Monday, April 18, 2011

Does Karma Really Exist??

My fiance, our close group of friends, and I decided to drink the night away at a local po-boy shop. Because of my low alcohol tolerance I was barely able to walk or think straight, thank god we spent majority of the time sitting. We were discussing the next phase of our lives, and toasting to future success and endeavors. Then the conversation about karma came up, which made things very interesting, especially after having a couple of shots of god knows what.
They were discussing about religion and how karma plays a very big role in it. Their thoughts were if they were good to everyone around them, then good things will come to them. The whole philosophy is to avoid the "bad" coincident. For example, if you were to know someone who is not as successful as you at the moment and you treat them with disdain, and then years later that person climbs the ladder that is higher than you and end up controlling your destiny, they can ultimately kick you down a notch. In my own words, I would have to say Karma is nothing more but a soft blanket for a baby to cry on.
Throughout life this is what I notice, you are either born a predator or a prey. If you are a predator, you succeed through ruining other people's lives. You are the one who tell people that they will never reach their goals or succeed, and you end up doing better than everyone else. If you are a prey, you are constantly chased by the predator and eaten alive. The only thing that keeps you going is the word "karma." The hope that the predator will get a taste of his or her own medicine, but the reality is, the predator always wins. As sad as it is, I know the only way a prey can survive is to outrun the predator and hope for a better life. Think about it, if karma does exist, there would be no war and peace everywhere. The military of every country would be afraid to shoot anyone because of karma, but since this concept is about comfort, war continues to spread throughout the world. As a person who constantly witness hardship and abuse from others, I know for a fact that karma does not exist.
Sadly, I let out a sigh and start picking on my friend's cheesy fries. As I munch on the high calories of greesy, cheesy fries, the alcohol in my system starts acting up. I closed my eyes and experience a quick, instant out of body experience, where my body tunneled to another dimension. I enter a black and white dimension, and witness a younger version of myself underneath a table. My body was covered with scars and bruises, I was scared of something or someone, but I couldn't quite recollect my memories. I continue to wonder into this dimension and found my family and people I knew threw me against the walls and ripped my skin away from my body. What was left were my bones, that turned into ashes and got swept away by the winds. I realize the word "Karma" actually instigated a very dark side of my soul, and took me beyond my psyche and ultimately face my past. What angers me is that people are capable of hurting others beyond the limits without considering the emotional scars that stick to others and how it affects their lives. Yet these malevolent individuals continue to succeed in life while we the victims are left with deep wounds that not even the best plastic surgeons can fix.
Then I opened my eyes and was glad that I'm back with my friends drinking beer, shots, and eating greesy food. I had to pinched myself a couple of times to make sure I am really back to reality, and not a bruised kid dreaming of socializing with friends. I realize that I was a prey that have escaped a group of predators, and end up in paradise. I am safe now despite the invisible scars all over my body. There is a reason why I am here and have chose this path. Perhaps my future have something to do with the past, perhaps I am here to save people who can't escape from their predators, perhaps I am here to heal the scars that can never be seen, but felt. Whatever it is, I acknowledge these little clues out there that gives us a hint of our purpose in life, and maybe mine is about to be discovered.


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