Thursday, May 5, 2011

why is ABC family promoting teen pregnancy

Every Tuesday, my eyes are glued to the computer watching my favorite shows online. My two favorite shows from ABC family are The Secret Life of an American Teen and Make it or Break it. I know that girls my age should be watching MTV or VH1, but ABC family has some pretty good shows. You be surprise that shows without adult content and dirty words could be pretty entertaining.
Secret Life is about this sixteen year old girl name Amy that discovered that she is pregnant with a child. The show talks about how Amy tackles the every day challenge of friends and family while being pregnant and having her son. I don't know why I was so fixated on this show, maybe is because of the drama, like who cheated on who and who hooked up with who or maybe it's the sudden urge of wanting a baby, which is a bad idea because I'm in the point of my life where career is so damn important. I realize that Amy makes having a baby look extremely sexy. It's the thought of a woman that can juggle work, family, friends, lover, and having a child sound so superior and something to look up to. I understand the basic, mature message that secret life is trying to put out: use protection, talk to people, there are options, etc. Unfortunately, they are doing it the wrong way, if I'm thinking pregnancy is sexy from watching this show, who knows how those immature little high school will receive the message.
Make it or Break it is about this talented, determined gymnast named Emily who just entered into a new gym "The Rock." There she met her new teammates, coach, parents, and friends. Throughout the whole series, it talks about how Emily overcame obstacles in her life while doing gymnastics at the same time. It also talks about her teammate's drama, such as eating disorders, injuries, and self-esteem issues, and how they all dealt with it. I guess this was something ideal for high schoolers to watch. It shows how life is not perfect, how things will happen, and how people out there battle their problems. At first I felt, wow Emily is the type of girl that all the high schoolers should try to emulate, she dealt with so much and still end up on the top, good job ABC family. Just when ABC got mad props, they had to go ahead and get Emily pregnant. I'm like wtf, pregnancy will change her body therefore hindering her gymnastic, how will she ever combat this. Then ABC family had to show her running away from her problems, which is something that others should not do. Heck if I was pregnant, I would not want to run away form my problems. I would stick close to my friends and family for moral support, and find a way to accommodate a baby in my life. Then again if ABC family shows Emily succeeding and looking sexy while having a baby, then that message could be interpreted the wrong way from the other teens.I think it will be better if ABC family just stick with shows that features hot, sexy, independent, driven teenagers who are not getting pregnant but are battling every day drama. The world is already overpopulated, we don't need anymore pregnant 16 year olds. If anything wee need more career driven people in order to lower our taxes :)


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