Monday, May 16, 2011

My fiance's Medical school graduation

My man finally did it, after 4 years of non-stop studying, harsh clinical hours, demanding schedules, and minor discouragements, he finally reached his goal, an MD behind his name. It was just yesterday, he was a second year medical student with a weird screen name, posting on forums, and minding his own business. I was just a confused student wondering what to do with life, and found this guy with a weird screen name. After instant messaging this weird stranger, I ended up in his life, and now I'm sitting in this large graduation room, watching in anticipation as this mysterious stranger on the forum, formerly known as my fiance walk down the isle in his dark robe.
I saw how happy his family and friends are, they clap and cheered for his accomplishments. It was astonishing that the day before this event, he was still a student in a white coat learning the art and language of medicine, now he is a doctor in the white coat who have officially master his goal and is now capable of medically saving someone's life. This one special event is the making of not only doctors but heroes as well, they will be the one standing by the patient's side holding their hands for a life and death decision by God or holding a scalpel to scrape out a massive tumor. Because of this privilege, they will always honor the special four years they spent with each other suffering the grueling torture of Anatomy or pathology.
I felt I was there witnessing a group of surviving soldiers who have just won a battle. Even though they won the battle, but it's not over yet. They have residency and fellowship to conquer, therefore the war has just begun. As for me, I take this as a drop of inspiration, that hopefully in 4 years, I would be wearing a robe, not in a boxing match, god forbids, but in a room with all my future class mates, having ran a marathon that only a few can finish.

Congratulations Tulane Medical School Class of 2011


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