Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Every water is created differently

I really don't know how to describe water. It's clear liquid and they all taste the same. I have no idea why people would go all the way to order expensive water over the regular drinking water. For example, if you go to the grocery store, you will notice that there's a section with regular bottle of water that only cost a dollar or less, then you get the Fuji water that costs five dollars. I'm like what's the difference, they all look, feel, and taste the same. A one dollar bottle of water can quench your thirst equally as well as a five dollar bottle of water.

Don't get me started with the Voss water, the bottle looks really edgy, and I have to admit I do buy Voss water just so I can get my hands on the bottle. Some times I wonder if it's the bottle that makes the Voss water expensive. Then again the Fuji water bottle looks pretty lame and it still sells as expensive as hell. Since this conundrum have been bugging me every time I visit the grocery store, I decided to really take the water seriously. After a couple of sips from my fiance's Voss water and my own regular cheap ass water, I can sorta taste the difference. It's actually the small difference in taste that creates a huge fundamental difference in every bottle of water.

If we taste the difference between a regular cold bottle of water and a cold voss water, we will notice that the Voss water taste so much better. It's more refreshing and smooth whereas the regular water is coarser and not as pure as we thought it would be. In addition the Voss water stay cold longer and is colder than the regular water. Then again, it wouldn't matter if all we care about is quenching our thirst. If health benefits is what we are after, then it would matter a whole lot. Voss water contains minerals from the Norwegian artesian spring, so it's filled with health benefits.

If you have ever taken a mineral bath, you will notice how smooth your skin feels afterwards. I always wonder why we never have a service where they alter your faucet and your water generators to the point where you can get mineral showers every day. Imagine the health benefit we could get with our skins. This would be something I will totally consider in the future. It be a dream come true to have a mineral shower every day:)

If you really want to drink healthy Voss water, try adding a piece of lime to your water. Lime provide valuable source electrolytes and it also gives your water a little edge ;)


Anonymous said...

i haven't tried voss water yet but i'll still probably go with the cheap water. :)


Anonymous said...

The 1st picture is so beautiful. Did you take it yourself. And I agree, I used to think the same because water is still water right? Well sorta. I tasted all that bottled water and they don't taste the same. Go figure. Voss looks so sleek and classy. Never tried it.

Water for elephants isn't a sappy romantic movie. I thought it would be, but it's actually pretty okay. Your fiance might even like it :)

Samantha Bangayan said...

WOW! Such an informative post, Hilda! I didn't know what to expect because I didn't realize how much there was to say about water. Creative! =)

I have never seen Voss water before, but I hope they have it in Vancouver, so I can buy one and put the bottle on display on my shelf. Haha! =)

Cubicw86 said...

hey there guys
thank you for commenting :)

you guys would be amazed if you try ordinary water and then tried voss, there is a tintsy bit of difference.

And all my photography came from google, but some of them I took on my own.

Jennie said...

Wow, thanks for that information about lime. I never knew that. Great site and lovely pictures you have here.

Effand Bocah Nozh said...

nice picture girl , ,
i love it,,

Cubicw86 said...

Thank you so much Jennie and Effand Bocah Nozh

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