Thursday, May 5, 2011

Take Opportunity: LT-Heavenly Premium rum and Aged rum well above the clouds


Wisdom only comes through age, but age appropriate of course. Find your source of wisdom by indulging in a wonderfully made premium dark rum

The sweetness of Zacapa can be found in sugar canes grown healthily in the high acidity of the volcanic soils where sunlight is an abundance. However, in wine sweetness is better tasted in age instead of youth. That is why Zacapa took great pride in creating quality aged rum through their unique process. The House Above Clouds is one of the top alcohol ageing facility that help serve Zacapa Rum. They are extremely detailed with their ageing process, which took place in the mountains that is 2,300 meters above sea water. The cool air slowly ages the rum, leading to a flavorful taste to satisfy a hard day’s work.

Good rum is hard to find, but not anymore!!

If your curiosity have reach the top and is craving to learn more about this sweet decadent rum, you can sign up through Zacapa premium rum. Once you signed up, you will have the opportunity to receive valuable knowledge and taste of the ultimate age rum while enjoying some valuable gifts and prizes along the way.

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