to say, even as a woman who is very supportive about women's rights and empowerment, I nevertheless need a man's help to change a light bulb that is too far to reach. I' m proud of it, it doesn't mean I'm weak, just means I know how to use my womanly assets. Too bad guys don't have the same assets, it only feels pleasurable when they could help a damsel in distress.

My fiance and I are extreme coffee lovers, We drink it night and day like it was water. Unfortunately, coffee does make us run to the bathroom at the speed of light. After so many trips to the bathroom, I notice the toilet was acting kind of strange. It was always gurgling, but because of our busy schedule, I decided to ignore its cry for help. I hopped onto the shower, to enjoy the comfort of warm water falling down from the the waterfall shower. Then I notice a large flow of water coming from another direction. That wasn't just the worse part, the water isn't crystal clear, it was sort of yellowish. I finished my shower as soon as I could, with only a small amount of yellow touching me, and as a true woman, I would whine about it.
Apparently, there was a leak from the toilet, and everything was backed up. Every time we flush it screams " save me." My heroic fiance decided to step up to the plate and rescue the dying toilet. He, his landlord, and the maintenance man became the three musketeer to battle against mountains of maneuvers, clogged rusty pipes, and smelly concentrated urine to get this toilet running. however, their limited toiletry knowledge led to myriads of disasters. Countless times I've told my fiance to get a professional plumber and countless times he laughed at the idea and continue his heroic adventures. Two week later, I decided to check out the Musketeer's conquest, I was anticipating for a good outcome because of their confidence. Unfortunately, what I saw was an outcome, but it wasn't good. Urine and feces were everywhere, a big chunk of the carpet was shoved into the toilet to prevent further leaks, the shower has fesces spread all over, the jacuzzi had urine overflowing, and I have no idea why there was a random pip in the middle of the room. I broke down in tears and begged my fiance to get a professional plumber, and because of his manhood, he said "no, give us one more chance, we will fix this." I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt, if they don't fix it the next day, I'm calling the plumber.

The next morning, I was on google searching for a professional plumber while the musketeers desperately trying to save the bathroom. They were drilling and hammering, for five hours straight, and by the sound of things I can tell they were determined. Afterwards, the drilling stops, and I rush down the stairs to see if anyone slipped on maneuver and fell inside of the toilet. I opened the door and to my surprised everything looks spotless. The feces, urine, pipes, and soaked carpets were all gone. The toilet was working again, and everything smell so minty fresh.
Even though it took two weeks for them to fix the toilet, but it was wonderful to see how fulfilled they all feel. I guess in a girl's perspective was that we could have gotten it done in a day or two if we have called a professional plumber, but in a guy's perspective was saving those few hundred of dollars. I can't help but feel happy for him, he has completed an impossible task that I think even superman wouldn't be able to handle. I have to say, it's gotta be a sense of pride of fixing something and without having to rely on professional help or being vulnerable. As weird as this may sound, but I find this to be husband material.


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