Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Guys Night Out

It's Tuesday and I'm wondering what all the excitement is about. My older brothers (guy friends that I will never date, even if they were the last guy on the earth, and I'm pretty sure they think the same way about me) were running around and giggling like little school girls. They were whispering in each others ears and pushing buttons on their little iphones. This strange girl-like behavior is spiking up my curiosity, could it be that the guys have gotten laid by ten girls and are sharing their little secrets. I wasted no time and snuck my way towards them so I can quietly eve drop on their conversations, wondering if it was a Michelle or a Linda that they hooked up with. Well all the excitement was none other than two dollars Taco at New Orleans Rum House.
Being the only girl in the house, I never understood why guys are so excited about greesy food. Guys are like a whole different species to me, they are very strange, and there isn't a book out there that can accurately define them. Guys are like cancer, you can never find a cure for them and you can never fully understand them to the point where you can place logic next to them and say it fits like a missing puzzle piece. I on the other hand find this to be intriguing, so I decided to do some undercover detective work and join their guys night out.
We made our way to the restaurant, but had to wait fifteen minutes to be seated. Instead of waiting by having a normal conversation inside the restaurant like girls would do, the guys order beer and drank them outside with cigarettes. Afterwards, we went back in and sat down in our table and order more beers. The guys begin gossiping about other guys and how hot other guys are, and how so and so is dating or shouldn't be dating. The most interesting thing is their adorable girly mannerism, whispering in each others ears, and giggling non-stop. Then ordering more beers, gosh these boys can really drink. Some went so far as to jumping and screaming out of nowhere because so and so made a three pointer. I can feel one of their hair stand up with anticipation because so and so was dribbling the basket ball on tv.
Our appetizers came, which is tortilla chips drizzled in melted cheese, tomatoes, sour cream, sliced chicken, olives, and etc. I was too hungry to realize that I will be eating my way to high cholesterol and that I will be flying back to California in less than a week. We were eating and talking about the strangest stuff and laughing the night away. Then another woman enter into the scene, and I thought it would be interesting to see how this will change the dynamics of the guys night out. The guys instantly change from giggling little monsters to mature cultural gentlemens. They started talking about Europe, asia, traveling, exotic foods, and etc to impress the lady. I almost burst out laughing from their sudden shifts from boys to men. A couple hours ago, they were farting in the house and destroying the ozone layer.
I decided to go home early because of low alcohol tolerance, while my bros just party the night away. Hours later they came back, drunk and wasted, and eating like animals with a comedian on the television blabbing about how weird girls are. They laughed as the the comedian talks about race and politics, you know the "N" word that occurs after the "F' word. As I shook my head and smile at their adorable, boyish antiques, I couldn't help but wonder what the fuck happen to their cultural gentlemen side? Did they just shit on it after the girl left? And omg my brother's boxer is showing and it''s white!!!

In some ways guys are like girls, they gossip insanely and crazily about weird stuff, converse about absolutely nothing, talk about others of the same sex, and giggle like little school girl that just experience her first period. I'm sure if Taylor Lautner were to walk in the room, I would instantly switch from weird, clueless girl to a cultural well-defined woman. I guess in order to define guys, to understand what or why the hell they do the things they do, we must first understand and define ourselves. After all, scientist are approaching the cure for cancer through understanding the human bodies.


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