Thursday, June 23, 2011

I hate lawn mowers

I was sleeping so comfortably on a queen size bed that feels like clouds in the sky. We have layers of fur-like blankets and cotton fluffed pillows neatly organized on the bed. It feels so dreamy, we had dark brown colored curtains hanging on the windows, blocking the sunrise providing a dimly lit romantic atmosphere. I was dreaming about lying lazily in heaven on cotton candy texture clouds, chilling with all the mystical creatures. I was loving life at the moment until I heard "urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg ggggggggggr rooooooooooooooooooooom"

I woke up from my peaceful nap, and angrily peeked through the curtains. I saw this guy mowing his annoying lawn mower around the apartment area. I was so angry and enraged, I can't believe this ass hole would go out of his way to ruin my peaceful dreams. He thought it be hot to mow the lawn without a shirt, so he can show off his six packs. Let me tell you one thing and this is from a girl's perspective, you can have the hottest body and all, but once you get on a mower, your hot status is equivalent to a short, nerdy, smurf.

Enough is enough, ruin my dreamy nap, and I will ruin your lawn. I quietly wait till this ugly ass dude finish mowing his ass off. Afterwards, I grabbed my dog, place her on the lawn, and let her sniff around. My dog Kimba loves freshly mowed lawns, it's soft on her behind. She sniffs around and found her spot, then took a big dump on the freshly mowed lawn. Knowing my dog, one dump is not enough, she has to streak the whole lawn with her markings. half an hour later, I notice how this luscious, freshly mowed lawn have turned into a shit fest, I was completely satisfied and took my dog back in the apartment.

hahah that is what he gets for waking me up from my peaceful nap, take that!!!


Anonymous said...

yeah, i was just talking about the same thing.. men that i see in gym near our place, they look outside every other second.. i think they just want to be seen having six packs and all..

Sailor said...

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pyejal said...

that garden is so beautiful..:)

ralph said...

just ask them nicely to schedule the mowing at an appropriate time... i also hate to be waken up by a noise... who wouldn't? by the way...

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Samantha Bangayan said...

Haha! You rock, Hilda! =) I loved your sneaky after-the-fact strategy.

And I so relate about hating being woken up, especially if I've planned to have a good night sleep, haven't had one for a while or want to be well-rested for an important event!! =P I'll have to learn clever strategies to deal with my frustration too! =)

Cubicw86 said...

hahah hey guys

I felt bad for leaving streaks of dog poo on the lawn, it was horrible. I think they have a video camera nearby so they know I did it, but I left the state so yayay.

My dog had major diarhea so it worked out hahahahha

anyways, thanx for commenting, I'm always doing mischievous things hehhe

love yall

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