Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jalousie Beach Resort

My fiance and I spotted this beautiful beach resort called Jalousie. We drove in to take a closer look and boy was it a dream come true. Growing up, I was always stuck in the desert, and every day I would dream of being in paradise. I had a vision of what paradise would look like: Ocean water that looks as clear as crystals, palm treas, luscious plants, and fruits scattered everywhere. The sand will be so smooth that it slides off of your feet when you walk on it. Not only that, when the sun sets, the sky emits this beautiful violet-bluish color that hovers over the ocean. The ocean darkens to a clear velvety color and rushes back and forth peacefully. Everyone tells me that this paradise only exist when you die and gone to heaven, and that the reality of life is that nothing is beautiful nor a paradise. Now I can confidently and slowly lift my middle finger to those uneducated individuals that have destroyed my childhood fantasy.

I love this pool despite the chlorinated water that have clogged up my ears. As I'm typing this adventurous vacation, I am unfortunately half deaf. I tried everything, from warm water to mineral water to oily ear drops, and I am still clogged, but it's nevertheless worth it. Let me tell you how worth it is, if I ever get my ears unclogged, I would still risk another disaster to swim in this pool. It's so peaceful and comfortable, you are surrounded by nature and yet artificially developed tropical things that makes your life more relaxing. For example, after the swim, I can relax on a fancy swinging sofa on the side of the pool, and order myself some non-alcoholic drinks. Emphasize on non-alcoholic, so I don't scare the tourist away :)

You can't forget the beaches, it's what makes the Caribbean island an island. And of course, tropical beaches always reflect the mischievous side of myself. I am a total trouble maker, let me tell you what I did. I always wanted to take a bath in nature because it's exciting and that the little mermaid did it. If you look at Herbal Essence shampoo commercials you will notice how enticing it is to bathe in nature. I decided to take matters into my own hands, and sneak some Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner to the ocean. I was anxious to experience what it feels like to bath in the open sea, with the birds and the beas watching over me. Once I pour the soap and rub it onto my hair, I totally experience another part of Herbal Essence that I have never felt before. It feels like your soul and spirit are lifted up to the sky and that all the fruity smell from the soap magnifies ten fold from the constant swooshing of the ocean and bending of the air. I practically use all the soap just so I can constantly experience this one in a life time sensation, what can I say, there is no way I'm leaving paradise without bathing in it.

After my refreshing, nature sea bath, my fiance and I head over to the nearby restaurant. The food was magnificent and what made it better was the ocean view. I ordered a Pina Colada since it matches with the occasion, but I was also curious as to how the Caribbean bartenders make their cocktails. As a former bartender, waitress, chef assistant, and all that restaurant jazz, I know good cocktail by just a sip. I was blown away by their simple Pina Colada, I been all over the states, and tasted many different cocktails by different bartenders and I have to say, the Caribbean by far have the best cocktails. Usually in the states, bartenders make the usual mistakes of putting too much coconut or too much rum in the drink. The key ingredient for a successful cocktail is the ratio between alcohol and fruitiness, and the caribbean hit the target just right. I was so impress that I had to talk to the bartender who made the drink and give her my compliments. In addition to the delicious cocktail, we also witness the sunset and night time on the beach. This was when the ocean looks like a dark, silky blanket rolling back and forth on the smooth grain of sand. This mystifying, tropical and yet gothic experience of the dark sea instigated my anxiousness to run towards the ocean one last time before leaving Jalousie.

Stay tune for more Island adventures filled with pictures and silliness


Jyoti Mishra said...

beauteous !!
So serene and calm....

Amanda Ford said...

hehehe thanks! everyone wants that type of life! Thanks for share with us. great blogger!

Anonymous said...

oh boy.. beautiful.. being in the Philippines and just a few kilometers away from the beach and being in the place where beautiful white beaches are just everywhere, I feel so blessed! of course, I don't limit myself to the Philippine beaches only.. I hope to go to the Caribbean someday too!.. hope you'll grace our wonderful beaches with your presence and your awesome love for paradise..
and oh, herbal essences.. i definitely loved their smell and the transparent colored shampoo.. too bad it was just the 1990's when they were localized.. right now, the price is just too much coz it's already considered imported.

Nur Diyanah Magness said...

I'm not a fan of sun and beaches...BUt...Your post on this has me itching to have a holiday at the caribbean in the near future! It's the perfect destination though for couples mainly. Beautiful...thank you for sharing.

Samantha Bangayan said...

What an amazing getaway, Hilda! My partner and I definitely need this! =) In a couple months, I need to exit Peru because I'm on a tourist visa and we're thinking of heading up to the beaches of Ecuador! Hopefully, it'll be as relaxing as your trip. =)

And I really hope you fix that issue with your ears!! Eek!

Cubicw86 said...

@Jyoti: Yupperoo just like Shakespeare poetry :)
@Amanda: yea but it's too expensive to live it ever day :(
@Cherry: OMG you are so lucky that you live on a beach. I hear the beach area in the Philipene is a total paradise. And that Manillo is the place to be. The Caribbean is beautiful, but very small and not much to do aside from swimming and site seeing. Maybe a place with both site seeing and excitement would be the ultimate vacation.
@Nur: Hahha I'm not a fan of direct sun light either, it makes me throw up. I had to wear sun glasses throughout my whole carib vacation. After I took it off I have thise weird sun tan between my eyes and my face
@Samantha: OMG, Ecuador is so awsome you will love it there. However through reading your blog post, I can see you are inlove with Peru, will you be able to find a way to get permanent visa so you could love there. It be a bummber to not be able to live in the place you truly love.
As for my ear, the surgeon suctioned out all my ear wax so I'm able to here again. In addition, I have to be on medication because I have inflammation and some infection, but i will be find :)

thank you all for commenting I love ya!!

Anonymous said...

it's a beautiful place indeed. my swimmer instructor told us that if we clogged our ear, we just put our head on parallel level above the water. :)

Darius Cartmell said...

And of course, it was a good thing that the shampoo lathered up in pure sea water! Ah, those were a couple of days well spent in that spectacular beach resort, huh. And the bartender delivered exactly the kind of drink that perfectly blends in with the ocean view.

Cubicw86 said...

@love2type: I did that and the water expanded my ear wax. I went to the ear surgeon and they said that if I ever get a clog again don't do anything but go to a doctor's office. I'm just glad I got all those suckers out before they do any permanent damage.
@Darius: Hell yea, that's exactly how I feel ;) I'm just glad that no one caught us taking a bath in the ocean, that be embarrassing.

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