Friday, May 20, 2011

What is a Successful Woman?

My girlfriends and I usually complain that "chivalry is dead," but Dave Chappelle would counteract our argument with "chivalry is dead because women killed it." I have to agree, we destroy every gentle side of a man. We not only killed it, we tortured it, pee on it, pour gasoline on it, and light it up on fire. Back in the good old days, women were not allowed to vote, run business, dominate a conversation, or anything that a men were allowed to do. Womans right find this to be outrageous, grew a penis, and stand up for suppressed women everywhere. They gave us freedom by stomping on the iron fists that kept us on the ground for centuries. Our gender no longer hinder our ability to be the best that we can be. However, would the breath of power and freedom hinder our ability to find true love?

I always find it attractive for a woman to be dominant, powerful, and have a great career. Then again I always notice that these are the women without a good man. These are usually the type of woman who comes home from work, pours a glass of wine, and drink herself to sleep. She often shed tears and wonders if life is worth living if there's no one to come home to. I have seen men compliment these successful career women, but if asked if they would marry one, they would sneer with disdain. It's a harsh reality, a woman with the iron fist are often score by men in secrecy. Now the main question is, can a woman still be consider powerful if she can't get a single man to want her? After all the basic biology of a woman is to bore a child, and if a woman can't obtain a man wouldn't that put her at a disadvantage.

Another type of attractive women can be found in asian drama. The beautiful, conservative women who knows how to make a man look good. She is the traditional housewife with no career behind her back, she has great manners, extremely elegant, and a smile that can get men to go to war for her. She has all these gentlemen lined up, eagerly waiting with a ring in their hands. Unfortunately, she can not function without a man, if she gets dumped by her husband, she will have no income unless she gets a good amount from child support. So, this leaves me with a vexing question, this type of woman has a major advantage in producing more kids and being able to come home to a happy family, but is she truly a successful woman despite not having a career?

In this century it's really difficult to define girl power. If the woman is too career driven, she would lose out on obtaining a successful husband, resulting in shame. If the woman is successful in marriage and family, she will lose out on her career and independence. It's a total dilemma, we're damned if we do and damned if we don't. So what is consider to be a successful or a powerful woman? Well the answer is simple, a successful woman is someone who has her foot between the past and the present. She will have to be both a career woman and a woman who knows how to please a man. She is a woman who lives the role of the past: docile, elegant, charming, and does not care to compete with a man. She is also the woman who lives for the present: strong, dominating, career woman, who can make an income or living successfully without a man. Her smile alone can lead other men to do her bidding, but if no one is around she can do her own bidding.

Therefore, a woman's power lies in her smile, but her true strength is hidden inside, that my friend is a successful woman.


Shiro said...

Seems unfair, all a guy has to do is make enough money and he's deem successful.

Cubicw86 said...

nah, a guy is easy, all he has to do is have a penis and he will be successful.

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