Thursday, June 2, 2011

how to make a face mask

I hate having dry skin with little bumps on my face. Maybe I deserve it, I am notorious for leaving my make up on at night and sweating in the hot sun without wearing any protection. My girlfriends always visit expensive luxury cosmetic stores to buy moisturizers and beauty products that cost $50-100 bucks just to keep their face looking normal. what they fail to realize is that mother nature provides us with its own beauty product that is ten times better than what we bought from the cosmetic store. I guess it is hard to believe that something in the fruits isle at the grocery store can provide therapeutic treatment for our skin.

Before creating a homemade face mask, it's important that you take a shower to open up the pores. Showering helps wash away extra, microscopic oil and dirt that could cling onto your skin. After taking a shower and drying off, it's best to wear a robe and something on your head to keep your hair from dangling onto your face. Afterward, go to the kitchen and mix these ingredients together:


Cut up some avocado, throw the seed and shell away, and scoop the inside parts. It's best to cut them into little cubes and add them in the bowl. Don't moosh them yet until you got all the fruity ingredients in there. Avocados are popular fruits used as face mask, they contains an oily substance which is good for moisturizing dry skin. They are also a good source of potassium, which keeps skin young and healthy.


Peal the bananas and cut them up into pieces, and add them with the avocado. Bananas are full of vital nutrients for bodies, but these sweet tropical fruits also benefit the skin when applied in a facial mask. Bananas are high in Vitamin C, A, B6 and B12, plus they contain potassium and magnesium. The fruit acids in bananas help slough off dead skin and energize the complexion.


Don't forget Papya, scoop the seeds out, peal them, cut them into pieces, and put them in the mix with the other fruits. This tropical fruit contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E, plus an enzyme that helps exfoliate and smooth the complexion. They also have this sweet, refreshing smell that can help rejuvenate your skin.


Now it's time for some strawberries, my favorite fruit. Since strawberries are alittle more acidic, you might want to put a little amount on your face mask. It's good to have some strawberries in your skin, it helps unclogged pores, relieve redness, and get rid of acne. I guess they're not only delicious in smoothies, but also in the beauty world :)


I love honey in my tea, my bread, and my crackers, but most of all I love to use honey on my face mask. Honey have been used to kill germs and reduce inflammation, they also help clear pimples. I use to put honey on my face during high school to reduce break outs, I have to say, it's way more effective than those expensive lotion or cream in luxury stores.

After adding all the ingredients in a bowl, moosh them together until they turn into a pasty mixture. Afterward, wet your face a little, and gently apply these yummy mixture. Your face will feel weird and sticky, but don't worry all you have to do is leave it on for 15 min and wash it out. It feels really good washing them off, but the best part is that it leaves your skin looking and feeling good, and don't forget to add a little bit of moisturizer afterward to keep your face hydrated.


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i love tomatoes.its help improve skin structure.and its natural..:)

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I love using the avocado mask. Makes the skin so baby soft. Love your site Hilda. xxx

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thanx for the comment, if you ever feel low on cash and want a great face mask you know where to go ;)


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