Thursday, May 5, 2011

Obama have guts

I was bored one day and decided to call one of my girlfriends. She answered the phone and excitedly shout out some grand news. At first I thought she said Obama died, which confuse the hell out of me because that to me is not good news. I later found out that Obama sent troops out there to destroy Osama bin laden. That right there is a total shock to me because Obama doesn't seem like the "send people out there to kill" type of president. Because of all the things he's been doing to help the lower income spectrum, I had always thought he was all about peace. But dang, this was a total shock.

Apparently, Obama has been keeping this a top secret mission. He had a satellite following Osama bin laden around, locating the security and every possible area around the mansion. At first we all thought bin laden was hiding in the cave, but he was actually living comfortably and expensively in a gigantic mansion. One night while bin laden was sleeping like a baby, Obama sent his troops to the mansion and killed the mother fucker. After hearing about the news, I was sort of concerned about Obama. He openly admitted that he sent people to kill the world's most hated douche bag. This was extremely dangerous, now the douchebag's minions will go after him and his family. Not only that, all those hippy war hating peace loving people will be after him. At first I thought, if he was smart about it, he should just kill Bin Laden without admitting that he did it. But Obama is a brave dude, he is a badass, he wanted to send a message to all those mother fuckers out there that they shouldn't mess with the US or else. The most badass part was that he took bin laden's DNA and body to prove that the US did this and have total control of it. They should just bury this mother fucker beneath a toilet or something. Overall, this was an extremely risky plan, what if Bin Laden wasn't in the mansion and Obama sent in his troop at the wrong time. This could lead to chaos, his troops might experience an unknown surprise attack from bin laden's people, crumbling their plans. This could result in a shietty message that the US are easy, but thank god it all worked out. After this incident, I have mad respect for Obama. I know that I use to complain about his policies and how it's hurting our economy, but this stunt he pulled off reflects that he does care and will do anything he can to protect this country.


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