Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ducks Are Not Stupid

I always thought ducks were stupid by the way they look, act, and walk. It really sucks on how the way they were built, two little web feets holding on to their bubbly shaped bodies, that is why they always end up walking all clumsily and wobbly. It makes me wonder why they are still alive, isn't the concept of natural selection is to get rid of stupidity. Ducks are so dumb that when you cornered them, they wouldn't bite or attack you to escape. They surrender so easily to the point where they get in a position to make themselves look more appetizing to you. No wonder hunters would sneak out at night to the "No hunting Duck" zone, in order to bag themselves some dinner. They don't even bother to use a shot gun, they just get a hammer and they are set for a great meal. It still leaves me wondering why there are a lot of ducks left in the park, it's like every year, these ducks are growing exponentially.
My friend and I were walking around CSU-Stanislaus and we always notice these cute little ducklings in the ponds. They look so tiny and adorable to the point where I want to catch them all, just like pokemons. It be a dream come true to put them in little boxes, take them home, and cuddle every one of them. We were laughing about how easy it would be to catch them, by simply luring them out of the pond with bread, distract the big ducks, the dive into the babies when we get the opportunity. As awsome as this plan sounded, the results did not go the way we wanted.
We managed to lure them far away from the water, but the mother duck kept interfering with our goal. My friend got the mother out of the way so I took the opportunity to catch the babies, but boy do those little boogers run fast. I totally underestimated their little feets, and as I'm writing this I still can't believe these little guys actually outrun me. They were like miniature football players on the run, they were so agile that I end up slipping after several unsuccessful ducknapping attempts. I can't believe this, it's like they all received an instant injection of steroids after discovering our evil plot.
The babies made it safely to the water, but we barely made it alive. The parent ducks guard the ponds, while the other ducks ganged up on us. We were outnumbered and slowly surrender raising up the white flag and backed away slowly. It was very humiliating, but atleast we had a good laugh :)
The moral of the story is, never underestimate mother nature. This time we were lucky it's just a flock of ducks, next time we might be confronted with their boss, the cat.


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