Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Straight Talk

So you are a college student and looking for a phone plan that wouldn’t leave your piggy bank empty. Lucky for you Straight Talk has everything you need

Say good-bye to contracts, bills, or credit check. Straight Talk have excellent receptions, connections, and nationwide coverage. This incredibleplan makes you feel more confident by lowering your phone bill, now you can use the money you saved on more important things like textbooks.

It is tempting to buy Straight Talk immediately, but mom knows best that we have to learn more about the plans:

  1. Straight Talk meets the need of obsessive phone users. $45 per month including unlimited calls, text messages, pictures, and online access.
  2. You can call 411 for free
  3. Don't need to bother with those nasty activation, reactivation, and termination fees, they are the thing of the past
  4. Straight talk is extremely flexible, you can make international calls from your house and business phone
  5. For just $10, you can get a new phone with great features like camera, mp3 player, mobile web, and blue-tooth
  6. You can also purchase smart phones, touch screen, camera, video recorder, and music player at a lower affordable price

If you love the plans in Straight Talk, don’t forget to call a friend and tell them about it

If you want to learn more about Straight Talk, you are free to watch this youtube video

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