Sunday, April 10, 2011

Art is Life and Life is Art

My fiance and I decided to go to an art museum for our date. The idea of an art museum instigated my Claude Monet obsession. I absolutely adore the texture and color of all his paintings. I know that we all have expectations of what nature should look like and it's disappointing to know that nature can never naturally match up to our expectations. The only artist that I believe could capture what nature should look like is no other than Claude Monet. His impressionist art will definitely be the source of inspiration for my bedroom in medical school. I can't wait to create a Claude Monet room for myself, it will be the ultimate place of study and relaxation, who needs the library anymore.

These are Zen art created by the Japanese artist Hakuin. Hakuin's artwork is different from all the other asian artwork I have ever seen. Hakuin focuses on humor, but underneath the humor is something meaningful about life. I find it funny that he usually uses buddha as the main focus of his humor. Well done Hakuin!!!!
I love the little girl's pink dress, black hat, and black mini coat. It sorta reminds of the preppy rock girl style, pink dress with black fingernails, except this painting is done innocentally.

The descriptions on these two dog paintings are blurry, so I'm not sure who drew them, but I'm guessing they are in the era of realistic art. I love animal painting during that era because the artist did a great job capturing the essence and the realistic qualities of these animals.
I find this painting really peaceful, I think it has a lot to do with the light coloring and innocent themes. However, I think the women back then are extremely overweight and unhealthy.This was probably due to the fact that people back then believe that chubbiness signifies wealth and fertility. Therefore fat women are sought after over the skinny bitches. Whereas the 21st century, the term "skinny" signifies wealth, sexy, and power. I personally don't think it means anything, it doesn't cost a thing to jog around the park or to buy McDonalds and stuff yourself till you tip the scale, so fat or skinny doesn't mean wealth. I just think the two eras are filled with people defining nothing.

After observing artwork from the past era, I was very pleased and delighted to find that each piece of art was done meticulously and seriously. Each artwork is not only colorful and vibrant but also a representation of their society. Their society is filled with so much meaning and interpretation that I felt everyone back then was an intellectual. All the artworks in the past have immaculately combined beauty, society, cultural, religion, and language on a piece of paper or sculpture. As I pass through the era, I was eagerly waiting to observe the 19th hundreds to see more advancements and cultural development. Boy was I wrong to expect anything meaningful. Nowadays, artwork is consider true artwork if there's full blown mindless humor to it. Where the hell did all those deep thinkers like Leonardo Da Vinci, Picasso, Claude Monets go?? Probably homeless and penniless, how sad is the current world of art, where money is made through stupidity.

But I have to say, I do love this hahahha


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