Monday, May 9, 2011

The Best Asian Hair Dye

I Love dying my hair, but I always have to do it in the salon. All those hair dye like Garnier, Herbals, Clairol, etc didn't even change my jet black hair a bit. So I end up dragging my feet to the salon that usually cost me $100, so freaken expensive. I always hated the results from the Salon, they make my hair look unbelievably bright and unnatural. Well lucky for me I don't have to go through expensive, unnatural crap any more, I found an amazing produce for Asian hair. This hair dye Prettia, works wonders on Asian hair. It's basically a foam based soapy dye that is easier to apply and less damaging than those other ordinary hair dye. They have adorable names for their hair colors like: Milk tea brown, Marshmallow brown, glossy brown, royal brown, mocha orange, sugar apricot, sweet pink, custard brown, dark chocolate, chestnut brown, cassie berry, and etc. If you are interested in buying or checking out the product, you can do so in Amazon:

The directions are in Japanese, but the pictures make it easy breezy, like taking a bubble bath.

This is the tricky part, in order for the dye to really work, you have to put a lot of foamy dye in your hair and to really rub it in your head. Your head has to be as foamy as possible to the point where your hair can be clumped on top of your hair like a squished bun. Basically imagine yourself in the shower with shampoo on your hair, and you are scrubbing your hair to the point where it's one big white clump on top of your head. This is important because a lot of people tend to use a small amount fearing that it could damage their hair, when in fact this dye is less damaging and so much more safer than other dyes out there. I think the foam component makes it more gentler so you don't really feel the burning sensation.
I know that the box says to wait 20-30 min, but I waited till 60 min ;)
My hair came out light and natural just the way I like it.


Anonymous said...

what hair color is in the picture shown above?

Cubicw86 said...

I think it's the milk tea color

Ella said...

Looks very natural! Very nice

Cubicw86 said...

Thanx ella

Anonymous said...

Hi! Do you have to bleach your hair first or just using the dye will work?

Cubicw86 said...

I didn't bleach my hair, I just use it and it lighten it up. But everyone's hair is different, you just gotta try it out :)

 kels  said...

how long does it last ? :)

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