Saturday, May 14, 2011

Reliving Undergrad

Every time I go back to California, I always make sure I spend atleast a day or two at my undergrad institution. I know that the past is the past, and a lot of students who graduated never go back to visit, but you be surprise that a sense of accomplishment does come out of ya. I remember I was always miserable in undergrad, working on the weekends at a restaurant that is an hour away from school and taking 18 units of hard core science. Because of the massive stress I never notice the beautiful surrounding of the campus or the comradeship of my fellow classmates.

After being away from UOP (University of the Pacific) for so long, I never realize how beautiful the campus was. Finally in so many years I was able to absorb the ambiance of the campus. The luscious shade and the forest like style of the campus makes it feel like I'm hiking in the woods. The birds were singing and bees were pollinating, students in t-shirt and shorts walking aimlessly around the campus, and the small waterfall fountain cooling the shade in front of the library. This is absolutely a beautiful campus, I could never quite understand why I complain so much when I was enrolled in this institution, maybe because I was immature.

Since I want to review some sciences, I decided to pay a visit to my best friend the UOP library. The place where I spend hours with my eyes glued to my text books, my head on the table with my eyes closed, and sneaking large amount of food and have a feast with my friends as we slay the nights away. Oh, how I miss those days, I still wonder why I complained so much. As I sat down on my favorite table, I notice the room filled with students studying for finals. Wow I'm so proud of my UOPers, so studious, I just can't help but smile and giggle quietly. Then I look around once again and notice that these studious students were actually slackers.

Their text books were left opened rusting on the table, while they socialize amongst each other, giggling about absolutely nothing for hours. I look at their laptop screen, and all I see was twitters, facebook, and instant message. All the students around me were dressed as if they were going to a stripper club and they brought food that can definately raised their cholesterol level by ten-folds. These students were not only future strippers but also unhealthy piece of shiets, practically all of them were sick with some kind of flu. I'm not sure if these girls were trying to be cute or what but sneezing in a high pitch voice is the most unattractive shiet ever. I'm a bisexual so I know what makes a girl attractive and believe me sneezing and coughing high pitch is just disgusting. Another unattractive quality about these future UOP students are their loud obnoxious laughs in the library. It also have this weird vibrating sound to it that's not only obnoxious, but also arrogant. Now I finally realize why I complain so much about this school, if only there's etiquette class for these girls. I swear, if you put these girls on the streets I wouldn't be able to tell if they are college students or call girls, they might as well save money and work as prostitutes.


Tammy007 said...

OMG!! Whoa!!
i donno a thing abt these d way u've describd thm, ...ossum!! :D
coz m a highskool gal nd ur UPO 'bitches' resemble sm of my skoolmates.........i really like d way u've expressed ur feelings abt thm.......damn gud!
ur rght.....ppl like dis r gud 4 nuthing.......a waste of mass :/
hats off 2 u ....nailed it :D

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