Monday, May 16, 2011

Disney Channel is selling sex

Remember the days when Disney Channel is all about cute, adorable teens with enthusiastic acting skills. How about those days where their clothing actually covered up their bodies and make up were almost non-existent. Don't forget the fact that they never hooked up with one another so you hardly hear scandalous stuff about them on the magazines. Now a days, these Disney teens are striving to make themselves look rebellious and slutty in order to be in next week's people's magazine.
I was in the airport buying magazine for the plane ride and I notice all these news about Disney channel stars hooking up and breaking up. Take Selena Gomez for example, I know for sure she didn't just get famous for Wizards of Waverly Place or singing her tracks, they all suck. Every time I flip through the pages I would always notice that she's hooking up with someone famous: Jonas Brothers, Taylor lautner, Justin Bieber, etc. I'm like what are we trying to teach our kids here, success is earned by hooking up with someone famous. Not only her, let's look at Venessa Hudgens. I saw her on a tv talk shows before explaining how stupid and ridiculous Britney Spear was, when in fact Hudgens have naked scandalous pictures all over the internet. There's even a little asian boy on youtube fantasizing about doing stuff to her. I also saw pictures of Hudgens making out with other girls, I guess it's great to support the gays but not if you are doing a promotion that targets underage kids. Miley Cyrus isn't that innocent either, her wardrobes get skankier and skankier every year, and every time you pick up a magazine, you can see she's hooking up with a different guy.
I have to say, I am more drawn to these rebellious Disney celebrities over the innocent ones in the past. I guess it has a lot to do with subliminal advertisement, it's a smart idea to target sex on pre-teen and teens. You can't do it directly though or else the parents will be knocking on your door, so why not do it subliminally, you can pretty much get away with it. Teens and pre-teens have these out of control hormones, and if they see anything that is close to sex, those hormones are going to light up. They will be attracted to those dirty, slutty Disney celeb, and desires to look and dress like them, that is why you always see these Disney Celebs in fashion magazines. It's logical, hot and sexy=Disney. Then you look into the future and you will notice that 13 yearold kids will no longer look their age, they will probably look like the girl or guy (of legal age) that you hooked with last night. Well you got Disney to thank they have been selling sex, and they are very good at it too.

Disney Celebrities aren't the only one's selling Sex :)
Disney movies are notorious for Sexual subliminal advertisements. Fortunately, they do this more subtly than those Disney celebs. After all they are targeting children under the pre-teen age, so a full blown rebellious image would be too much for the toddlers to comprehend. A subtle, hidden message would do just fine, it will be kept in the subconscious area of their little brains. That is why our kids are so obsess with Disney and we can't do anything about it.
The parents tried to sue Disney for the penis in the castle, but Disney claim that they were running out of time, so they did this paining in a rush. They didn't realize that they painted a penis inside of the castle, it was all an accident. Emphasize on "accident," I didn't know a castle looks like a penis, no wonder they made a mistake.


Jennie said...

Good article. I noticed all that you wrote about too. A first grade teacher told me that some of the little girls wanted to look like Ariel because she's sexy and the boys like her. This is first graders for heaven's sake. I think Walt is turning in his grave over what they have done with his wholesome image.

Cubicw86 said...

Hahhah i be angry too if I was walt

Anonymous said...

the worst thing is that they can do is teach kids about veginas and pussys

Cubicw86 said...

hahahha agree :)

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