Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Little Tiara Girls

I love beauty pageants for toddlers, they're so adorable. I know that little girls love playing princess and this gives them the chance to do this as a competition. They're born to be pink and pretty, and to make audience laugh and cheer. I can't help but feel like stealing one of these little girls and place them in a princess room to have them prance around for life. I even go as far as praying to God every day to have a little princess pageant queen as a daughter. That is why I got so excited when they created a reality tv show called Toddlers and Tiara. The show reveals the inside scoop of each individual little pageant girl to see what they have gone through to get to the top.

Apparently it's not all butterflies and flowers with these girls. They go through these weird roller coaster emotional rides, one minute they're happy and excited to perform, and the next they're crying like little brats. I'm like make up your freaken minds, you're annoying little boogers. What I fail to realize was that these girls are only 5 year old and too young to handle this kind of pressure. They're here to compete for the ultimate grand prize that can only be given to one girl, while all the remaining girls will have to go home in tears. Each of these little tots were determined to win the grand prize to the point of going through painful procedures like: lip injections, plastic surgeries, tight clothes, painful heels, teased hair, and harmful hairspray. They must endured the suffering while camouflaging it with sparkling eyes and a shiny smile so the judges can go "ooh and awww!!"

The worse part is not the girls but the moms. I thought they hired a professional stylist to make these girls look sexy, but it was actually their mothers that created the image for them. This was just plain despicable, if I was a mother, I don't think I would be able to slut my daughter up like that. They were wearing clothes that grown up models wear to look sexy and luscious. It's cute if they were design and created by the stylist and make up artist, but it's just outrageous if it's your own parents that are pimping you up. Anyways, the mother not only created the image, they also take the fun out of the pageant. The word "beauty," "Princess," and "tiara" suppose to mean fun, laughter, and tea parties with biscuits. Unfortunately these words bring up discipline, determination, anger, jealousy, and sex to these girls. It's all because their moms want them to compete and win, and I know for sure that these girls are only doing it to please them.

I wonder why a mother would want to put their little girls through all this. The reality show also interviews some of the moms after the pageant, and I find all they're explanations utterly unacceptable. They claim that the pageants will lead to a modeling career that can pay millions of dollars. In addition, the pageant will help them find a rich that will take care of them for life. How messed up was that, these mothers do not believe that their own daughters have the brains and charms to get into college, have a career, and marry the man of their dreams. They claim to be watching out for their future and best interest in hopes for them to be able to retire by the age of 25. It's a shame that I use to find pageants something adorable and inspirational, but when in fact it's a way to objectify women. It's another way of saying, if you are not smart enough, you better be pretty enough to make it in life.


Jyoti Mishra said...

It was a fun read... Nicely summed up.
Good job !!!

Cubicw86 said...

thank you jyoti

Jennie said...

Oh my gosh, are they not the most adorable girls. Love those photos. So girlie girl. lol
I think it is ok for them to model and do contests if it's what they want and are not being pushed into it.

Anonymous said...

cute babies... i haven't seen toddlers and tiara yet..

Cubicw86 said...

heheh I agree they are so adorable.
These kids are so passionate about performing, but the moms are just so pushy, it's scary sometimes.

Bae said...

I agree on the part of u saying that the moms are doing this to make them look pretty. BUT! there are some moms who are only putting their kid through this because the kid wants to do this. If you child does this there is also a plus because it is modeling. Nothing is wrong with being a model its a job just like any other one just more easier than the average one. I would rather be a model and only be at a photo shoot for maybe bout 2-3 hours and get paid 5-10k per pic (depending on how famous you are) rather than working 5 days out of a week to get a small amount of money. As for college yeah they should goto college but once again plus thing is their making money. They can pay their way through college without a loan. And live debit free. But for the moms putting their kids in just for their own selfish reason... They just need to get a better hobby for themselves :3

Cubicw86 said...

@Bae: I totally agree

but sometimes it's really difficult to figure out if it's what the child wants or if it's what the mother wants. Then again these kids are very young so it does raise some eyebrows

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