Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The perfect pet for college

I have owned several pets during undergrad and grad school, but the best companion to have in college would be a rabbit. They're not as high maintenance as a dog, you don't have to: walk them every day, tolerate their barking, give them constant attention, expensive shots and vaccinations, and constant baths. Unlike cats, you can decide when you want affection and when you want to be left alone. Unlike fish, hamsters, and turtles, you can cuddle your rabbit affectionately whenever you want. In my opinion a rabbit is basically a small dog that can use a litter box like a cat, and be raised like a hamster, therefore, it's the perfect pet for lonely college students.
All he or she needs is your love and of course some essentials: rabbit cage, litter box, drink bottle, and bedding
They thrive on vegetables such as: cilantro, cucumber, and celery. I occasionally give my bunny some berries and carrots as treats. However, her diet is way more complicated than that, I would also give her daily rabbit pellets and unlimited amount of timothy hay to ensure that she has adequate amount of vitamins and mineral in her diet.
And of course, I have to keep her happy with rabbit treats:) Overall I find owning a rabbit as a college student a piece of cake. All I have to do is feed her, play with her, love her, and change her litter box once in awhile. Plus, she is an easy animal to travel with, majority of airlines allowed her to fly with them. It doesn't cost that much to have her ride as a carry on bag or in cargo, she does pretty well traveling. I have to say, she is the best companion, no more being lonely or depress I got a friend for life :)


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Yashera Jhumka said...

Worth-reading article and contains lots of information of up bringing a rabbit. As a student in the university, sometimes i feel very lonely but now i think that i will take a rabbit so as to feel less lonely. i will be able to love , feed play with it.This is the pet that i want as this kind of pets do not make much noise and they do not want so much attention and affection. So, whenever i feel lonely i can play and love it. Due to my financial situation, a rabbit does not cost too much for feeding it or to look after it. Thank-you very much, now i really think that a rabbit can make me feel the way to want to be.

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