Sunday, June 5, 2011

Never Say Never

OMG I just had a crazy week. My fiance and I were suppose to get our stuff packed and move to Texas last week, but we totally procrastinated. We wanted to stick around New Orleans for a little bit longer, so we can properly say good bye to the city. Despite being warned a dozen times that packing 4 years worth of stuff in a messy room will take more than 1 day, we nevertheless spend majority of our precious time watching trash tv. After weeks of procrastination, this horrendous day have approached us without any warning. That is when we realize that we only have one day to get everything ready, into a truck, and drive 7 hours to Texas.

Once we started packing, the room turned into a disaster. It looked like a tornado had gone haywire and spin around for a solid day. The boys didn't know where to start, but lucky for me, my womanly instinct kicked in, and I instantly know what to put in the box. My fiance and all the boys just concentrated on moving heavy boxes to the truck, while I do all the packing alone. What really bothers me is this conversation between me and his boys:

"Fiance's boys (FB): have you ever packed before?
me: Of course all the time, I practically travel the world
FB: Do you honestly think you guys will be able to pack all this in a day and drive 7 hours to Texas?
FF: You guys should have done this sooner, you will never make it."

The word "never" strikes up a very negative feeling to me. It means a person is not capable or will not reach his goals. I was shock that these boys call themselves friends or homeboys to my fiance. the last time I checked friendship is someone who encourages you to reach your highest potential. I didn't want to say anything to upset them, so I kept quiet. I decided to relay the message to my fiance to see how he will react. He reacted calmly and maturely, he just shrugged and continue working. Then he turns around and said: "lets prove them wrong!!" My eyes began to glare with fire and rage to get all our stuff packed. I ran around the whole room grabbing whatever is on the floor and took only.0001 second to glimpse at it and decide if it's worthy to pack. After 16 painstaking hours, we finally got everything in the truck, and on top of that we had to tow my fiance's low ass car on a high ass ramp, and packed up two dumb pets. But we did it, and drove our ass 7 hours to Texas, all that and it didn't even take us more than a day.
"So take that stupid boys for calling yourselves my fiance's homeboys"

I guess life is like looking at a messy room and you only have a certain amount of time to clean and pack. Usually you are given an unreasonable amount of time where it looks practically impossible, but is actually very plausible. What I'm saying is if we always listen or obey what is probable and what is not, we will never be able to reach our full potential. If my fiance and I have listened to his friends, we will probably end up moving to Texas 4 days later. Then if we run into an obstacle in our future endeavors, we will most likely give up, not knowing what we are capable of. We will be one of those people who analyze the statistics of winning and losing and use that as a determinant factor. We will never experience that to truly live is to be a defiant of what is suppose to be. With this experience of success despite the statistic being against us, I am confident to say, "never say never."


Samantha Bangayan said...

What a powerful lesson you took out of the situation, Hilda! I loved your determination in this situation and I love your determination in life too. =)

How crazy to sum up such a huge event in a short blog post. Congrats on such a refreshing move and best of luck in your future Texan life, friend! =) Don't forget to tell your boy about the macrame bracelets that aren't painful like tattoos. =) Hugs!

Jyoti Mishra said...

u r a strong person
loved the post...

and yeah Never say Never.

Anonymous said...

It doesnt seem like you were given an unreasonable amount of time, it seems like you wasted the time you had! I would hope that you came out of it learning more than you can do it with the least amount of time and work!

Cubicw86 said...

hahah yea i know we shouldn't have procrastinated, but oh well life is filled with procrastination, we just have to live up to the consequences

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