Saturday, May 21, 2011

Does majoring in something smart means no girls?

I have friends and classmates who majored in things that I couldn't even pronounce. They learn complex algorithm that can pretty much predict the end of the world, the alternative universe, or crack secret alien codes. They are the future that protects our country from mysterious attacks or the future that educate others about things beyond the human mind. Their bright future contains a big house, driving Ferrari and Lamborghini, and night out at the most expensive restaurants conversing with other great minds. All these factors were definitely in their fantasies while they slay the night away. Despite all these great opportunities that will come forth for these individuals, there lies one question that all of them have asked at one point in their lives: Would girls find me too boring to date?

It really depends on the time line of their nerdy lives. If they started their dreams of becoming the ones holding the numbers early in high school, then they will definitely not get laid. Girls in high schools don't look for brains, I don't think they even have one. Money just comes so easy for these girls, AKA: mom and dad. High school girls are extremely unstable, their hormones are flying in and out in the weirdest directions. Their sex drives are unbelievable, and their innocence and curiosity are attributes that makes them naive. Because of these factors they tend to look for the jocks, the ones with the six pack, high testosterone levels, and of course the size and shape that can satisfy them. You can't blame the high school girls, they don't need to think about money, but their hormones.

Well if not the high school girls, how about the the early college girls. College of course is the time to put your nerdy mathematics, engineering, science skills into work. Your time is spent in the library and with your colleagues trying to past your courses, since acing it is practically impossible. Early college girls will see this as nerdy, boring, and without a life. These girls don't even know what the real world is like, they are stuck in a campus enjoying a life of partying, reading a couple books a day, and having money in their hands. They are most likely going for guys in the greek system, yup the ones that throw outrageous parties and get drunk every week. These girls are still in the process of experiencing the breath of freedom without knowing what responsibility is. They are the girls who dream of going to Paris to sleep with as many french men as possible, not giving a crap that they could get kidnap and becomes sex slaves. They are also the girls that will be making the most mistakes ever because that's what college is for, screwing up and screwing up some more. So, I have to say, sorry nerds and geeks, you are not getting laid in early college.

So now what, high school girls and college girls don't want you, then what type of girls want you. well it's simple, they are the type of girls who are almost done with college or have graduated. They are the ones that realize that mommy and daddy will no longer give them any money, and that the job market sucks, so no one will hire them, and even if they do get hire, they will only make enough to eat. This is when reality really hit these girls, where status is define by complexity, professionalism, and of course the algorithm. This is when these girls literally come up to me and beg to meet my nerdy guy friends, they even went as far as bribing or demanding to be invited to any future professional party gatherings. Their mothers would slip red envelops with hundreds of dollars in my purse and a little note stating, "if you by any chance meet a man with complexity, you give them my daughter's number immediately." It's funny watching how these girls are willing to sell themselves out to guys that they once rejected in high school and early college. It's also weird seeing how these girls would compete against one another to get notice by these nerdy guys, crazy how the table has finally turned.

My friend who is now around his 30s, making money like no other, solving complex equations, and still have no wife. The problem lies solely on the excitement of having so much girls chasing after him that he doesn't want to settle down. He's too addicted living the single life and being able to have girls do things that they will never do. I have often times ask him, if he would ever consider settling down and having a family, and his answer is "never, I don't want to give this up."


Anonymous said...

they look amazing can u draw one with brown and orande streakes!!!!!

Cubicw86 said...

hahah I wish

Anonymous said...

Did u really drew these? They are on different websites on youtube and they look like computer-made by pros. Also the drawing of the blue-haired anime girl is signed Lynn, not Hilda as you said your name is.

Cubicw86 said...

hahah no i didn't draw those, I just think they look cute. I saw them in a lot of website, and people use them on blogs so I guess they were free images :)

Anonymous said...

these are awesome

Cubicw86 said...


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